Why do prisoners return to the colony?

   To start a real story about a vacant prohodke.:

   “Freud in the area has served most of his term, was convicted of fraud under part 3 of Art. 159 of the criminal code.

   Her relatives and children were well supported by 50-year-old woman in the colony – weekly did their parcel and also sent heavy packages with everything you need, as they say in the prisoner – “well-warmed”.

   But Freud and without “heating” earned in the area are not bad. She was one of the best seamstress in the industrial area, so along with these, she worked in special.Schweik and performed only special.orders. Of what the Freud per month salary, the entire squad found out “in secret”, which is passed from ear to ear from souradnice as a foreman. The pay was great, the envy of many “free” seamstresses in the wild.

   In the unit, it became even more respected, because, as the prisoner did not put on airs, could always buy delicious “abandoned prisoners”, share powder, detergent and many others that not everyone could afford to buy in the shop zone.

   Freud in the squadron did not shirk the duties of cleaning the premises, unlike others who paid for it with cigarettes.

   When it came to her time of PAROLE, the court released the first time.

   The whole squad escorted Freud to the checkpoint. Wiping her tears, they wished her never to cheat again and enjoy her free life.

   Six months later, Freud returned to the zone for violation of parole.

   When she returned to the squad from quarantine, she was happy to see all of us and told us the sad story of her free life on PAROLE.

   On the second day of her free life, Freud went to businesses where she was sent from the employment service – but everywhere she was denied – because of a criminal record!!!

   On the stock exchange Freud explained – due to the fact that they have a lot of vacancies, it is not entitled to issue as unemployed and put on the security of the state. The fact that any female vacancy not accept it – specialist shrugged. After that, she was given a list of vacancies of enterprises where men were required.

   Freud took as a laborer at a construction site for a penny, and heavy hell of a job. But, officially employed – one of requirements on PAROLE.

   At the end of the day, of all the workers, only Freud was searched at the entrance. After working a month, Freud received a salary that equated her weekly special.wages in the area.

   Her children began to reproach her for sitting on their necks.

   Then began the accusations for packages and parcels that they were doing in her area.

   In three months of freedom, colleagues on building and native houses almost didn’t bring the prisoner to a suicidal state. But!

   If not for the strong character after the “school of survival in the prison area”, it would have happened.

   Freud didn’t go to work that day.

   She took the documents for the house, which she inherited and signed a contract with the Agency for the sale of the house. On the same day the buyer arrived with the agent to watch the house.

   Freud gave a Deposit on a house, excess, which it reproached the children for packages and parcels.

   Freud gave most of the money from the Deposit stunned her two sons and daughters-in-law and asked to release the house to someone else’s owner.

   Kissed the tops of their grandchildren and with one package went for a month to the sea.

   When the sale of the house was over, the rest of the money was in a Bank account with interest in Freud’s name, and she went to the precinct and surrendered herself, as violated the terms of PAROLE.»

   Why did I decide to start this article with this real story?

   Perhaps I hope that relatives who are really interested in how to help their released convicts will think about and understand that the prisoners themselves will not be able to find a job, draw up documents and more.

   Released prisoners – they are like born children who do not know how to live and where to start.

   Be tolerant, try to help at first the prisoners, relieve them from the piled problems.

   On the website of the Federal penitentiary service.Russia was accidentally discovered by the brochure “What you need to know the relatives of persons sentenced to deprivation of liberty.” It States that relatives must prepare for the release of prisoners from the first day of detention. That’s correct. It is a pity that these brochures do not give out to relatives of prisoners who are present in courts at announcement of arrest or a sentence!

   Unless only services of execution of punishment have to be responsible for relatives of prisoners?

   It is very bad that in our country there is no free special psychological service for relatives of prisoners.

   It is very bad that in our country there is no free special psychological service for the released prisoners!

   Now a lot on the Internet began to appear firms that provide support to relatives of convicts. Addressing them, be more attentive. If you need money, I don’t believe such firms are decent, who are cashing in on the troubles of prisoners and their relatives.

   And if you know the real funds that provide free psychological assistance to prisoners and relatives, then share information in the comments.

   Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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