4. Interesting series about women’s prisons.

I want to offer you to view three of the series, which in fact correspond to many stories of prisoners and another one which I plan only to watch.

1. “palm Sunday.”

Drama, history. Russia. 8 series on 52 minutes.

Starring: D. Dyuzhev, S. Ivanov, E. Vilkova, O. Basilashvili, I. Rozanova and other famous actors.

   The film is about how in the 70s the famous ballerina was slandered and put in prison. There she dies in childbirth. Before her death, her cellmate promises to take care of the child. One of the prison guards helps the prisoner to adopt the daughter of a ballerina. Foster father girls became a respected “the thief in law.”

   Then the plot unfolds in 90 years. The girl grew up and works as a scandalous journalist. One day she creates a story about those who killed her mother. The perpetrators of the death of the ballerina “order” to kill a journalist. Among the “customers” and her father.

2. “Always say always” – season 1

Drama. Russia. 8 series on 45 minutes.

Starring: M. Poroshina, T. Abramova, D. Strakhov, Y. Boyko and others.

   The plot of how a devoted wife takes the blame of her husband and goes to prison. During the prison term, her husband divorces her, she is deprived of motherhood. With the release at the gate area no one meets. 

   Becoming a woman with a criminal record, she does not give up, but fights for her children, while achieving career success. And of course he meets a real and decent man!

3. “If tomorrow comes.” 

Drama. USA. Screen version of the novel by S. Sheldon. 5 series on 60 minutes.

   The story of how a pregnant girl was slandered, and she goes to prison. Her fiancé refuses her. Her cellmates rape and beat her on the first night. She loses a child. The plan of her escape is organized, but on the appointed day everything went not as she planned.


4. “Orange hit of the season.” since 2013.

Drama, Comedy. USA. 6 seasons at 13 episodes.

   I must say that I do this show haven’t watched it and may not make it description. Therefore, the description will take from Yandex:

“Piper Chapman is a normal resident of Connecticut. She loves her prosperous life and all its pleasant little things. Shower in the morning, beautiful Breakfast, making love. But sometimes, due to its fleeting passion big-time drug dealer, Piper is a prisoner in jail for fifteen months. Now it is necessary not only to get used to the new environment, but simply to survive.”


   The rest of the list of interesting films about women in prison and zones will share in the following articles.

   In the meantime, enjoy your view!

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