11. Herring salad in prison.

  Herring under a fur coat – this salad for many is associated with the holiday of the New year. And even in prison it can be cooked only in winter, when the “Balanda” can give boiled beets and salted herring. The ingredients for this salad are collected within a few days.

   In many prisons it is forbidden to transfer raw or boiled potatoes, so the salads add brewed dry mashed potatoes, but some prisoners are caught from the prison vegetable soup boiled potatoes, washed with water and added to the salad. 

   Eggs, like potatoes, are also prohibited in prison, but they have a substitute – egg powder, which can be bought in the prison store or sent as a parcel for the prisoner. But in our salad you can do without egg powder!

   And so, for the salad “Herring under a fur coat in prison” we need:

Herring fillet – 4 PCs. ( separate from bones, cut into cubes)
Dry mashed potatoes – 1 pack for 4 servings (pre-pour boiling water and allow to cool)
Egg powder – 5-6 tablespoons (pour a glass of boiling water, to swell the container with egg puree leave for a few hours wrapped in a towel)
Medium-sized carrots – 3 pieces (boil a few hours in a deep container with a boiler. Cut the cooled carrots into cubes.
Boiled beet – 3 PCs. If there is no grater, then cut very,very finely. So that the hands do not absorb the beet dye – pre-grease them with vegetable oil.
Medium size onions – 2 PCs. Peel and finely chop.
Mayonnaise – 200 – 250 grams.
   Now each of the ingredients is divided equally into two parts and all laid in layers in a deep transparent plastic container (to see the beauty), but or in any deep container.

   Get a 12-layered salad:

   1 layer (at the bottom of the plate) – herring, level with a spoon or fork.

   2 layer – onion, completely covering herring.

Coat with mayonnaise.

   3 layer – mashed potatoes, smooth.

   4 layer – carrots.

Coat with mayonnaise.

   5 layer – egg puree.

   6 layer – beet, leveled.

Coat with mayonnaise.

   And repeat with 1 on 6 tier.

   We leave the salad to soak for a few hours. And enjoy your meal!

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5 thoughts on “11. Herring salad in prison.

  1. Муха

    Спасибо! Такой салатик очень буджетно можно приготовить и за тюрьмой. Порог бедности не страшен с арестантскими рецептами!

  2. Тамара

    здесь на свободе многие на хлебе-воде сидят, а вы там праздничные салаты готовите. и за комуналку не платите. родных пожалейте-не выпрашивайте у них выше крыши.

  3. Анфиса

    оригинальный тюремный рецепт

  4. Банкетн

    Тоже пробовали ваш рецепт- оригинальная придумка!

  5. ЧайХана

    Спасибо за рецепт! Добавлю в свою копилку рецептов очередной тюремный лайфхак!

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