13. Prison Potato Chips

  Recently I came across a very interesting article https://gg-hohia.livejournal.com/411588.html “Prison life. How to make a frying pan from a boiler”.

 We did not know such life hack-creation, and we fried potatoes, fish cutlets in an aluminum mug.

   We did it so:

in a mug put a small boiler and pour vegetable oil to the circle-spiral boiler were completely in oil.
Turn on the boiler in the outlet and after a few minutes the oil begins to bubble, turn off the boiler.
Gently immerse a small amount of boiled potatoes (caught from soup-Balanda) and turn the boiler into the outlet.
As soon as the potatoes are fried until Golden brown, turn off the boiler, catch the potatoes and put in a plate.
And in a mug of oil gently immerse the chopped onions and garlic, turn the boiler into the outlet.
Once the onion is Golden, turn off the boiler and quickly caught onions and garlic spread over potatoes. Can be sprinkle and greenery.
Immediately rinse the boiler with hot water.
The oil remains in the Cup until the next frying.
   Enjoy your prisoner’s appetite!

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2 thoughts on “13. Prison Potato Chips

  1. Кулинар.

    Отличный лайфхак из арстантского дома!

  2. ЧайХана

    Отличный тюремный рецепт. Можно ещё посыпать порезанным чесноком или приправой.

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