26. Non-randomness in prison.

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 Before continuing my story, I want to share an article by a prisoner in which he accurately described the “non-random” situations, meetings and acquaintances of the prisoner in prison.

   The author also considered “in-chamber custom development”.

   Quite possibly, after reading his article, you differently will perceive those situations, I tell you.

  By clicking on the title of the article, you can go to the author’s address: https://gg-hohia.livejornal.com

   But its original can be read below:


“One, two, three, four, five —
We’re going to look for you…”
(children’s counting)

   It is much more pleasant to work for those who are already sitting than for those who are still at large. 
   No tedious stakeouts, wiretaps, almost-hour drive around the city and then report to a higher authority for each liter of gasoline visitandolo and stuff, stuff, stuff…
   It’s much easier in prison. 
   “Object” is always at hand, resting on the bunk in such a camera. Just like a fish in an aquarium. Floating inside a concrete cube, fussing… 
   And what, it is asked, to spend efforts in vain? 
   The situation is under constant control, so that unexpected combinations arise as if should not…
   Everything that was, that takes place today and will be tomorrow — already occurred in prison more than once and not two. 
   Changing only the actors, props, and roles remain unchanged.

   Once behind bars, it’s important to learn that:
— opera. part of the works without days off;
— “random” situations do not arise, they are predetermined, as, indeed, does not happen and “random” inmates.

   Some in uniform will think well before placing a prisoner in a particular cell, and that someone has a very definite purpose.
   In order not to do stupid things and not to create an additional headache for yourself, it is necessary to clearly understand the tasks facing the operas. part and performed it to the best. 
   The main ones are obtaining the most complete and comprehensive information about the prisoners and their accomplices, as well as the manipulation of prisoners and the management of the so-called “thief” (or “prison movement”).

   Let’s start with the main thing — getting information.

   Information accumulated about the “object” with its subsequent processing is divided into two types — the main, directly related to a specific criminal case and helps to identify previously unknown facts proving the guilt of the “object”, and indirect — contributing to a more complete study of the “object” and its environment, which in turn helps:
— disclosure of other criminal cases;
— control of the “object” both in prison and after his release;
— predicting his future behavior;
— in recruitment with further use according to the goals.

   Opera.the part you are interested in everything: how you spend free time, what did they wear at liberty, and dress in the chamber, what Church you go (if you go) your family and what kind of weather you like. 
   Absolutely not meaning, at first glance, information about you, hitting “where not to” and from the right angle processed, has the ability to go back and very painful to beat at the most inopportune moment.
   The more Opera knows about you — the more vulnerable you are. 
   The better you know — the better chance you have of surviving the prison menagerie.
   The scheme according to which operas of interest.part of the citizen thrown into development, in fact as simple as a rustic fence, and therefore effective. 
   Moreover, dirty Opera dirty hands is not necessary. 
   For these purposes, there are any number of slaves from among the “experienced” prisoners.
   Depending on each case, the scheme is simplified or complicated, stretched for months or compressed to several days. 
   As an example, consider one of the most popular options, pre-breaking it for convenience into several parts.

   Part one can be titled as “Study”. 
   Superficial acquaintance flows into a steady interest in order to identify strengths and weaknesses. 
   For you around the clock watching, noting every detail, figuring out the range of interests, studying habits. 
   Do not think that your manner of behavior with others remains invisible to prying eyes. 
   The way you behave during “conversations” and interrogations, and how you relieve tension after them, is of great interest to those who work for you, helps them to regulate the mechanism of knocking out the testimony. 
   Information from guards to the whispering informers, screened, and analyzed. 
   Preliminary conclusions are made.

   The second part follows logically from the first. 
   With the prisoner, in General, everything is clear — who is he and what, in fact, breathing. 
   From a superficial study of the “object” go to a more in-depth acquaintance with him. From among the inmates appear nowhere candidates for “friends”, which usually installs easy, relaxed contact. 
   You have not only similar interests in life, but also common friends at large. 
   If you’re a hockey fan, and he’s willing to spend hours discussing sports matches. 
   You miss kids? And it is with genuine sadness considering family photos.

   In a sense, the second part of something looks like the fulfillment of desires. 
   Said in conversation that there is no one to play chess, in two days the master of sports, the fan to hang over a black-and-white Board comes. 
   Showed interest in banking — get a banker in a warm knitted sweater. Anyone from the ground will be dug up, if only you began to communicate and speak. 
   First, about extraneous things, then you look — to the operas of interest. part of the cases got close.

   A new “friend” will necessarily produce the impression of a reliable, verified person looking at the garbage only on the dirt. 
   Talking with the newly acquired “friend”, like it or not, and relax. Involuntarily thankful that even here the “lucky people” and have someone confidential to talk to. 
   Unnoticed, the conversations go on and on… 
   It is at the right time that people for some reason forget that the most painful strikes are not “strangers”, but “their” — those who are nearby.

   The study ends and the third, final and unpleasant part of the play begins. 
   Her goal is to break the will of the prisoner, to create inside the cell such conditions that he rushed to the Opera, became tractable and docile. 
   All those with whom the “object” maintained friendly relations, and who showed even the slightest sympathy for him, are transferred to other cells. 
   As a result, the “object” remains in isolation among the provocateurs, degraded drug addicts, psychopaths and other cattle. 
   By themselves, they are nothing and nobody, but when all this brainless mass is directed in a certain direction, you should be on your guard.
   The distribution of roles is complete. 
   There is an alleged victim, there are performers — here they are, at hand, there are chickens, ready to regularly report how everything went, and there is a provocateur, instigating others according to the instructions received.
   We can talk about provocation for hours. 
   It is the same eternal theme as mother-in-law, Pets or weather. 
   By and large, provocation is the art of pitting people against each other. 
   On this subject, written loads of books and tutorials, the professionals, before implementing them in the right group, political party or Church, is grown.

   Undoubtedly, in prison everything is much more primitive than in freedom. 
   Provocateurs are not professionals, although they are trained, as for the prison, pretty good. 
   They usually mow the thieves, but the first role of climb, try to stand in the shadow that has always been able to get off the topic, if the situation gets out of control. 
   Under no circumstances will the provocateur climb forward — he will always do everything with someone else’s hands, posing as a shirt-guy for a mug of chifir. 
   His voice is a little quieter than someone who thinks he’s an authority. 
   The provocateur, like a Jackal, howls because of someone’s broad back, hackneyed phrases like: “This is a prison for you, not a prison!”or: “Punish to the full extent of the prison laws!”though he has no idea about these laws. 
   But it sounds authoritative.

   When to the persecution “at the top” is added also nervousness inside the chamber — it is difficult to maintain self-control and not to do anything stupid. 
   It is not so easy to put in place not to the extent of zealous performers and at the same time no one break the nose or jaw. 
   We cannot ignore the fact that wanting to frame the face, so that the “object” as follows punched her between the eyes and still got period, if not in one article, on the other — in prison indefinitely. 
   “Object” happy servants of the law slapped to the maximum, and pseudopoecilia plane of the Amnesty period.

   Once in an extreme situation, it is extremely important not to panic, not to fuss, rushing from one extreme to another. 
   Rash decisions never to good do not lead. 
   There is a way out of any, even the most intricate maze. 
   Look at the situation as if from the outside. The world is not beyond our self — it is within us, and we are able to control it. 
   You can’t break someone who doesn’t want to be broken.

   No matter how hard it is behind bars, try to calmly perceive all that is happening around. 
   What you hear. What you see. 
   Do not be surprised at the human meanness, when once again thrown into the cell provocateur, or as if by chance the warden will not hold the brutalized dog. 
   Let the jailers laugh, reveling in their own power. 
   We’re here temporarily, they’ve put themselves in jail forever!

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