25. Waiting rooms in the prison for prisoners.

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 At the appointed hour of the court session, the head of the convoy brought me to the cage the decision to postpone the trial because of the absence of the victims and the witness. I was upset. But Adam, noticing my mood, told a joke:

   “Mother writes to the son in prison: the Sonny as you put, there is nobody to help, a kitchen garden not plowed, potatoes aren’t planted what to do, I don’t know. The son writes the answer: mother, in a kitchen garden do not dig, such you will dig up, as you will put, and to me term will add…. Mom says to son: son, what came from you, came the debris and dug up the whole garden, found nothing-left angry. Son says: mom, than he could, so help plant the potatoes themselves!»

   Night was coming, and the paddy wagon never followed us.

   But Adam and I didn’t mind waiting. He was a very interesting interlocutor, we had common interests and Hobbies, which we talked about without stopping. Hours flew for us like minutes, and I caught myself that I do not want to come today paddy wagon.

   Court guards treated us with sandwiches, coffee, apples and mandarins, so we don’t golodovali.

   At nine in the evening, when I was taken once again to the toilet room, I said with resentment to the convoy:

   “And our judge, probably, already sweetly sleeps a ball and at all doesn’t remember that promised to watch that the paddy wagon arrived for me!»

   What I the guard made a sign, holding a finger to her lips and immediately softly replied:

   “He’s still here! We were told he was sitting in his office.»

   I widened my eyes in surprise.

   After some time we came to a paddy wagon. We arrived at the prison around ten in the evening.

   The matron escorted me to the largest two-room septic tank. From behind the door, loud female voices could be heard, the tone of which was clear that a fight was brewing.

   “Calm down! Do you want to move into the punishment cell? the matron shouted.

   The same composition women, that and on the morning raised a are you staring at on me.

   “Did they just bring you from court?”- surprised asked “Diesel”.

   I nodded Yes.:

   “A paddy wagon was waiting for!»

   “You’re lucky! And we work! All another lunch was brought in, and we are hungry and suffer in this stinking sump for several hours. In the toilet we have no displays, so the second room we got pissed and fucked up! All because of one bitch!”- complained to the Gypsy rose.

   “Today at one of “transit”, which in the afternoon took out from our Central, in camp found “salt in a big dose”. After that, they raided the Opera house. The whole prison is at full expense! But the matron promised that we would soon be taken to the cells. The men after the trial are also kept in the septic tank, but at least they have a toilet there.”- explained to me “Diesel”, and I tried to remember unknown words and phrases, then to ask the cellmates their meaning.  

   At that moment, someone quietly knocked on the door and “Diesel”, stretching the letters, ordered: “Gaaaaaa-waaa-ri!»

   “Oh, Diesel, are you here too? It’s Adam! And my “moon-faced” beauty with you? I heard it from behind the door.

   “I’m here!”I replied, and all the women’s faces were slack-jawed.

   To doors ran up Gypsy Rosa and told:

   “Adam, good evening! It’s rose, I’m here too!»

   The surprised voice continued:

   “Girls, calm down and don’t worry, now all will breed on huts. We’ve already been taken out of the sump and lead to shmonat, and then you will come. In the meantime, let me say goodbye to my beauty!»

   The women parted, and I went to the door.:

   “I’m here!»

   “Do you remember that you promised to go for a walk tomorrow morning? And then from the window to blow me a kiss? Adam asked gently.

   I laughed and said:

   “I remember that the condition of the air-kissing, there was some mysterious surprise for me that night?»

   “Darling, you’re hurting, a real man said and did! So in the morning I’ll wait for a kiss! Here to armor your fans are eager to wish you good night. But keep in mind, I’m not gone and I’m standing here, controlling your goodbyes! Adam said, laughing.

   I also laughed with him again, and from behind the door I heard:

   “Beauty, it’s a gunner. Good night to you and all the girls out there with you. Don’t worry about the trial. And you know, maybe it’s fate, you watch me, I’m young, prettier and richer than Adam! Oh, don’t shove Adam!»

   “Good night, gunner! I wished.

   And six more times I heard the same wishes of the prisoners: “Good night, sister! Don’t be sad! Oh, Adam!»

   “Uh, you get out of here! You with us today did not work in the paddy wagon, so do not deserve such honors from us!”- good-naturedly said to someone, Adam.

   In a few minutes the men’s voices died down over the armor. And I, turning, saw even more interested views surrounding me prisoners. But most of all I was struck by the look of “Diesel”, she looked at me with hatred and anger.

   “Roll up your lip, Diesel! See, the rich widower “moon-faced”! And you wait for your Terminator, you write to him in the camp?”- unexpectedly for all said an elderly woman in a mink coat.

   Not diverting from me hated eyes, “Diesel” told:

   “See! I know Adam. And she’s not his type!»

   “Why are you so jealous, Masha? You’re always picking on girls because of men! She took the Terminator from the prisoner, now wait for him! As the time together will leave after five years to freedom and heal the prisoners ‘ family! Keep in mind, if you touch the moon-Face , you’ll have to deal with me! You “caught” what I decided?”sternly said the Gypsy rose, what I was very surprised.

   “And me! And me!”two women in mink coats said.

   “We Roscini podelnitsy. I’m Tasia and she’s Aza. We’re three Gypsies. Will get to know the malyava! Be friends with us, we are normal women!”the old’ fur coat ‘ said to me, and the young ‘fur coat’ smiled at me amiably and winked.

   The reservation rang out and the matron called us all out.

   When I entered the cell, I saw the frightened faces of my cellmates. It was twelve o’clock in the morning. Natasha rushed to hug me, simultaneously telling what humiliation they had to experience on the gynecological chair, and I looked at and did not recognize the camera. In the cell everything was turned upside down, mattresses, pillows were ripped, linoleum was removed, all the clothes were scattered on the rack.

   “We have been searched three times! After the third, we decided not to add anything, and leave everything as it is.”- Natasha-Armenian explained this defeat.

   The armor pocket opened, and the guard spoke.:

   “Girls, all, Opera left! To restore order!»

   “There will be no roads today!”- said Masha-khokhlushka, when the window shouted a few male voices: “With the roads full consumption!»

   Within an hour we put things in order. Linoleum nail was nothing, so he lay rolled armor. Water in the shower was not, and we are not redeemed, fell asleep.

   As I began to doze off, someone knocked softly on the reservation and called my name. Together with me came to the door all the cell mates, we were curious and scared.

   “Who’s there?”I said softly.

   He opened his pocket on the armor, and an unfamiliar warden slipped me a small bundle wrapped in foil:

   “Adam told you!»

   Putting the package on the table, under the curious gazes of the inmates, I began gently to open it. Inside, wrapped in lavash, lay small pieces of fresh kebab.

   “Ten! About a pound! As times each on two piece of! Oh, or do you want to eat it? If that, we understand you and not be offended! Barbecue at the jail, it’s impossible!”procuratoria Natasha-“thief”.

   I hugged her and laughed loudly, ordered:

   “Come on, get five plates! And girls, now we have to go for a walk every morning! One friend claims that if you do not breathe fresh air in prison, you can very quickly get sick with a tube!»

   Continuation: Non-random situations, cellmates and friends in prison. 

A new neighbor in the house. 

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