28. Prisoners are manipulators.

   Start reading: A new neighbor in the house. 

 After the dying drug addict was taken to the hospital, we became closer acquainted with the new prisoners.

   New cellmate Olga said that she and several of her accomplices were robbing jewelry stores and the credit institution that issued “bistronomy”. They wanted to create an organization “Valkyrie” to Rob “goons in uniform.”

   “You had a gang not be called Valkyrie, and the “Musaada”! Would become more famous than the band of Amazons.”Natasha-Armenian said and we all laughed.

   “And I am the daughter-in-law of a very famous person in Russia. Husband died long, but his brother, my family and children always helps. My children he arranged to work in courts. Therefore, women, I will be out very soon, right after the court of appeal.”zarima said in the affirmative.

   In this time and I along with the rest of the inmates, sympathetically looked at Zaria.

   “It is strange that it was brought to our camera! With such relatives, she should be in the camera for “Snykov”.”the Armenian woman whispered in my ear.

   Later, Zarima sat down on my rack and quietly told me her name. I was shocked. Yes, her relative was very famous all over the country.

   “Zarima, can you clarify your acquaintance with Adam? I asked her quietly.

   “My civilian husband has been friends with Adam for a long time. But he’s in the zone now. I was “slapped with a bribe” when I transferred money for early release of the husband.”she explained to me.

   I looked at her with great surprise. She waited for some time, hoping to hear from me some questions, but not waiting, continued:

   “My husband and Adam are still in touch, so as soon as he finds out that I’m here, the prisoners should help me in any matters until I’m released.»

   I just nodded and shrugged.

   After lunch, we got two new guys. The girls were twenty-five years old. Galya and Valya are both addicts. In the evening they brought another drug addict – forty-year-old Anna. All three of the addict first swam, then priodevshis in our stuff (they have their own with him was not), fiercely attacked the prison of “the soup”.

   «Salt. They are always after the “salt” to feed punches. And for a dose of salt, ready to sell even your child.”Natasha the thief said to me softly.

   Now I looked at them with contempt.

   We were ten people in nine racks. Valia is located in the neighborhood with Masha-khokhlushka, and Anna and Galya on the top bunk about Natasha-junkie.

   On this day after lights out in my name “flew.”

   “You “strem” with the boiler flew!”- quietly said, approached Masha.

   Carefully unrolling the box, I found a button phone-a flashlight “Nokia”. With him was a message: “Girls, phone for one hour! Quickly call your family and send it back!»

   I quietly called all on the rack and suggested everyone to call the family, in advance of all having warned about the maximum time of a call. I called first.

   Finally,I heard the excited voice of my son. Sharing their news, I passed politco next cellmate.

   Only in prison do you understand the value of communicating with your loved one.

   As we talked, the Mary sent a “politco” the boiler.

   I began to doze off as Mary again, I quietly called and said I again flew “strem”.

   This time the box was big. Unfolding it, I found the mobile Nokia and message numbers in the phone which I a week ago memorized.

   Typing the numbers, I heard a nice male voice with an Armenian accent:

   “My dear moon-faced liar, you didn’t blow me a kiss! Wasn’t my surprise pleasant to you?»

   “Good night, Adam! The surprise was very pleasant, and the barbecue was even warm. But I don’t know what cell you live in, where are your Windows?”I said with a happy smile on my face.

   “Come now to your open window. Keep your phone close to your ear. Now look to the right on the penultimate floor, see the window glow Burgundy color, and in the window I stand and talk to you on the phone!”said Adam.

   When I saw Adam in the Burgundy window, I blew him a kiss.

   “Now you can die!”he laughed into my phone.

   A few minutes talking about all sorts of nonsense, Adam said:

   “If possible, I will send you a phone every night to talk to me and my son. I’m also asking you to give this phone to Zarima. Her husband is asking for her, that she did not need anything. I treat her and her actions with respect. As soon as you’re done talking to your son today, give her the phone and let her talk to her husband. But see that before the “expense” phone sent back to me.»

   When I finished talking to Adam, I didn’t call my son because it was already late at night. Waking Zarima, I invited her to my rack. After recounting Adam’s instructions, I handed her the phone and offered to talk to her husband. She burst into tears and hugged me with gratitude.

   An hour Sarima talked to my husband on my bunk. Sarimi not slept for three: me, Natasha, a thief, and Masha-Ukrainian. Masha was responsible for the road, but we were with Natasha. chatting Sarima. To somehow kill time, Masha offered to play backgammon, but lost the game to me and Natasha.

   When Zarima finished talking, I didn’t feel like sleeping. So I opened the code of criminal procedure and began to scroll through it, drinking coffee. Masha sat down at my table and asked me to help her on her case, which surprised me very much. On my consent, she brought her documents, a can of coffee, a chocolate and a pack of “Parliament»:

   “Advance!”she said, smiling.

   I was very interested to read her “deluge”, so I immediately plunged into reading the documents. Masha happily ran to warm water for coffee, answered my questions when something was unclear to me. Along the way, I sketched out a plan for the necessary motions and explained to her what they were for.

   In the morning checking two Natasha looked at me askance, and in their view, was read: “Traitor.»

   The week with the new cellmates passed quickly for me. In the afternoon I helped on court to Masha-khokhlushka and Natasha-the addict, and also prepared for the meeting. The rest of the inmates of the questions on the “deluge” was not. At night I flew two “lookout”: “flight”-I gave the flashlight to my cellmates, and on the smartphone I talked with my son and Adam.

   When the camera began to treat me like a senior “house”, of course in addition to Masha, unexpectedly in the house came the scandal. Yes, not one, but several within two days.

   It happened two days before my departure for the court session.

   In the morning the scandal occurred between Masha-khokhlushka and Natasha-Armenian. Natasha was not satisfied with how Masha washed the floors, and she, shouting loudly, demanded that khokhlushka wash them. The harmless remark turned into a scandal.

   Hearing the screams, the guards burst into the cell, among them was “Vasilisa”.

   Not having from either of us, who was the instigator and cause of the scandal we had in the house “shakedown”. Then each of us was brought to “talk” to the matron.

   I don’t know what was the conversation “Vasilisa” with other inmates, mine was so:

   “I was told about Your statement among the prisoners that drug addicts should not be put in prison, that they should be treated. Is it?”- suddenly asked me “Vasilisa.”

   “Yes, that’s my opinion! Drug addiction is not a crime, but a disease! In many countries, drug addicts are helped to voluntarily recover from this disease! And in our country are imprisoned due to the fact that they are ill.”I said.

   “And You think that these people want to be treated?”- grinning, asked “Vasilisa”.

   “Parents do not ask permission from young sick children to cure them from a serious illness! I replied.

 In my response Vasilisa grimaced and unpleasant tone said:

   “Many people are wrong to believe in the cure of drug addicts!»

   Here is such a a a short conversation occurred between I and the matron.

   New drug addicts seemed to have changed after a conversation with the “Vasilisa”. They began to behave brazenly, clung to Natasha-Armenian and provoked her to scandal.

   The evening was inadequately to behave and Sarima. On an empty place between Zarima and Natasha-the thief there was a scandal for the General boiler. I was uneasy at heart, the reason for this could not explain.

   As soon as I put “the road”, with the boiler came with the note that “Palatka” will be the next day. So when Adam’s smartphone arrived, I offered to make quick phone calls to everyone in the house. However, it’s not like Sarima what I said in pretensioning form.

   According to my decision, she only got the phone when we all talked to the family in the cell. After talking for five minutes, she handed the phone to me to explain to Adam. He was displeased because zarima’s husband called him back with claims that they had been restricted in the conversation. After hearing my explanation, he promised that if Zarima continued to behave this way, she would be transferred to another cell. I don’t know what he said to her on the phone, but I could tell by the look of her that I had the worst enemy.

   The next day was also tense. All day there were skirmishes between Natasha-Armenian and brand new drug addicts, as well as between Natasha-thief and Zarima.

   Masha-khokhlushka was taken away for the whole day for investigative actions. She returned from there joyful and something whispered with Natasha-a drug addict. And by the time she brought peredachku, like the last time products were intact and in packages.

   Even before the release Masha-Ukrainian and Natasha is a drug addict began to behave inappropriately, we were all clear that they took drugs.

   The five of us looked at them with contempt, and three new drug addicts fussed around the “stoned” Masha and did not know how to please her.

   The night came from Adam smartphone on the neighbouring bunk to Natasha, the thief hooked Galya, a drug addict. Preventing me from talking on the phone, she began very loudly to make claims to her cellmate. On my remark that the Gal was quiet, she responded with obscenities and it seemed to me, raised his hand to knock the phone.

   I automatically put out my foot, and it flew away from me theatrically, falling to the floor. 

   Galya screamed at the whole camera:

   “She broke my nose!»

   The pandemonium and panic. Natasha the thief, seeing my confusion, grabbed the phone from my hands and quickly sent it “on the way” to Adam.

   I came to myself a little and wrote a note to Adam: “I accidentally broke my cellmate’s nose.»

   Only Natasha-the thief managed to send the baby and hide the “road”, as the door opened and the guards ran in.

   “She hit her nose herself. We’ve all seen it. Girls, confirm!”Zarima said, and everyone nodded back.

   “I am the addict one more will know! She’s a lying prostitute, sleeping with men and women!”all of a sudden said Valya, a drug addict.

   “Oh, you bitch!”shouted the Gale and with malice attacked with fists on Here.

   The evil guards brought both drug addicts out of the cell with the words:

   “Until the morning rest in “rakolovka”!»

   I thanked the inmates for what they gave me. And Natasha the thief told me:

   “It was a set-up. I’ve seen this before. And the best part is, I could see that you had your foot in her stomach, but not in her face.»

   “Then why did she lie? I asked in surprise.

   “I explain to you, ordered you to substitute! To send to the punishment cell. Didn’t you notice how they were acting after the “conversation”?”Natasha the thief said softly.

   I was shocked by what I heard. Going to bed, I prayed to God that after tomorrow’s meeting I was already released.

   Continuation: The Savior is in solitary, and I am in court. 

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