32. The main prisoner in the cell.

    Start reading in: The long-awaited interrogation of the victim and witness. 

 On the morning of the inspection there was a hitch with the release of the prisoners from the camera. Wardens and longitudinal stood in the cell and silently watched our prisoner Babi revolt.

   “Masha, come out now on an extension together with all. Now the eldest must stay in the cell during the test!”- Natasha-Armenian categorically stated.

   “I’m not going out! I Vasilisa requested to be present during inspections in the camera! And I have a year and, as involved during inspections and searches!”- refused Masha-khokhlushka.

   “She gave it to you, because we have not been in the chamber older, but now it is, and you must work together with all to go to the con!”- Natasha-Armenian continued to insist.

   “All right, girls, enough! May she now remains in the chamber, and after checking we will talk! I said.

   “No, if she does not come out now to check, then we will all stay in the cell!”- suddenly declared Galya-a drug addict.

   The jailers are tired of our showdown and one of the guards asked:

   “Who’s on duty in your cell today?»

   We exchanged glances, remembering whose turn it was today to be on duty in the cell.

   “I’m on duty.”reminded Natasha is a drug addict.

   “Well, you stay, and the rest on the length and face the wall! And so today, in the queue during the inspection in camera was only duty, and not any there “sotrage”!”- commanded the warden Olga.

   “I won’t!”stubbornly said Masha-Ukrainian.

   “Then go to the punishment cell! You’re putting me in a coup out of nowhere!”the jailer said threateningly.

   Hohlushka with tears in his eyes, ran one of the first cont.

   After check all sat down at a table and having talked, decided that during checks in the camera there will be a person on duty, and during searches I will be present.

   Before we end the discussion of how to us the camera burst into a group of jailers from ten people for a Pat -frisk. Each of the guards had mobile video cameras on.

   The mistress Olga was ordered out of the camera except for me.

   I was asked to introduce myself on camera. Calling their data and article, I turned to all jailers with statement:

   “Dear employees of the detention center, I appeal to you with a request: please, do not throw personal belongings from bags on the floor, and carefully spread on the bed! Also state that prohibited items we not in the cell!»

   All the wardens smiled and began to search, for the first time since I was in prison, they did it very carefully.

   When one of the guards wanted to throw colored towels on the length, I stopped her and said:

   “According to the rules of the remand prison, prisoners are not forbidden to have bright towels and clothes with them. As well as it is not forbidden to have cosmetics and other items that were purchased by relatives in the prison store!»

   Smiling, the guards in this test left absolutely everything in the camera and nothing was thrown in cont.

   “Comrade captain, will we tear off the linoleum?”one of the jailers asked.

   “Please don’t tear it off! Last week, we have stripped floors and linoleum, which a few days later lying near the entrance, because he had nothing to beat. And if someone from the reviewers arrived at this point? Believe me, we have nothing to hide!”I asked the captain.

   His eyes smiled, but he tried to be stern and feigned menacing tone said:

   “Don’t tear! Roll the check. There’s nothing wrong with this cell! And I hope it will continue!»

   When my cellmates entered the cell, everyone was surprised.

   “The first time the clothes on the racks and not on the floor. And towels not have thrown away!»

   On this I confusedly smiled and told:

   “Fought as best they could.”

   “Girls, let’s all work together to clean the camera, and then I have a feeling that today is not the last we have guests! They’ll give us a feast before Easter!”a frightened voice said Natasha-Armenian.

   And Natasha was right, the guests that day were many.

   At ten o’clock in the morning behind Windows several men-prisoners shouted: “With roads full expense!»

   A few minutes after the roll call of the prisoners, came running “longitudinal” and opening his pocket, said:

   “Girls, quickly on-white! Come from the Council!»

   We made the beds over the blankets with white sheets, hid all the colored towels and all the clothes in the bags, which were stuffed under the lower rack.

   All sat down on the bench with open books in anticipation of guests.

   But the pocket is again opened, and the longitudinal said I and Masha-Ukrainian gathered for investigative actions: he came to me the lawyer, and Masha investigator.

   The two of us were escorted to the administrative building. I was taken to the room where the woman lawyer who had been in court the day before was sitting at the table. She reeked of fumes.

   “I studied all the materials of the case and already talked to the judge. He also agrees, as I do, that the case against you is grossly rigged.”she said.

   I was very glad to hear her say it, but I was haunted by her nervousness and unwillingness to look me in the eye.

   For twenty minutes she talked about the discrepancy in the testimony between the victims. In General, she repeated my words, which I said more than once in court, and also pointed to them in her written statements.

   “The examination is also grossly forged. Therefore I consider that it is necessary to refuse a call in court for interrogation of the expert, and to agree to the offer of the judge.”she said quickly.

   “What’s the judge’s suggestion? I asked in surprise.

   The lawyer pulled out a small piece of paper and wrote: “50 000.»

   “Euro, dollars? I asked, stunned.

   The lawyer shook her head.

   “Rubles? I asked in surprise.

   She nodded in the affirmative. I looked at her for a few minutes and didn’t believe what was happening. When she looked up at me shyly, I could hear hysterical laughter.

 “Can be You want this amount itself take for my protection?”I asked when I calmed down a little.

   “This amount I take only in advance!”- with bitterness in his voice, breathing fumes on me, said the defender.

   “But I will never believe that this judge is ready to trifle for such a sum! I’m afraid You’re not my lawyer!”I answered and left the room.

   The guard took me into a sump, where was sitting Mary-hohlushka and cried.

   On my question, she, sniffling, answered:

   “The lawyer refused to conduct my case. And the investigator brought the resolution on the end of investigative actions. Tomorrow will begin to acquaint with the materials of the criminal case.»

   “And I have refused from the weird advokatishki. She told me that the judge wants to get fifty thousand rubles!”he told me.

   “Maybe you do not understand, not in rubles, but in euros? she asked incredulously.

   “Yes, I also thought at first that in euros, but she said about the rubles! You know how poor the judges are now!?”I explained, eyes wide.

   We together so long and loud laughed, rushed the two guards and got us piled in different “ponds”.

   A few minutes later another prisoner was brought to my septic tank. We met her once before when we went to court.

   It was aunt Masha – the lawyer caught with a bribe for the judge.

   We got to talking, and I told him about my meeting with my lawyer today. This time we laughed softly, and when we laughed, aunt Masha said::

   “I know this lawyer, she’s drunk and stupid as a cork! Judge your not personally know, but heard, that he had no money, and now I do not know. I’ve been in prison for two years, maybe I’ve changed. But I will tell you with accuracy that some judges for mitigation of a sentence take not less than two Lyam rubles!»

    “Imagine if the judge wrote this fool a figure, hoping that she would understand that we are talking about the Euro. And here I agree, I give it in rubles. Oh, I wish I could see his face when she handed him that ruble. I suggested, laughing.

   This time we couldn’t laugh quietly. We laughed loudly for a long time, interrupting each other, offering different options for his behavior. From laughter flowed tears. 

   Once again, the booking of the “sump” opened and the warden looked at us in surprise, as at stupid fools.

   “Forgive us, it is all nerves, after a meeting with lawyers!”- said aunt Masha-a former lawyer.

   And we, exchanging glances with her once again laughed out loud.

   “Let’s go, I will take you to the cells, and then there goes the Board, and you neigh like a horse! Normal baby crying in jail, and you will have fun!”grumbling, the jailer took us to our cells.

   When I went into the cell, the frightened Natasha-Armenian said:

   “Came Vasilisa, would you and the Ukrainian for a “conversation” page. As angry as a dragon. When I found out that you were taken to the investigation together, I was beside myself with rage. And Masha, where?»

   I told the inmates about his meeting with the lawyer and the proposal once again taking part in of studying.

   Just as we were laughing in unison, the reservation opened, and handsome young officers in festive uniforms entered the cell.

   We all stared at them dumbfounded, as if hypnotized sitting at the table and could not move.

   “Prisoners, stand up, line up!”the warden of Vasilisa shouted in a furious voice.

   We all jumped up at once and lined up, seeing my confusion, Natasha-thief came forward and reported:

   “One hundred and ninety prisoners in number of eight people are built, one is on investigative actions. On-duty cell convicted L-VA.»

   The inspectors walked around the cell, looked into the bathroom, and lined up opposite, looking at us with curiosity.

   I was embarrassed to see a young and handsome man with the Colonel’s shoulder straps, smiling, looking at me from head to toe.

   “Do you have any comments, complaints or suggestions?”the Colonel asked in a pleasant voice, looking only at me.

   I looked at him and tried to remember where and when I had seen and heard that familiar voice. Noticing my confusion, he continued:

   “I mean complaints against prison officers, not unscrupulous investigators.”he smiled at me with a pleasant smile.

   It was the same man who stopped my suffering on investigative actions with the investigator. But then he was in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, “apparently raised”-I managed to think. (Chaos on the investigation.)

 “We have no complaints against the prison staff yet! Thank You for saving the prisoners from the clutches of the torturers-investigators!”I told him with a grateful smile.

   He laughed, winked at me and said, leaving the cell:

   “A speedy release to you all, girls! And happy Easter! Today, after dinner, all the prisoners in the prison from the FSIN and the charity will be given lighted Easter cakes. Take care of yourself!”- the Lieutenant Colonel told the last phrase, looking at me.

   The staff who accompanied him looked at me curiously as they left our cell.

   When the door closed behind them, we all sat down at the table with relief. My cellmates looked at me inquiringly and waited for me to explain.

   “I don’t know his name or his initials. But it thanks to him, the investigator stopped lawlessness when had to acquaint me with case papers. The investigator was insulted, humiliated and mocked me, and the lawyer was leafing through the documents folder and were laughing at me.”I began my explanation.

   At that moment, the chains and key on the “armor” clanged, and we all rushed from the table and lined up again in a row. “Reservation” opened and started to roar Masha-khokhlushka.

   “Wow, how you meet me!”she said in surprise, and we laughed.

   “Girls, relax and you can snack! The inspectors went to the lower floors. But only on the bed not sit, suddenly come back!”- said longitudinal.

   With a sigh of relief, Natasha-addict told Masha-khokhlushka how we were visited by the inspectors.

   No sooner had we settled down for a Cup of coffee, as again rattled chains and locks on the “armor”, we all jumped up and lined up in a row.

   The warden of Vasilisa came into the cell and we all tensed. She walked around the camera and said in a satisfied voice:

   “Well done, girls! The boss and inspectors are happy with your camera. They said your cell is one of the few perfectly washed and doesn’t stink of tobacco. And you are all their appearance pleased me, painted, dressed up. Thanks, girls, for not letting me down. In many cells women were sleepy and sloppy, and the order was too lazy to bring. Now all other cameras will you have to set the example.»

   We relaxed and smiled.

   “I want to talk to You alone after dinner tonight.”she said to me, in the same pleased voice.

   «Understood.”I replied in a strained voice.

   “How many basins do you have in your cell, buckets? I’m gonna send the boys from hozotryad and you will bring in some new basins and buckets. Do you have enough immersion heaters? If you need more, I have a couple in the warehouse. And later I’ll bring You bags of hygiene, toilet paper and washing powder. This old drinking tank is now replaced by a new one. Pillowcase you all yellowish, it will bring out the holdings of the new white.”- addressed me “Vasilisa”, as to an old friend.

   Before the evening soup-dinner in our cell was new: MOP with cloth, broom, bucket, basins, pillow, drinking water tank, immersion heaters, aluminum mugs, stand for shoes, clothes hanger and one nightstand. We were also brought and given each a hygienic package, a waffle towel, a roll of toilet paper and toothpastes with brushes, a piece of Laundry soap and a pack of washing powder “Tide”.

   We were all very happy with the new items, as if we had visited a hardware store.

   Evening Balanda on this day we were also pleased, for dinner handed out salad “Vinaigrette”, boiled potatoes and sea fish. Such a range in prison is very rare, for three months that I was in prison, appetizing Balanda was given only for the New year and the second time at Christmas.

   An hour after dinner, after me a man came-longitudinal and brought to talk to Vasilisa.

   We sat with her in the same office as last time. In this meeting, “Vasilisa” did not dare to start a conversation. Having invited me to sit down on a chair at a table, itself fussily spread out cards of prisoners. Gathering the cards into a folder, she said::

   “It has come to my attention that You have been assigned by the men’s corps as a supervisor, that is, a senior in the cell.»

   I shrugged silently.

   “In our previous meetings, You seemed to me a very serious woman who is aimed at getting out of prison and who is not interested in prison games!”she continued.

   I felt embarrassed and even ashamed after these words.

   “I was not asked my opinion about the appointment. I said with a challenge, grinning.

   “I will tell You honestly, over the past few years, this is the first appointment of a senior in the cell, not agreed with the prison administration. Once upon a time, there were such schemes when men-prisoners appointed their people in women’s cells, but then in prison there was another policy. Then there was no cooperation between the prison staff and the inmates. Now we actively cooperate with the prisoners and make many concessions, treat you as in European countries. We try to do a lot that depends on us, so that there are no strikes and punitive measures in the prison. I have been working in prison for a long time and I will say frankly that over the past ten years, as prisoners are now sitting, you can equate to sanatorium conditions, of course, with the restriction of freedom.”- said “Vasilisa”.

   “What do You want from me? I asked bluntly.

   “I agree that with Your arrival in the cell, indeed the one hundred and ninety cell has become the only and ideal in all respects: both order and mutual respect among women. But I believe, as well as Your “friend Diesel” that this position You can not afford. You have a weak character, despite the fact that you have created your own business in freedom. But this business was taken away from You and you were put to die in prison. And there, You had a lot more opportunities to show the strength of his character. Here, in prison, otherwise, You have no opportunities and connections, friends, relatives who will be able to stand up for Your protection against aggressive drug addicts. Here You will be able to help and protect You only prison staff. And in order for us to want to help and protect, You must cooperate with us, report on the situation in the cell and carry out our instructions.”the jailer announced.

   “Can you give an example of cooperation of other senior cameras?”- I asked.

   “Well, for example, for the good work done, when the obstinate prisoner was taught obedience and respect for the staff of the remand prison, I personally, one senior handed over a mobile phone to the entire camera, so that at any time of the day women could call their relatives. Now they don’t torture their family late melaminovye calls “palette”. Oh, You thought we do not know that every night the prisoners call “palette”? All the actions of prisoners consistent with the prison! We also know that one prisoner sends You a smartphone to talk to your son. By the way, how is Your son still sick?”she stunned me.

   “Yes, still sick!”I said, confused.

   “Understand, everything that is done in prison is completely controlled by us. Well, except for your assignment. I would be more satisfied in the form of a senior – this is Masha from Ukraine. She has been in prison for a long time, knows the situation better than You, as well as how to better influence the actions of drug addicts.”the matron said with a sly gleam in her eyes.

   “So why, You, it did not appoint the senior earlier? Or this candidate is not satisfied with the man’s case?”I asked with a challenge.

   The matron’s cheek twitched, and I knew I’d hit the spot.

   “Well, we are already long then You sat up. Time to summarize. I have to read all the documents of the prisoners in court and from the court. According to Your records, I saw that the case against You was sloppily fabricated. Perhaps You will be lucky in the decency of the judge and You will be released soon. But for all the time that I was working in prison, I had seen enough of such ridiculous sentences that have nothing surprised. And while You’re here, let’s try to be friends.”- said “Vasilisa”.

 “If this “friendship” will not go against my principles, you can try.”I replied evasively.

   It was evident that the answer is not like Vasilisa, she had long pondered over the phrase and said:

   “Well, let’s experiment with Your appointment. From now on, I’ll allow your cell to set up a “road” immediately after the evening inspection, but if there are no inspectors in the prison. The male body will tell you when the “roads are good”. Also allow to “Palatka flew” right on the road to rebound. But You have to control that conversations “on a flight” were only with relatives. Next week You will be tested, you will cope – you will remain the senior in the chamber, if not, then I will appoint Masha the senior. If You certainly do not want to tell me now, something very important and compromising Masha from Ukraine.”she looked into my eyes.

   “On Masha I have no compromising evidence about which You wouldn’t be known. But I once again want to repeat, I didn’t ask this position, and nobody asked my opinion.”I said.

   “Well, let it be so. I hope no one will know about our conversation. You will tell cellmates that it was the male case allowed to put the road early and to receive “flight”. I’ll go now and notify your chief prisoner.  Agreed?”the warden Vasilisa said in a disappointed voice.

   «So long. With the upcoming holiday of Light Easter!”I answered the matron.

   Continuation: Easter Sunday in prison.

The photos are taken from the Internet.

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  1. Позитивный Стас

    Отсидел реальный урка на зоне пятнашку, вышел, поехал Москву смотреть. Ходит, осматривается, не узнает ничего, все ему нравится. Видит вывеску — “Шоколадница”. Дай, думает, зайду. Заходит, садится за столик, кругом чистота, лепота. Подбегает к нему девочка с подносиком, говорит:
    — Что будете заказывать?
    — Я, дочка, давно в Москве не был… Хожу вот, смотрю… Принеси мне чайку горячего, да и все.
    — Ой, у нас знаете, такой богатый ассортимент! Черный, зеленый, фруктовый… Столько сортов! Вам какой?
    — Ну, я давно в Москве не был, не знаю даже… Принеси на свой вкус!
    Девочка несется на кухню:
    — Ой, там такой страшный посетитель сидит! Весь в наколках! Зубы золотые! Чаю попросил на мой вкус. Ой, он такой страшный, он же это… только что откинулся — если не понравится, он же тут все разнесет, а меня зарежет!
    Повар говорит:
    — Да знаю я, какой они чай пьют! Давай сюда все сорта! А теперь килограмм чая — литр кипятка!
    Заваривает, девушка это наливает в чайничек, несет посетителю. Урка наливает чашечку, выпивает залпом, долго смотрит на девочку и говорит со вздохом:
    — Да, дочка… Смотрю, жизнь-то тебя помотала…

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