30. A replacement in a prison cell.

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 Again I was awakened by a knock at the window. Sitting on the bed, looking around, I saw that in the cell all sound asleep, and the window is still deep night.

  Something again struck the window at my rack, and outside someone shouted: “One nine zero, one nine zero!»

   I quietly walked over to another window and lifted the sash, the cold air rushed into the room. The voice sounded closer, from the building on the opposite side from the top floor. There in the window stood a male silhouette and screaming:

   “One nine zero, now I will shoot to you. You urgent mail!»

   Leaving the window sash open, I ran to Wake Natasha,the thief who was dealing with the “road”. Natasha jumped up quickly as I touched her. After I explained to her that shouting in front of the window, the bullet flew to the window and started to wind some yarn.

   Calling me to her, she said::

   “Stay close and remember how to put the road. In case you ever this is useful, because in the house not everyone can play it!»

   Natasha explained to me what “shot”, “escort”, “road”, “horse or horse”, as well as how to put-shoot the road and send-receive mail.

   That night, most of the “little ones” and “gangsters” flew in my name. The sender was: “gunner”, and Aram, with the “boiler”, “Diesel” and Gypsy rose. And boiler “house” came Palatka (mobile phone flashlight).

   While I was talking to my son, Natasha woke Natasha-Armenian, Zarima and Olga-robber. The other five inmates, who were sleeping under the influence of drugs, were not woken up by the women.

   When we all talked with relatives, and we with Natasha-thief together “took off the road”, Natasha-Armenian suggested the five of us to drink coffee and discuss the situation with drug addicts. Cellmate Olya immediately refused, explaining that he wants to take a position of neutrality. It was very angry Sarima, she emphatically threatened Ola, why not get more “palatki”.

   So, the four of us remained, who were not satisfied with the bacchanalia of drug addicts. After a whisper of consultation, we came to a common decision that we should deliver an ultimatum to drug addicts.

   The conversation took place only before the end of the next day, until that time, five drug addicts slept restless sleep.

   Neither at the morning nor the evening inspection did any of the wardens confuse the state of these women, which gave the four of us the ground for reflection.

   We gave our cellmates an ultimatum that from now on no one will use drugs in our cell. In the case of a cellmate who is not satisfied with this position, she must voluntarily ask for transfer to another cell. All five drug addicts were silent.

   At night Masha-khokhlushka put “road”, and she was very surprised when I sent “malyava” to “Diesel”, Gypsy Rose, prisoners of “Pushkar” and Aram from the boiler. She looked at me fearfully, then gathered around her “kodlu” drug addicts and quietly explained something to them.

   After their meeting, Natasha-a drug addict, Anna-a drug addict, Valya-a drug addict and Galya-a drug addict, came up to me and promised that they would never use drugs in the cell again. Their promises I gave to my gang, and we each rejoiced that now quietly “Posidim” before its release.

   The next day, immediately after the morning walk, Masha-khokhlushka again brought “to talk”, then to the investigation.

   After an evening of “soup” was opened on the reservation and went to the warden. He ordered us to line up. When we carried out his order, he introduced himself.:

   “My name is Dobrev. I’m responsible for your corps. All complaints, statements and proposals to submit to me either orally or in writing. And now, I see that you have overcrowding in your cell. Therefore, You are a prisoner, collect your things and go to another cell! Objections are not accepted! Who is not satisfied with my decision, can pack up and move to the punishment cell!»

   Zarima had tears in her eyes and looked at me with hope.

   “Comrade Dobrev, maybe You will leave the old woman with us, and someone from the young will be transferred to the youth cell?”I asked hesitantly.

   He came up to me abruptly, looked me in the face and turned to the “longitudinal»:

   “Give me a card for this intercessor!»

   After that, he began to study the map, where was my photo and all the data about me.

   “Oh, you’re the one breaking the noses of young prisoners?”he said in a nasty voice.

   “What nonsense! Someone slandered her! It never happened!”- spoke in my defense she has always been a thief.

   “Do you want to go to the punishment cell together with your girlfriend-defender? Listen to me, all of you! This is a prison, not a sanatorium or a holiday home! Therefore, quickly took things out from the camera, went!”- yelled “responsible” each of us in the face.

   The last words were addressed to Zarima.

   Zarima, sobbing excitedly, came out of the cell with all her bags. And when he closed the book, she is Armenian and she is a thief addicted to my bunk, the three of us were sad and not myself. The other six inmates were sitting at the table, not forced to talk.

   In the evening we were brought two “transit”, they were accompanied by the warden “Vasilisa”.

   “Girls, these women will for a few days, they were going stage to another prison. They are very decent, so, make room, some will have to sleep three.”the jailer said gloatingly.

   “A few hours ago, a very decent woman was taken out of our cell, as we had overpopulation. Whether it is impossible now to make a castling two transiton on the one prohodku?”- I asked.

   “There will be no castling! As far as I know, because of that woman, you always had a misunderstanding in the cell! And these women have been convicted more than once, and you will be told how to behave in prison!”- categorically declared the matron.

   “Aren’t we supposed to follow the rules that we have on the stand in the cell? And I remember one of the prisoners, it was found that the all law breakers, love are contained in separate chambers from not convicted or parohodik!”I said in an important tone.

   “Vasilisin” face shrank like she drank vinegar. Without answering me, the warden left the cell, leaving the bewildered prisoners on the threshold.

   “Girls, pass, but keep in mind, in our cell you will to adhere to our rules! Otherwise, knock on the reservation and go on their own to the length!”I said categorically.

   From that moment on, all my cellmates treated me like a senior in the house. Almost everything, except Masha-khokhlushka.

   Week with women transittime flew by, prisoner not try to impose their concepts have lived by our rules as the guests. During the time that they spent with us, in the camera never had a conflict. The warden of Vasilisa visited us every day, and you could tell by the look of her that she was unhappy that we had become friends with recidivists.

   In the penultimate day of stay at us transit, the chief of prison also visited us. This visit was unexpected for us, as we had no advance notice of his visit.

   On this day, we started the whole chamber General cleaning, disinfected the walls, floors, racks, tables and other equipment. Like suddenly opened the reservation and into the chamber came a young man in fatigues and cap, in uniform, was one star – major.

   He was accompanied by the warden Vasilisa.

   “Hello, women!”cheerfully and joyfully greeted him.

   We greeted him.

   “How nice, you’re the only camera which at this time is not sleeping, and fussing like a woman. Very pleased me! Therefore, all your suggestions are ready to listen orally and if possible to perform!”- in turn he praised us.

   “If anyone does not know, then before you head of the prison!”- said sternly, “Vasilisa”.

   By the faces of their cellmates, it was clear that they also met the chief for the first time, like me. The women shook their heads.

   “Dear warden, I would like to know about the opening hours of the prison library. Is it possible to get any books to read?”- I asked.

   «Yeah. We have recently passed an inventory in the library, now there is a new employee who will supply you with literature every week! the warden said with relief, then said goodbye and left.

   When we were alone, all at once decided to drink coffee from stress. Basins and buckets with DEZ.solutions and remained to stand in the middle of the chamber. And all of us shared the endured emotions from a meeting with the chief (owner) of prison.

   But our conversation was interrupted by the librarian who came and brought with him various books. There were historical and artistic, and military, and drama, and horror, and of course detectives. At each of us he wrote down our wishes for reading.

   Somehow we took the camera and all lay down to read books. Longitudinal several times opened the “armor pocket” and asked:

   “Girls, are you all right? Your TV is silent, and the camera quiet?»

   Two days later, we conducted women transit to the stage.

   Adam came out of the hole, and I talked to him every night on the phone. Received from him “on the roads” different Goodies. And in the afternoon I received different Goodies from my son through “transmissions”.

   Also I prepared for court: I wrote petitions and I sketched for myself questions which I was going to ask in court to the victim, the witness and the expert.

   I’ve been in prison for three months now.

   Continuation: The long-awaited interrogation of the victim and witness. 

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