31. Interrogating false victims.

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 In the morning before the court, as before, I was taken to the “sump”, where there were already several prisoners. Here was also “Diesel” (Masha). She greeted me joyfully. It’s been a week since she and I corresponded over nothing. Adam on the phone I already explained about their first meeting with will and friendship with the civil husband of Masha.

   Diesel told the news that went around the prison. The other prisoners also met me, talking about their “delugas”.

   When the paddy wagon arrived, me and another woman were taken out of the septic tank, she was taken by the paddy wagon along the way to another court. That Gypsy told me a rumor about Diesel and her husband. 

   When we were put in cages in court, I was again the only one of the women and again in the same cage.

   Opposite me this time, in four cages there were about ten men-prisoners. But I couldn’t wait to see Adam, who had spent several days in solitary.

   He was also dressed as in the first meeting: cap, sports jacket, pants and sneakers. And also was irresistibly handsome. Having treated me to his coffee, Adam for a few minutes admired my beauty and overwhelmed with compliments, which I rarely heard on the loose.

   When the guards warned me that we were going to court, I crossed myself with my hand for handcuffs and followed the convoy.

   This time in the corridor of the court there were a lot of visitors who looked at me with sympathy and curiosity. I was very uncomfortable. Before the door to the court session, I saw a man who was one of the few involved in the farce-a criminal against me. He grinned maliciously at me, and I felt like a beaten and wounded dog.

   When the convoy locked me in the aquarium in the hall, I was morally broken. In front of the aquarium on the bench of lawyers sat the unknown woman. She turned to me and quickly said, “I am Your protector.»

   And turned away. My son was not in the hall today. And I have even more deteriorated mood. But sat hateful to me the victim and the witness in uniform. The Prosecutor looked me up and down.

   The judge swam in his punitive robe and continued the next big show.

   The Prosecutor asked leading questions, and the victim and the witness answered in the affirmative. Both were prepared, and my cross-examinations were answered in advance with well-thought-out phrases. My question is about the difference between the readings, announced that to answer truthfully, in court and in the remand order. When I demanded to recognize inadmissible proofs protocols of interrogation of investigators as there were essential differences in indications, the Prosecutor declared that the court will give an assessment to them in the consultative room at pronouncement of the final decision.

   When I demanded that the victim-the representative of the power carried out psychophysiological examination with use of a polygraph, the judge declared that the polygraph isn’t proof (at the end of article I put statements of the Prosecutor and the judge from the record of court session).

   I didn’t show to the witness such examination as he was “the witness on hearing”, i.e. he wasn’t the participant and the witness of incident, and told how to it his subordinate-the victim reported.

   The new lawyer sat and kept quiet, not asking a single question, but only lifted his ass when it was necessary to support my petition.

   My application for familiarization with all the materials of the criminal case, which were not presented to me by the investigator – judge and Prosecutor, was refused.

   I was morally broken and upset.   

   The hearing was postponed due to the absence of the court expert.

   As the judge left the courtroom, he glanced at me with an interested look. I was confused and politely said:

   «Thank You. So long.»

   He paused for a few seconds, staring at my face in surprise, and immediately walked out.

   For a few seconds, as we walked to the cells in court, I wondered why the judge hated me. One fleeting his sight was hateful to me.

   When I was brought back to the cage, I turned to the wall and cried, ignoring the soothing words of Adam and the other prisoners, whom Adam had already told about my “deluge”. I cried for at least an hour, refusing sweets, fruit, tea and coffee. I calmed down only when the escort said that it is necessary to leave in a toilet room. I knew my fellow countrymen were waiting for me there.

   All right. Officers of the Pasha and Olya quickly shared with me important news, and I took a bus back to prison. On the road with no one wanting to talk.

   “How was Adam’s trial?”- “Diesel” met me with a question in the “sump”.

   “He came back to the prison. How was it meeting don’t know. After my meeting, I cried myself to jail, and I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I replied.

   “Diesel” considered my tear-stained eyes.

   “It gives you pleasure to see your enemies gloating over you that you broke down so quickly? That they turned you into an amoeba in a short time? Have you thought about how your child feels among these jackals in court? You have to look like you’re not scared and hard in prison! You have to show these jackals that you’re even ready to fight them from prison!”- lighting a cigarette, “Diesel” slapped me like a slap in the face with phrases.

   I was silent, not knowing what to say to her, recognizing her right.

   “Did you know that Adam wants you to be the head of the house?” He should have told you that in court today. Adam was told that you were able to put some recidivists in place and subjugate! Even the jailers think that you in the house were able to create a perfect relationship among the prisoners. But I see that it was only a moment of your glory, and soon your cellmates will break you and your mouth in the hut! I’ve been in prison for almost two years, and I’ve seen enough of princesses taking off and falling fast.”she Said diesel in a disgusting and envious tone.

   Before I could answer her, the warden came and took us to the search.

   When I entered the cell, Natasha was surprised to meet me:

   “The first time you were brought from court so early! Run to the bathroom and let’s eat!”they told me joyfully.

   When we were having coffee, we were joined by other cellmates, and even Masha-Ukrainian. Women in turn told anyone what reads a book, then the conversation turned to children, parents and Pets. We were nine prisoners and the cell was really calm.

   Late at night, when the phone “arrived”, I learned that my son was seriously ill. I was very upset because he was lonely and there was no one to take care of him. Dictated to him the names of drugs that will help from his illness, with a heavy heart said goodbye to him until the next night.

   Adam didn’t want to call. I sighed, looked at the phone and tried to come up with a text SMS, so as not to offend him with a word, but he called himself.

   I explained to him that my son was sick and had not yet recovered from the disappointment after the trial, so very upset and would like to go to sleep.

   “Well, my moon-faced beauty, good night to you! But tomorrow, when you sleep it off, you have to declare yourself in the senior hut. Tell all your cellmates it’s a decision and an order. He asked me to give you this! Adam announced to me.

   Saying goodbye to him, I sat confused on the rack and looked out the window. Somewhere in the night lies my sick child, and I’m here in this den, was “unnecessary for me prisoner increase in the post”.

   For some reason, all my cellmates couldn’t sleep either. On the way from Adam came a huge “gangster”, his handwriting was written: “Na “X””. Which meant everyone in the house.

   Natasha-thief unfolded the package, there was a hot grilled chicken.

   And “kite»:

   “Girls, help yourself. It’s in honor of your new looker! With prisoner respect!»

   Everyone stared at me.

   “To me, the most few minutes ago, Adam said that the Agent made me “looking or older at the hut.” I wanted to tell you tomorrow, but since this is the case, then, girls, help yourself!”- I finished under the quiet cries of cellmates: “Urrra!”.

   No one in the cell objected to this decision. Only Masha-khokhlushka looked at me sadly and sympathetically.

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