34. Prisoners in court.

Start reading in: Easter Sunday in prison. 

 Today we were brought to court in the number of five people. I and four prisoners-men, among them was already familiar prisoner – Aram with “boiler”.

   We were brought very early, each of us had to start meetings only in two hours. The guards handed us the box with the “beach package”.

   Yesterday cellmate Anna-addict asked me to bring her my noodle out of court because she has not done in “parcels”, and “the gruel” she wasn’t hungry. Once in the cell came to talk about a delicious jelly from the beach-package, and I was surprised and said that how many go to court, but never opened and touched these boxes.

   That day I took my beach-bag rations from the convoy. A small box contained: a few disposable spoons and glasses, the size of 0.3 liters under the hot; two bags of disposable tea, two gram packets of sugar; two packages of instant jelly in a mug; as well as three packages of porridge and a package of ready-made soup, which were also quick.

   The men-prisoners were already drinking hot jelly, the aroma of which spread pleasantly around the room with the cells. After finishing my coffee, which I took with me, I asked the convoy to bring more boiling water for jelly. Kissel was of two types: cranberry and strawberry, men were advised to try cranberry first.

   Taking a SIP of hot cranberry jelly, I closed my eyes with pleasure. The last time, such delicious jelly, I drank in kindergarten as a child.  I wanted to know who produces such a yummy, rummaging in the box, I found the packing list of the manufacturer – it was the FSIN of Russia.

   One of the male prisoners explained that it was all done and produced by the prisoners themselves in the camps. This prisoner’s name was Sergei, as it turned out, he was “favorite” Natasha-thief. A handsome and young murderer awaiting a harsh sentence.

   Having talked to Sergey-the murderer about his “deluge”, I heard that he doesn’t regret about the committed crime. It was his second “trip”, the first time he was convicted of theft in his village. The farmer did not pay the salary for several months, and Sergey, after another clarification of the relationship with the employer, took the tractor to his garage, saying that he would return the equipment only after paying him the entire salary. For Grand theft, he was sentenced to five years. From the camp he was released on PAROLE for good behavior, but in his native village no one was waiting for him: a roommate married another, and his mother died in agony from exhaustion. For several months, Sergei could not find a permanent job, was interrupted by “sabbaths”, which went to the restoration of the destroyed hut. One day, he met the farmer he gleefully and defiantly looked at tried top-down. This day Sergey drank moonshine and decided to “kick the enemy.” Only a drunk person can not calculate their impact force, so Sergei scored the farmer to death. He was facing up to twenty years in a maximum security camp.

   Having sympathized with Sergey-the murderer, I asked the escort to warm still boiled water because this day the room for prisoners wasn’t heated in spite of the fact that on the street there was a frost. This time I brewed strawberry jelly, but it was not as tasty as cranberry.

   There was about an hour before the trial. Next on my “deluge” told Aram to the boiler. His police found a false document, but agreed to “hush up” for a certain amount. When Aram handed the money over to the police, he was arrested for bribing an official. Those who detained him were very surprised by the small amount of money in the envelope when they counted them with witnesses. “Cunning Armenians” did not have time to offer the “police bribe taker” to drive up to the ATM to withdraw the remaining amount from Aram’s card. For a scanty bribe Aram was threatened with up to one year in prison, he spent ten months in prison.

   From the Armenian’s story, I was alarmed by the part when he lamented the dismissed investigator, who initially conducted his case on a bribe, and promised him to stop the criminal prosecution. Hearing the name of the investigator, I flinched as if struck by an electric shock. I did not tell Aram that the investigator was transferred to another place after my statement to the UK about the use of moral and physical suffering on his part during my first interrogation.

   “But I was still lucky! The next investigator, for a fee, of course, gave my case to a good judge and agreed with him that I would be given a term for my time in prison. My relatives flew from Armenia today to meet me from the court and “thank” the judge for it!”- happily graduated its narrative Aram.

   I looked at the Armenian with interest and surprise, we had one judge.

   “And what’s the name of this investigator is the benefactor, maybe I’m odd, about it heard?”- Sergey-the murderer became interested.

   “He’s got that name that name as a middle name – all one name: Ivan Ivanov. His surname: VK.”the Armenian said laughing.

   I feel like I’ve been doused in ice water. It was that scoundrel investigator who threatened me in prison. (Chaos on the investigation.)

 “Oh, Aram, I’ve heard of this Jackal! Make sure your relatives don’t join you in jail today for bribing a judge! By the way, your judge does not take bribes – it knows the whole city, many suffered when he tried his “reward”! Although, maybe a little give…”- said Sergey-killer.

   Aram turned pale, and began to rush nervously around the cage, it was evident that he believed the words of the prisoner. Sergey-the murderer took the Armenian to the far corner and said something in his ear. After that, Aram cheered up and called to his escort with a request to bring him to the toilet.

   About twenty minutes later, he returned already calmed, and I heard a fragment of the phrase: “Had time to warn!”. What, Sergey killer nodded with understanding.

   I was one of the first to be taken to court. It was warm inside the meeting room and I was shaking from the cold. I couldn’t get warm for a long time after waiting for two hours in the refrigerator-a cage for prisoners. In the hall sat only my son, of the victims was no one, and the expert did not appear in court because of illness. Today, in addition to the convoy court, I was accompanied by my countrymen Olya and Pasha.

   The judge entered the room with a look like he just handed the title “Great Judge.”

   I, like the others, looked at him with interest. But only I, considering it, asked questions: “Why last time the judge looked at me with hatred? Does this judge take bribes? Was his wife selfish? How many children does he have?»

   Seeing it, I didn’t listen to what was said by the solicitor.

   The judge turned to me and looked into my eyes. In retrospect not was nor anger, nor hatred, nor contempt, his eyes expressed surprised interest. 

   “The defendant, you have any statements or petitions?»

   Nodded her head and said::

   “I have a refusal from the defender in the order of part 1 of article 52 of the code.»

   Afraid to look at the judge who heard his cheerful voice:

   “And this lawyer than didn’t please you?»

   I looked at the disgruntled Prosecutor and said,:

   “Between me and the lawyer there was a mutual hostility then, I don’t trust it to represent my interests in court!»

   Deciding, I looked at the judge. He looked at me with approval and understanding.

   My motion to dismiss counsel was satisfied, and was satisfied all the requests that I said that day. The meeting was postponed.

   A few minutes later, when I was brought to the room for the prisoners, the Secretary of the judge brought the minutes of the court proceedings. I was pleasantly surprised, earlier the judge declared that the record of court sessions – indivisible. (photo of the Protocol on the refusal to: Start of workings.)

 The guard took me to the bathroom. Officers Olga and Pasha, showed the eyes on the ceiling and shook his head, and I nodded to them that understand not disconnected the wire. We talked for a few minutes about the news from our region, after which Pasha came out, and Olya handed me a note that said: “Be alert, careful and cautious from this day in prison! A friend from the prison warned us that there was a plot against you, he doesn’t know what will happen. He said the jailers were betting money against you.»

   I looked at Olga with frightened amazement, and she nodded her head sadly.

   “Women, you are there a long time?”someone knocked on the door.

   “Another minute, please!”I replied.

   Commissioned officer’s sudden smile and mysterious tone said:

   “Your judge was in a good mood today. Did you notice?»

   Olga slyly winked at me, and I was embarrassed and felt a blush.

   “You saw it too? I hope that he will always be in such a mood, and he will release me as soon as possible!”I said.

   “Spiders do not kill beautiful butterflies that are entangled in their web. But do not release them from their networks!”- Olya said sadly.

   After her words, like a bell ringing in my head, I wanted to write a prison fairy tale “About a spider and a butterfly”. (the text of the tale will put up a separate article, but later.)

   When I returned to the cell, took a sheet of paper and sketched out the plot for future stories.

   And from the courtroom brought prisoner Aram, he was drooping and sad. He was not allowed to talk to his family, but most of all, he was upset by the lawyer. She informed him that Aram would be given at least two years ‘ imprisonment in a penal colony.

   With inexplicable emotions, I went back to prison.

   When I got to the black hole prison, I felt like I was in euphoria.

   There was already one prisoner in the “septic tank”. She looked about fifty years old, solid build, half a head taller than me. She asked me for a cigarette, and lighting it, introduced herself:

   “I – stopanite!»

   When she called my cell number, I remembered that Natasha is a thief have already talked about this camera – it was “frostbitten killer of all law breakers, love”, after which the court took the “simple” camp.

   I tensed, remembering a note from a fellow officer. The prisoner-killer was trying to talk about the “fake deluge” in a casual way, but I could see from her eyes that she was talking to me, thinking about something else.

   In that moment, when I noticed in her hand gleaming “sink”, “booking settler” opened and inside walked a man-a guard. He looked closely at my frightened face, and then said, turning to the prisoner-killer:

   “Why are you in this septic tank? Who brought you here?»

   “I don’t know, citizen chief! I don’t meet or remember your brother! I was told to get dressed and go to court. I’ve been sitting here for hours. I guess your the guys to “work out” to my life “raspberries” did not seem!»

   “What are you “rubbing”me!? What courts? You tomorrow on “strogacha” step taken! Or you had someone “order” here to perform? Keep in mind, I’ll find out – you’re not getting off!”the warden said menacingly.

   And again looked at me, said:

   “Get out of the sump. I’ll take You personally to the cell!»

   As we climbed to the upper floors, the warden spoke softly.:

   “Compatriot, be careful! You Olga and Pasha gave him my message? Just don’t let it show that we know each other! Otherwise, we can’t keep you here.»

   I nodded in relief, now that I knew I had a real protector in prison.

   “She had a blade in her hand. I noticed it just when You opened your reservation!”I whispered.

   “She was there for your soul, other prisoners today in courts didn’t take out. I wonder who is the customer…” – mused the fellow-warden.

   About what I thought about warden Vasilisa aloud their thoughts not shared. And suddenly, I am mistaken and it was “order” from will.

   Continuation: Court meeting. Prison bet and the reality show. 




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