35. Shaw’s in jail.

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 Me as always would read two Natasha did. I told them about the meeting at the septic tank with the recidivist killer, but I didn’t mention the fellow warden.

  Natasha’s cellmates, like me, believed that the “order” could be both internal and external.

   “It could force you to cut the vein or the carotid artery. They’d make it look like your suicide. But she could have just disfigured you, as she has done many times in prison, because of her jealousy of the prisoner.”- quietly enlightened me Natasha-thief.

   I did not expect such an outcome of the meeting. Outwardly, I seemed indifferent, but inside I was shaking with fear that I could never see my son.

   That night, Adam and I didn’t have fake conversations about our incipient prison romance designed for “eavesdroppers.” We discussed my meeting with a recidivist killer. What surprised me most was how Adam insisted on describing the jailer who had opened the reservation.

   “The ordinary supervisor, I saw it for the first time and I can’t describe because was confused from a type of a blade-“sinks”. It seems to me that the jailers are all the same!”I lied.

   “The guard could be “zachistka crimes”, that is, to “sump” the killer and all the fake your suicide. Adam explained.

   “I don’t remember him. Can only describe this woman who was from chamber No. 179, where the sitting killer of all law breakers, love.”- I answered and described the murderer-prisoner.

   “I personally this night will punish this creature! Adam said furiously.

   “Adam, can you look up information about our judge? Perhaps there are interesting facts about him among the prisoners. I am haunted by the conversation with the gray-Haired man that the judge hates Armenians and women. Remember when the gray-Haired guy warned me in the sump?”I asked Adam. 

   “Okay, I’ll get the info. Don’t turn off the phone, wait for me to ring.”Aram promised.

   While I was waiting for the call, Natasha-thief showed me the notice of appointment of the court of appeal. After reading it, I laughed, it turned out that the meeting was scheduled for the day when the deadline for Natasha for a month, as will be at home. Her sentence ends in a few days. The other day, we made a statement-notice to the chief of the prison on the date of the last day of imprisonment on conviction.

   Confused Natasha did not immediately understand my laughter. She was worried all day that she would have to sit in prison for another month and wait for the court of appeal. But I explained that the pre-trial detention center has no right to hold it here when the sentence is already executed.

   Natasha burst into tears of joy. And I told her about meeting her favorite prisoner. Why Natasha, all lit up with happiness.

   “Can I come to your court sessions?”- suddenly asked spurn-thief.

   “I will only be happy about it!”- I answered and we hugged like old friends.

   Only an hour later, Adam gave me the information he could “dig up on the judge.” For the most part, some of his biography was known to me: he began his legal career with an investigator, grew up in a family where from generation to generation all worked as investigators. There was no information about his personal life, but some prisoners assumed that he was gay.

   My cellmates all slept, except us with Natasha-the thief, she was responsible for the road, and I digested all last day.

   I decided to share with Natasha about the emotions experienced in the court session, and also told about the information to the judge from Adam.

   “Once in prison, when I was still waiting for the verdict, there were rumors about one prisoner and a judge. Then the whole prison was buzzing that the judge fell in love with Zecco. The convoy ships also confirmed their mutual love, because they witnessed their flirtation in the meetings. During the investigation, she did not plead guilty to the sale of a large batch of drugs. She was taken to the courts for five years, and everyone thought that a loving judge would give her a minimum term for her time. At the debate, she repented of the crime – the judge sentenced her to fifteen years, although the punishment was deducted from five years!”- Natasha-thief told the story.

   I digested what I heard.

   “I don’t know, Natasha, but it seemed to me that my judge experienced instant hypnosis on me! I know that in European countries some judges use such hypnosis. But in our country, it seems, such an experiment is prohibited.”I said hesitantly.

   “Oh, and I know a Gypsy with the name of your judge. Perhaps the judge has an innate Gypsy hypnosis? the cellmate said, intrigued.

   “By the way, that judge of your stories, too, could inspire the love and trust of a prisoner. Then, under hypnosis, her best to admit to the crime! I said.

   “And the Armenians do not have this hypnosis?”- suddenly asked spurn.

   “I don’t know. But if you’re talking about Adam, I can tell you now. We’re putting on a love act at his request so he can protect me.”I confessed in a low voice.

   “What is Adam’s interest?”the cellmate asked.

   “To be honest, I don’t know. Here watching the game and waiting for when I know the truth. I don’t think anyone from the outside could have asked for me. I worry that this game was not against me.”I said softly.

   “I would never have thought that you could play such a double game and not give your awareness!”- admiringly surprised Natasha is a thief.

   “Triple game. I thought, but I said it out loud.:

   “We sometimes have to play other people’s games and well, if we know the rules of the game.»

   “Take care here! Can’t even imagine how you’re gonna be alone here without me. Natasha-an Armenian with little hope, it will cling only to the big pack. If the Ukrainian start again “can handle” the cell dope”, you will remain in the minority.”having said that, Natasha hugged me tightly.

   A few days later, we cried with the whole camera when we saw Natasha the thief off.

   On the next court session I went with hope to see Natasha in a courtroom.

   But this time I was not taken to the courtroom, the judge’s Secretary brought me to the cage the decision to postpone the meeting because of the absence of a lawyer, expert and victims.

   This time Adam came with me.

   “You’re a few years to skate to the court until you grind out of you a confession of a crime!”the prisoner said angrily.

   “As in the judgment seat of the gospel Sanhedrin? I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us whether Thou be the Christ of God?”- I quoted the gospel of Matthew.

   While waiting for the rest of the prisoners to go to trial, Adam and I played out the love script of the prison romance. This time there were few prisoners, but among us there was also a young woman, she was already in a cage when we arrived from a pre-trial detention center. She was convicted on her own recognizance. She didn’t want to talk to anyone, so she sat quietly and cried.

   When I was taken out of court to the paddy wagon, I heard several people behind the fence of the court shouting my name. Turning, I saw Natasha the thief, several boys and girls with her.

   “We were not allowed to you at the meeting!”shouted Natasha.

   “The court adjourned, no one was! I shouted back.

   The guards began to swear and demand that I quickly went into the paddy wagon.

   I didn’t know what else to tell Natasha.

   “Natasha? A,U,E!”- unexpectedly for everyone and for myself, I shouted.

   “Life thieves!”- Natasha responded with her company, and they were joined by the cries of prisoners who were already in the paddywagon.

   “Well, You give! On camera and under the court to organize a show!”- said the stunned chief of the convoy.

   “Darling, I never thought you could be such a lighter!”laughing, Adam said from behind the wall of the paddy wagon.

   “She’s in shock!”I answered him, laughing.

   “Sister, with prisoner respect to you!”the other prisoners said.

   I glowed with pride, and next to me sat a convicted prisoner and looked at me with surprise.

   When we arrived at the court, the “sump” of the court were already several prisoners from other courts. Among them was and “Diesel.”

   Saying Hello, she carefully peered into my face. Unable to bear her examination, I asked:

   “Do you count my wrinkles?»

   She twitched nervously and said softly in my ear:  

   “I heard that garbage on your hut rates do. Who among you with a tuft will win the title of senior.»

   “Stakes? Money? I asked uncertainly.

   “Sure! How else can they have fun at work, if not to pit the convicts for fighting?”- also softly said “Diesel”.

   I looked at the prisoner in surprise, and she continued:

   “And yet, one employee of the prison, I once hinted that we are watched every day by rich viewers, like a reality show. And they’re also betting on one of the prisoners. Rich perverts!»

   “And the prison staff who bet on us with a tuft, not perverts? And the fact that these freaks illegally shoot us with hidden cameras, and then offer these videos for fun – they are not perverts?”I asked with contempt and anger.

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