39. The aftermath of a prison brawl.

  Start reading in: Bloody fight with the Pink Panther. 

   On the seventh day after the accident, I was able to take a shower on my own. All the past days I have been cared for in the cell by only one prisoner – Natasha-a drug addict. (her story can be read in: The composition of the house №190).

The rest of the old cellmates only looked at my suffering sympathetically.

   From the great blood loss, I had constant dizziness, weakness and nausea.

   Natasha,a drug addict, took care of me free of charge, refusing to take cigarettes and products from me for her services. Every day she fed me, took me to the toilet, bathed in the shower, washed my clothes.

   In the appointed court session, I wasn’t taken out to court for health reasons.

   For more than a week our cell was without “roads”, without communication with relatives and other prisoners. In the cell there was a deathly silence: as punishment for the fight – we were deprived of the TV.

   All cellmates among themselves talked in whispers, perhaps they wove another plot against me, and maybe did not want to disturb my sleep.

   Lesbians Jeanne and Laura were still in our cell. Their lesbian girlfriend was never transferred to us.

   Every night lesbian Jeanne sat on my rack in the legs and begged me to forgive her, in her eyes there were tears of remorse.

   “We were forced to do it! Just don’t ask who, I won’t tell.”she whispered to me.

   “Why forced? I was surprised.

   “Because you’re in love with Adam! And jailers don’t welcome such Affairs in prison.”the lesbian whispered.

   The tenth day after the fight.

   Longitudinal Allochka opened “pocket” and beckoned me to armour. When I approached, she said softly:

   “Quickly make up! Someone from your family came to see you. Now the person on duty will come to look at your health to decide you can already show the world or not! Let’s run, or your family will not know what you are doing here! Your lawyer was denied a meeting with you yesterday.»

   I asked Natasha,a drug addict, to help me put on a tracksuit. She could not do it, on the left hand after a burn, there was no skin and any movement of the hand, caused unbearable pain.

   Natasha helped me to paint my eyes with shadows and mascara, cheeks browned and lips painted bright red lipstick.

   When the “reservation” was opened and a tall, young man with the rank of major appeared on the threshold, I appeared in all its bright appearance: I was wearing a red tracksuit, red lipstick, on the cheeks – bright pink blush.

   “And who of the prisoners here is sick?”he asked in confusion.

   “I was sick last week, but I already feel good! I said cheerfully.

   He looked at me in surprise.

   “I was told you were almost dying. he said uncertainly.

   I laughed gaily, afraid not to beat him, because I wanted to see my son.

   “Who is spreading such lies about me?”I said, pretending to be flirtatious.

   “Are you really healthy? The fact is that a relative came to You on a date. And he was denied a date because of Your illness. However, he does not leave and threatens to send us a crowd of inspectors.”- said the duty major.

   “Oh, I guess who it is! It is strange that he is still here call the Precinct and the Prosecutor’s office!”smiling, I was intimidated by the supervisor.

   “Well, since You are healthy, then let’s go, I will personally accompany you.”the major announced.

   For the past ten days, I’ve been moving around the cell somehow, grabbing at the rack every time I feel dizzy.

   Now, I had to make a long journey. First, go down the stairs from the fourth floor to the first, then through the transitions to go to another building, where you have to go down again to the basement, where he passed through the long tunnels, go to the building for meetings with relatives.

   I bravely overcame all the way. And when in a glass booth with a handset, waiting for his son, not for a moment relaxed. I knew I was under covert surveillance.

   My son was taken to the next booth with the same handset. He looked at me in fear, and I could not stand his eyes, burst into tears.

   “Everything will be fine! We have to stand this test! Not much left. As soon as the expert testifies, I’ll expose her for tampering with forensics, and I’ll be released.”I said into the phone when I had calmed down a little.

   The son pointed to his forehead with a questioning expression.

   I nodded sadly, then somehow pulled out of the sleeve of his left hand and showed a burn. He was frightened and shocked.

   “You’ll be taken to court the day after tomorrow?”he asked.

   “Of course, they have no right to hold me, because there will be a consideration of my preventive measure. And without me, the judge can’t extend the arrest, automatically. I said.

   “You must tell the judge that you are being bullied in prison! If you are not brought to court, I will personally go to the judge and tell him about it!”my son got excited.

   I promised him I would, and for the last few minutes we were talking in a dumb sign language. With gestures, I told him about the fight, which scared him even more.

  Two hours of Dating went by like a flash. When I left my son, I assured him that I would tell the judge how I was treated in prison.

   I was escorted back to my cell by another escort. The journey took much longer – climbing up the steps was no longer easy for me. I stopped, sat down directly on dirty steps, the head was turned and I was sick.

   The escort was very kind to me, supported me under a hand and did not allow to fall down from steps down on a ladder. The return journey took almost an hour.

   When I was met by convoy Allochka, she whispered:

   “Then a commotion started. You’re about to be called to the warden’s office. Your women from the cell went to “Vasilisa” and wrote some statements. I saw a stack of applications on her Desk.»

   “I will not be able to get to the office of the chief. I’ve been crawling since my date for almost an hour and I feel like I’m about to faint.”I whispered breathlessly.

   Longitudinal anxiously looked at me and said:

   “I’ll send a doctor to your cell now! Do you have to see your boss?»

   “No, I don’t care about this meeting. I said.

   Allochka opened the reservation and led me inside the camera. Natasha,a drug addict, jumped off the top rack and helped me lay on my bed. I instantly blacked out.

   Through insensitive sleep, I heard and felt, as I was raised, changed clothes, did some injections, around me were always some distant voices and vague silhouettes.

   I came to myself from the aroma of delicious soup.

   Opening my eyes, I saw that on the side of the bunk sits Natasha is a drug addict and is holding my plate, from which a delicious smell.

   “Awake? You scared us all yesterday. Even your boss used to come here. After that, the doctor came to you every hour. I gave you injections, took your blood pressure, treated all your wounds and the burn on your arm. Will you eat?”- lovingly and in a motherly way, said Natasha.

   Tears poured into my eyes, the last time I was so cared for by my grandmother, who died fifteen years ago.

   Natasha spoon-fed me, and I continued to cry.

   “Yesterday us all “Vasilisa” to itself caused. Me last. Offered to write a statement, who was the instigator of the fight. When I wrote that zhanka, she told me that I rewrote the application. She said everyone else wrote that you were the ringleader. I refused, and she threatened me. And she said that I had not long to live because of the beginning of tuberculosis of the bones. And only after that, she left me alone. And Natasha-Armenian, in my opinion, also refused to write against you, she came crying. And later, when Vasilisa came into the chamber, then turned to the Armenian question: “don’t change your mind?”. Natasha shook her head negatively, and then cried for a long time.”- quietly told the latest news in the cell Natasha-a drug addict.

   “I have to go to court tomorrow “to measure”. I want to put all my stuff in storage today. If the judge also leaves me in prison tomorrow, after the trial, I will refuse to enter this cell. Can you help me pack all my things?”I announced to Natasha.

   She nodded and said, ” Yes.”:

   “Me too all of his stuff today will be sent to the warehouse, and tomorrow, after a morning walk, refuse to enter into this chamber. Then when I find out what cell you’re in, I’ll ask you to transfer. I don’t want to be in the same cell with those bastards. Yesterday, when this zhanka came after a meeting with the “Vasilisa”, the four of them with Anka, Pebbles and Lorca about something whispered. I think they’ve been given a new assignment.»

   We looked at each other frightened, and Natasha crossed herself and said::

   “Good Lord, protect us!»

   After lunch, Natasha and I sent most of our stuff to the warehouse. All the cellmates looked at us blankly.

   “I sent all my unnecessary things to give to my family. Why are they are lying.”- lied to Natasha, a drug addict, when she asked “moronica”-Val.

   I didn’t talk to anyone in the cell except Natasha, a drug addict. At five o’clock in the evening the reservation opened, and longitudinal declared that on the ground floor in an office of “operas”, I am waited by the chief of prison.

 I slowly went into the bathroom, put myself in order. I asked Natasha,a drug addict, to help me change. I didn’t get to the meeting until about twenty minutes later. Longitudinal was very angry, and constantly was pushing me, but I commanded not cater.

   “How are you feeling? Yesterday You were so moved by the meeting with your son that the doctor barely brought You to consciousness! I’m going to have to stop You from seeing him again, if that’s what they’re doing to You!”the warden greeted me threateningly.

   I kept silent, but my glance disdain and anger, satisfied chief, and he continued, looking on its “IPhone»:

   “Your cellmates wrote a statement that You were the first to provoke a scandal in the cell. Also, you received a statement that You caused bodily harm to a cellmate. I have to move forward with these statements and a new criminal case will be opened against You.”the warden said in a pleased voice.

   “Yes, that’s Your job.”I said in a calm tone.

   He stared into my face and could not understand. When I want to, I can control my emotions, both inside and out.

   I removed the bangs from my forehead, where the wound from the blade-“wash” shone, and pulled my left hand out of the sleeve of the sports jacket, putting it on the table in front of the boss. His expression changed, and he could barely contain his nausea at the sight of my burned, skinless hand. I, unlike Genki lesbian, not wrapped his burns in bandages, so the eyes of the head appeared more terrible picture than I would have waved a bandaged hand.

   “On the basis of Your notice, I also want to write a counter-statement now about causing me serious physical harm. And also I petition to appoint to me it is judicial-medical examination. If You, now, refuse to accept my applications, I will be forced to forward these applications to You tomorrow from court through my judge and lawyer.”I calmly said, looking not at the boss, but at the video camera, which hung behind him under the ceiling and blinked with a red button.

   The boss reached for the IPhone, fiddled with it, apparently turned off the audio, then drummed his fingers on the table for a long time, thinking about something of his own.

   “I will fulfill any of Your requests, within a reasonable course. But, that this incident wasn’t announced tomorrow by You in court.”- said the chief.

   “Today, You have to give me the statement of the cellmate Zhanna that she has to me no claims after incident! This statement I will have to give in court to my son, for safety, that she didn’t change her mind and didn’t blackmail me later. Second, You will never prevent me from seeing my son. And three, You will transfer these two lesbians from my cell.”- I put an ultimatum.

   “If that’s all, then it’s doable! However, a translation is engaged in “Vasilisa”, after our last meeting, I instructed her to put those lesbians. But she told me you changed your mind and asked me to keep them in Your cell. I thought maybe you liked them. In prison, many people change their sexual preferences.”the boss said in an unpleasant tone.

   I didn’t say anything about his last taunt.

   After my return to the cell, the longitudinal took with him a lesbian Zhanka. She came back with Vasilisa.

   The matron handed me a statement written on behalf of Jeanne that she had no complaints against me. The statement was certified by two signatures with decoding: the chief of prison and the matron Vasilisa.

   So, I learned the family data of his prison enemy.

   “It’s too late today to make transfers from cell to cell. Tomorrow, immediately after the morning inspection, Jeanne and Laura will return to their cell. There is now transiton settled, but tomorrow at five in the morning bring to the stage. I’ll warn duty shift to the place of transitos one morning not settled.”fake voice promised the warden.

   But I’m the jailer did not believe, and knew that if I came back after the trial, again in prison, in the cell number 190 will not come.

   Continued in category: “Purgatory camera No. 181»

The first round of prison purgatory in the cell №181. 

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