40. The prisoner and the game.

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 We’re back in the cells of the court.

   Adam, looking at me, shook his head as if to say, “What have they done to you?”His eyes expressed sympathy, compassion and pain. I adjusted my bangs to cover my forehead from the blade-wash. My left arm is bandaged to the elbow to hide the terrible burns.

   Today among the guards were my fellow countrymen. I was taken to the bathroom, where officer Olga was already. I told her what had happened and showed her the statement from the lesbian Jeanne. Olga took a picture of the application on your phone.

   “Our friend from prison asked me to tell you to go for a walk and bath every week. He was transferred to another building, but he will be able to cross with you only when you go to the exercise yard or in the bath complex. Write him a note in advance for us so we can prevent the next “working off of you”. And yet, he said that in all the cameras of the women’s corps, there is a hidden video-audio surveillance! Be careful that you are not provoked and not soldered a new criminal article for causing bodily harm to fellow inmates.”- “pleased” me Olya.

   Passing by a cage with Adam, I gave him the statement of a drug addict lesbian, telling him at the same:

   “This statement I now in a hall will give to the son that this lesbian didn’t change the mind later.»

   “I will personally punish this scum! Adam said aggressively.

   “She says they were forced to do it. The reason was – our romantic relationship with you. I said.

   “All nonsense! I think they were paid from the outside, because of your “deluge.” Wanted you eliminate: there is no human – there is no and problems.”Adam stated emphatically.

   «Perhaps. But in any case, you couldn’t protect me! And your romantic game played against me and almost cost me my life! You even ignored my little ones that night! Now, why are we almost two weeks without roads? You didn’t care about me these days!”I told Adam in a heated voice.

   He shook his head, and when I had finished my tirade, he said::

   “All these days, I every day sent the people that they controlled a situation at you in the camera. They were always there. “Road” has banned the chief said that if we come to you “shoot”, then he will be deprived of the whole prison “roads and communication”. And the little one didn’t come from you. I’ll find out who leaked the baby today. And I’ll make sure that “p&&&&” is ” dropped.” You have no idea how I’ve suffered these days and found no place for myself. I haven’t played our relationship in a long time. I really love you!»

   I looked Adam in the eye in disbelief. 

   I was taken to court, passing by Adam, I took away the statement of the addict. In the courtroom, I handed the statement to the lawyer and asked him to give it to his son, who was late for court.

   The victims and the examiner again did not appear in court. I demanded to provide me the sick list of the expert who several months, allegedly was ill. But the judge refused my application, as he refused all the other petitions for the summons of witnesses who would have testified about the falsification of the criminal case. (Excerpts from the minutes of the meetings at the end of this article.)

   How I hated and despised the judge at that moment.

   “Your honor, what are You trying to get me killed in prison? Or are You trying to get me to confess to something I didn’t do? Well I will write what You demand, but I will never admit guilt! And if I get killed in prison, you know, it will be on Your conscience!”I said fiercely when the judge read out the decision to extend the arrest.

   “What grounds do You have for assuming that You are in danger in prison?”the judge asked in surprise.

   I looked closely at the Prosecutor, who was fidgeting nervously in her chair. Turning to the judge, I noticed that he was smiling maliciously. I knew these people didn’t care about the lives of the prisoners.

   “What.”I exhaled, and mentally wished the judge and the Prosecutor: “Damn You!” 

   When I got to the cage, I was furious and didn’t want to talk to Adam. Turning away from all the prisoners, I cried until I was sent from court to prison.

   When we arrived to prison, “at the station” I declared to the person on duty that he informed the chief of my refusal to come back to the camera No. 190.

   “Today, on my watch, as if everyone conspired not to return to this cell. You, for whatever reason, don’t want to go there? the handsome young major asked with displeasure.

   “I refuse to be in the same cell with lesbians. It’s against my principles and it’s degrading!”I said.

   “It’s in Your camera Iancu with Lorca translated? the attendant laughed.

   I nodded. Laughing on duty when I got a call on the landline and said into the phone:

   “The prisoner who arrived from court refuses to return to the cell 190 where two lesbians were recently transferred!»

   Putting down the phone, he smiled and said,:

   “Krasava! Do not be afraid, we will win you from these scum!»

   I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally I met another adequate jailer.

   While I was in the “septic tank”, I heard this duty – major, several times unknown retold about my protest. Then, there was a loud cackling, after which, opened the “eye” on the armor and an unknown voice said:

   “Of course, such a beauty can not be given into the clutches of lesbians!»

   At the end of the second hour that I was in the “sump”, for “armor” was heard:

   “Vasilisa, what are you doing, fucking serious? Why would a pretty woman want to ruin her reputation? Or she liked you, Yes you “otvetku not caught”?»

   “Booking settler” opened and in the doorway appeared Vasilisa with Krasnodon face.

   “Come out, I’ll take You to a new cell!”she said angrily.

   “What, exactly, the camera?”the guard’s voice was heard behind the matron.

   “To cell 181. This is the only cell that doesn’t have lesbians and junkies. In any case, there are no other cells!”the matron replied.

   “It’s in the camera, the weird “Diesel” runs?”the major asked with displeasure.

   “Yes, there is. But they both, like, became girlfriends in prison!”the matron said ironically.

   “Actually, I don’t have any friends here! And I asked the warden to put me in a non-Smoking cell!”I said.

   “Yes, he enlightened me about it. Now we do in one cell repair, and after, there will settle non-smokers,together with You. And will be in prison for two-camera!”the jailer assured.

   “Vasilisa, take an example from the prisoners! And you, you smoke like a chimney.”- advised the warden.

   Then the warden on duty looked at me and said,:

   “Do not worry, now we will monitor the situation with You, so that You would rather be transferred to a non-Smoking cell. And you, Vasilisa have a conversation with Diesel, if with this women will fall though one hair is to reflect on you! I personally, from this day I will control the situation in the chamber 181! Understood, captain?»

   “Vasilisa” at that moment reminded me of “a stray and beaten dog”.

   “That’s right, comrade major, understood!”the matron reported.

   Vasilisa escorted me to cell 181 in deep silence. The matron went into the cell first and said threateningly:

   “Diesel, take your girlfriend! But, I warn you, if you make noise and attract attention to yourself with your camera, then I will arrange for you all such a life that yesterday your day in prison will seem like Paradise!»

   When I crossed the threshold of cell 181, I was met by eight prisoners. With the exception of Diesel, the women were between the ages of forty and sixty. A few of the prisoners greeted me hospitably, they were: aunt Masha-a former lawyer and two Gypsies.

   I was looking at the camera. From the armor on the left side were: a large table for dishes, a refrigerator, then a fenced off toilet, behind it, near the sink began the rack: two bunk and three single-tier. On the right side: a table with a pedestal, above it a TV on a stand, then a table-a common room, on the sides with two benches, behind it three single-tiered rack. Two coat hangers were bolted to the right wall. The very room in the cell has long been asking for repair: dirty cement floors, in some places were nailed pieces of linoleum. The walls and ceiling of a dirty brown color, not clear it was the color of whitewash or from Gary. In the cell there was a column of smoke, some women smoked even lying on his bed. Obshchak, tables, fridge – everything was dirty and perverted by alien influences. The impression was that there lived Sluts.

   An elderly Gypsy woman invited me:

   “Sit down at the table, talk about yourself and your deluge. My name is aunt Tonya, in my youth I was called “Goddess”. Now from the “Goddess” was only a tattoo. Mary, put the kettle on, I’m the guest of chifirok brew.»

   The younger Gypsy jumped up and turned on the electric kettle.

   While I was talking about myself and my “deluge”, Masha-Gypsy spread on the table: sausage, loaf, candy, gingerbread and cookies.

   “You’re hungry after the trial! I’ll pour you some soup, I just made you some.”- fussed Masha-Gypsy.

   «Thank You. But I’ll just have tea and go to bed, tired after the trial. Yes, and still not recovered after an illness. I told her.

   “Yes, we heard about your fight. Diesel, why are you silent, and the wolf look at his girlfriend?”- asked the elderly Gypsy aunt Tonya in surprise.

 “How am I supposed to look at my husband’s mistress?”- ominously said the prisoner “Diesel”.

   Her hateful gaze sent shivers down my spine.

   “Is she the lover of Adam?”the old Gypsy asked incredulously.

   Masha-Gypsy stared at me in amazement, spilling boiling water over the edge of the mug.

   “Mashka, what are you doing, you fool?”the old Gypsy woman cried.

   Both Gypsy women began to swear loudly with each other in the Gypsy language. At this moment, the reservation was opened and several guards with batons ran in. Among them was and the matron Vasilisa.

   She looked menacingly at Diesel and screamed.:

   “I warned you to have peace and quiet in the cell! You didn’t understand me the first time? Want to get in trouble? Or do I have to “quick” to re-send? Or maybe the Gypsy rose, she is also looking forward to you?»

   Diesel was sitting on a bench, anxiously looking at the “Vasilisa”.

   “Citizen boss, forgive us! Diesel not to blame! It’s Masha poured boiling water on the table, and I brought her up, useless!”- flattered in front of a jailer aunt Tonya.

   “Vasilisa” looked menacingly at everyone in the cell, then turned to me:

   “Have you been hurt?»

   I shook my head.

   “Now Your things will be brought from the warehouse. I saw Your son on the show, he brought food and medicine for burns. They’re coming. You have already allocated the bunk? Do you need a bed, a mattress? the matron asked me carefully, which surprised me even more.

   “She will sleep over lawyer Masha. Maybe the new girl will make Masha swim.”- said “Diesel”, which has overcome the fear of the warden.

   “Diesel, mind you, I’m not warning you twice! After the next shout in the cell – you will leave for re-education!”- derogatory voice cast “Vasilisa.”

   When the “reservation” for “Vasilisa” was closed, some prisoners who had looked at me with hostility, now looked interested.

   “It looks like our quiet life is covered with a copper basin!”- with anger told full the blonde.

   “Oh, Dasha, just let’s not exaggerate! What You do with Diesel every night to play tricks, a quiet life can not be named!”with the call said the adult prisoner, turning to full blonde.

   “Yes, Anyuta, you are absolutely right! Already got those in that scene and the screams at night! We must respect others and understand that we have to get up early and go to the courts. Not for everyone in this cell, incarceration is prison romance! We want to their children and families!”a pretty woman with long hair supported the adult prisoner.

   “Women, stop babbling, and then “policemen” again right now will come running! You’re so skinny! My name is Barbie. I’m a Ukrainian Gypsy. Come on, I’ll feed you.”- came to me full of pleasant Gypsy.

   “Women, why are you only now making your claims to me? Right now, when my rival appeared in our cell. Maybe you want to have it in the house of the beholder and not me? Are you waiting for her to overthrow me?”- almost crying, resentfully turned to his cellmates “Diesel”.

   All the women were silent and bewildered looked at “Diesel”. My nerves were on edge.

   “First, I was transferred to you for a while, while in a new non-Smoking camera doing repairs. Therefore, I’m not going to overthrow anyone. Secondly, I am neither a lover nor a lover of your husband! When you and I met more than once at the septic tank, I told you Adam and I were just friends! You assured me back then that you and Adam were only friends! Adam says the same thing about your friendship! Now you claim to be Adam’s wife! What nonsense, where is the truth? What game are you playing?”I said, furious.

   “The game here is played only by Adam! I don’t time it the “Diesel” he said that he uses it! She, like a fool, he washes clothes, cooks food, and he told her never not waved. Every time he stares only at the Windows of the upper floor and waves his hand there. There, his Windows are in front of ours, we can see what he’s doing!”- disapprovingly said Gypsy “Barbie”, waving his head in the direction of the window.

   “Time went so so, just so you know, Adam made the “pink Panther” to throw you in the house a fight! Everyone at the prison was betting on a fight with you. First, betting on you and Masha-Ukrainian, but she found the drugs and the game broke. Then, we decided to pit you against the pink Panthers, Adam thought they were weaker than you, and you wouldn’t get hurt. When you fought there, we could hear Adam and I on the phone talking and laughing at you, like the whole prison! The prison stakes on your fight were everything from “policemen to convicts”! I knew that from Adam a few days before your fight. I talked about it in the cell to all the women. How did you want to be looking at the house? You were supposed to show themselves to you zechki afraid!”- stunned me “Diesel”.

   All the women in the cell nodded their heads affirmatively when Diesel opened my eyes to Adam.

   I was in a state of shock, silently climbed on the top rack-“palm” and thinking about the motto of the prisoners: “do Not believe. Have no fear. Not ask.”fell into a deep sleep.

   Continuation: Composition of the prisoners of the cell 181. 

The second round of prison purgatory in the cell 181. 

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