46. A group search of the prison.

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 “Mobile” – a group of guards from different correctional camps, who conduct searches in the remand prison on behalf of the FSIN.

   Immediately, after the morning mess on the length of the prison heard men’s voices, barking dogs. We all clung to the camera armor and listened to what was happening on our floor.

   I could hear something drop on the floor, apparently during a search threw the prohibited items from cameras.

   That night we had time to prepare for the “shakedown”: the main prohibitions were off camera and the knives “cutting” scissors and cleaning – blade hid in a secret place.

   Other small “prohibitions”, such as nail Polish, nail files, tweezers for eyebrows, bright lipsticks, creams in tubes – immediately folded in a large package to voluntarily hand over during the search.

   After consulting, we decided that Polina would remain in the cell during the search, as the rest of us would be taken out for inspection.

   When the reservation was opened, then we went to the camera ten men in camouflage. The warden came right behind them, disheveled and rumpled again.

   “Everything should be fine in this cell. There are decent convicts living here.”he said.

   “Now and check it out.”- a displeased voice said “alien guard”, who yesterday ordered our longitudinal to have us “transiton-recidivistic”.

   The warden’s face showed that he didn’t like the warden’s tone.

   We were ordered to move to continue all of our stuff, and also mattresses, pillow and blanket.

   I took the bags of clothes, a pillow, a blanket and a bed to the corridor. Then, returning to the cell, she somehow began to twist the heavy mattress on her upper rack with one hand.

   I was approached by one of the “foreign guards”, and looking at my burned left hand, asked:

   “What about Your hand?»

   “Accidentally poured boiling water.”I lied. (Bloody fight with the Pink Panther.)

 “Let me help You lower the mattress to the floor. And you know, let’s I have it right here will make sure You are not dragged across the corridors.”- said the warden, and lowering it to the floor, squeaked his metal detector.

   When I went out to sell, one of our jailers rudely called out to me:

   “Where’s your mattress?»

   Don’t poke me! And my mattress has already been checked in the cell and allowed not to take it here, because I have a sick hand!”- indignant tone I answered fully overseer that I had once had a dispute during a search on 1 January. (Shakedown in the house.)

 The evil matron went into the cell and came out a few minutes later with a smug look.

   Right on the length of the wardress dug into our bags with things, unceremoniously laying clothes on the floor. All the prisoners were angry.

   “Why are these things tied in a transparent bag?”- asked the warden of the prisoner “Barbie”.

   The Gypsy pulled with the answer, and we all watched as the vile jailer pulls out of the package underwear.

   “It’s my dirty panties, I collect them a week, and then all at once in one day for washing!”- maliciously said fifty-five full Gypsy Barbie.

   The matron threw all her panties on the floor, which she had been feeling without gloves.

   After that, we all cheered up, and we smiled and looked at the matron with disdain.

   Forty minutes later, we were allowed to return to our cell. All the tables, the refrigerator were pushed away from the walls, some boards on the floors were torn off, and the walls were punched holes.

   “It’s the same every time. Just daub in the walls of these holes during the next shakedown, again picking. Think, perhaps, that we every night there something’re hiding! But in principle, for the first time since gently held we have searched. However, I do not understand why this shibanuty Gusikha come and cut your mattress.”- dissatisfied Pauline muttered, meeting us.

   I looked at my rack, right in the middle of the mattress was cut and pieces of cotton wool and rags were lying around the boxes.

   “That bastard! I said.

   “Oh, Polka, you should have seen the face of the Goose when she was digging in our dirty panties!”the Gypsy aunt Tonya said, and we all laughed.

   That night, aunt Tonya offered to sacrifice our underpants to teach the guards a lesson. Each of us put in a bag of her panties, which was dressed all day. At that time, we did not expect that it would be the most vile warden who would get our provocation.

   We were still laughing when the armor pocket opened and the longitudinal Alley softly told us:

   “Guys, who your pants on the of u not collected? There are eight cowards lying there.»

   “That You have Guseva ask, I think it’s her panties! She felt them so lovingly on the moth.”- gogocha said Gypsy aunt Tonya.

   “You fool, you can revenge when you will give out parcels from relatives!”- quietly warned longitudinal.

   “It is, and so we do not give all of the parcels.”- Pauline said indignantly.

   At this point, I also remembered that this warden has not once given me a lot of parcels, even bottles of shampoo poured from tubes into transparent bags. The parcels were sent to me only by my son, who himself was somehow interrupted by unstable earnings. Therefore, I was doubly offended when this vile warden appropriated something from the parcels. Other change in control of peredachku and parcels was more humane.

   But in prison, one inadequate and vile jailer blocks a good attitude from ten human guards.

   Knocking on the armor pocket, I asked the longitudinal needle and thread to sew the mattress.

   “You know, girls, this time we even left nail polishes, colored pencils and markers. The chief told the inspectors that he personally allowed us to have it. He wouldn’t let me take your medicine either.”Polina said, the last phrase applied to me.

   We were all in a great mood, and we quickly put things in order in the cell. I offered to make des.solution for the treatment of walls and floors, sacrificing “Domestos”. My cellmates supported me, and together we disinfected the entire cell. 

   “So clean in our cell has never been!”- said the Gypsy Masha, when we were tired sat down to dinner.

   Late at night, we were put on the road, and returned to the camera unharmed phones. From the cauldron came a thank you message that we warned the prison about the upcoming shakedown. Also from the boiler came: cigarettes, matches, tea, candy, cookies, gingerbread and apples. Then Dasha took from the road, because he decided to go to bed early. We talked with family, tired and without hind legs sweetly fell asleep in a clean cell.  

   In the middle of the night we woke up from the fact that someone pulls the reservation and can not open it.

   Pauline jumped from his rack, and barefoot ran to the armor on the course shouting us:

   “The brakes forgot to remove!»

   Only she managed to pull out of booking “the brakes”, as the door opened and on the threshold appeared frightened longitudinal Alia and the evil Colonel Gusev.

   “Where is with armour the brake? he shouted fiercely.

   “I don’t know what You’re talking about!”Polina said in a frightened voice.

   “Then why are you standing barefoot at the entrance?”- shouted Gusev.

   “From toilets of walking.”- afraid I lied Pauline and turning my back on him, went to his bunk near the second window.

   Gusev followed her. He looked at both Windows and said in a menacing voice:

   “Where is the road?»

   We were silent and looked at him with displeasure.

   “Is it normal that You woke us all up now? According to your rules, which hang in our cell on the stand, we put a full sleep for eight hours! I was indignant.

   The jailer came to my rack. His head towered above the palm tree-rack.

   “One, You’re so smart, what are you doing in prison? he asked arrogantly.

   “Oh, willingly came to You to meet personally. Where else would we meet? I smiled and replied in the same arrogant tone.

   He stared into my eyes without blinking. I’m not confused, and not taking his eyes, looked straight at him, unblinking.

   Gusev could not stand it and blinked first, and I grinned loudly, what angered the jailer even more.

   “When you are approached by a prison officer, You have to lower your head and look at the floor!”the warden growled at me.

   “Really? Something of this in the rules of the jail is not spelled out. But if you want me to do it, I’ll do it now.”I said, pretending to be obedient.

   Throwing off the blanket, I, right in front of his face, in only a t-shirt and panties began to descend from the rack-palm. Standing on my Slippers, I submissively lowered my head to the floor.

   “Why are You like this?”- stupid he blurted out, did not expect from me such a thing.

   “Oh, You thought we slept without panties at night?”I said insolently, bowing my head even lower to the floor, arms crossed over my chest, as slaves do.

   All my cellmates were choking with laughter, only longitudinal Allochka giggled loudly.

   “Sick at all!”Gusev said softly and walked out of the chamber.

   And we all laughed and laughed for a long time.

   “Yes, today the whole family of Gusev was smitten by our cowards!”- laughing, said the Gypsy aunt Tonya.

   “With such a vile wife, any man would be inadequate! No, girls, well you tell, can the adequate husband and the wife in such place as prison, work together? What they speak at home, how to conduct searches in shorts from the prisoners and the prisoners?”- outraged the Gypsy woman Masha.

   “But I still resent what he had a right to go into the chamber when the prison lights out?”johnny told Anna zolotonoshka.

   “Yes, perhaps, for dinner Goose complained, that we its our dirty cowards humiliated. Here is decided to retaliate, wanted to take from a path, and here such a bummer. But still skinny with my skinny ass in front of his face shook when palm went down! Urgently need a skinny girl to fatten, and that she is a disgrace to our hut, we all in the body, and it is, as roach skinny! Can you imagine if a skinny girl had an ass like mine? So would “Goose” for a long time if there were not able to come himself!”- laughed Gypsy Barbie.

   “That is not a Polka, too, in shorts and t-shirt met him, but he did not respond. But from skinny skinny ass, embarrassed! aunt Tonya laughed.

   We all had laughter on our cheeks. It was four o’clock in the morning.

   Booking again squealed, and we hushed, frightened stopped. When your booking has finally opened, the longitudinal Alia said:

   “Girls, take the transit. Now fifty prisoners were brought to us, so Gusev personally went and watched the free space in the female chambers. In your camera only allowed to have three, and some ten people have placed. So, somehow, get settled. I’ve selected the most decent ones for you. Because of the may holidays have shifted sending staged in prisons, so they will stay in our prison for a week.»

 “Still, khudishkina ass saved us from the crowds of Transito!”aunt Tonya said, and we all laughed again.

   The camera hesitantly came three transiton, embarrassed from our hysterical laughter.

   Continue reading in: The seventh circle of purgatory, or someone in the house provocateur? 

   Photo from the Internet, our shmon – cell phone is similar.


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