47. A prison provocateur.

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 Transit introduced: Lera – article 228, Vika – article 105, Marianne – article 228 of the criminal code.

   “Yes, once the Diesel went out of the house, so we immediately 228 the most populated. And a murderer.”- outraged Dora Doronina.

   Pauline decided to take matters into their own hands the settling of transiton: Leroux put on next to my bunk Palma, Vic – the third between aunt Masha and Barbie, and Marianne – between Pauline and Mary-Gypsy.

   “Lerka, aren’t you a dog?”- asked transit Gypsy aunt Tonya.

   “No, of course not, what makes You think so?”- embarrassed transit Lera.

   “The haircut you pachnaca, clothes, and habits “cobbles”. I have so much “Koblov” seen in the zones that recognize them immediately!”aunt Tonya said.

   “But this time You’re wrong.”Lera said in a calm tone as she went to bed.

   I didn’t believe Lera’s transit statement, and neither did the rest of my cellmates. I had less than an hour before the morning walk, and I decided not to go to bed. And somehow not cool to lie down on the bunk, when there asleep “kobliha”.

   “I want, I’m third you will lay down on the bunk, between you and Leroy?”- Polina asked me softly.

   I gratefully and nodded to her in response.

   “We’ll come after the walk, and I’ll move my bed to you.”Pauline promised.

   Walk to us with Pauline joined tranzitka Vick is a murderer. If we did not convey our messages through a friend of the escort. Polina appealed to the convoy with a request:

   “Take our camera to the bath, we have been asking for more than a week to go swimming!»

   “Okay, I’ll tell the attendant. Today you will withdraw.”promised the guard.

   Tranzitka Vick was annoying both me and Pauline. She was talking incessantly about her deluge that she had inadvertently killed her father and was defending herself against him while drunk. When Vika the killer wanted to light a cigarette, Polina said:

   “I warned you in the cell that we do not smoke in the walking yard.»

   “I need to relieve the stress of the memories, and you won’t forbid me.”- blatantly stated tranzitka killer.

   “If you light a cigarette, I’ll punch you in the face!”- Pauline said threateningly.

   “I’ll help! Sit still and don’t talk!”I supported Pauline.

   Vika the killer shrank and sat quietly for the rest of our walk. Once we were back at the camera, tranzitka-killer lay on the bunk between aunt Masha and Barbie and softly wept.

   “I do not understand why the murderers of their parents are not sent first to psychiatric prisons?”- Pauline was indignant.

   “I agree with you. Only a mentally unstable person can kill their parent. Perhaps this parent could all childhood bully or rape the child.”I agreed with Polina.

   “My father was also a despot. He beat and terrorized my mother and me and my brother. After he had an accident, we felt better about our lives.”- admitted Pauline with tears in his eyes.

   “I also have a child psychological trauma because of my parents. Well, you and me must also be in a psychiatric prison to send, because we are crazy since childhood.”I said to Pauline.

   Pauline got up from the table and went to the crying transit killer, patting her on the shoulder, softly called:

   “Vika, come drink coffee with us!»

   The murderer raised her tear-stained face and looked at Pauline, then at me, without understanding. I nodded my head encouragingly. She smiled and joined us for coffee.

   “Girls, you’ll excuse me, I’m so disgusted behaved on the walk. I just haven’t talked to normal people in a long time.”said Vick is a murderer.

   Polina and I looked at each other and laughed loudly.

   “But us, too, cannot be normal call. I said.

   “You can not imagine what scum I was sitting in the same cell. How should I bullied and humiliated cellmate due to the fact that nobody did peredachku. Everyone abandoned me as soon as I was locked up in prison. I don’t even have anything to share and buy You coffee.”the transit killer complained.

   “Not just you, even we went to friends and relatives. And we didn’t kill anyone, and we didn’t take drugs. Such is the essence of people, only once in prison, you can find out the true faces of loved ones.”Polina said sadly.

   “Wow!”Vika, the killer, looked at us both wiping away tears.

   On armor opened a pocket, and said longitudinal:

   “Women, gather! In an hour you will go to the bath!»

   The six of us we went to the bath: I, Pauline, aunt Masha, Masha-Gypsy, Anna-silotruck and Vick is a murderer.

   The attendant, unnoticed by all, gave me a message from a fellow jailer. Returning from the bath, I locked myself in the toilet read a note: “In the cell – provocateur. Be careful.»

   Tearing the note into small pieces, she flushed them down the toilet.

   “Again, some provocations. I thought to myself.

    Pauline moved her bed to my bunk and lay down between me and the tranzitka Leroy.

   During the next week there were no incidents and provocations. I, Pauline and Vika-killer went out for a morning walk every day, then coffee, after Breakfast-Balanda in turn in the cell cleaned and washed the floors, walls with the help of “Domestos” or “Whiteness”, washed their clothes, had lunch-Balanda and engaged in writing in the courts.

   Our women’s master’s business daily, diluted tranzitka Lera. She asked the longitudinal then a screwdriver, then a hammer with nails, and every day something was repaired in the chamber. First I adjusted the relay on the refrigerator, and it is now frozen as new, then set up the antenna and instead of two television channels, we began to show nine. Very famously, she nailed pieces of linoleum, hung clothes hangers, repaired the doors on the tables and tables. Cleaned the drain pipe at the sink. But with the leaky faucet on the sink, something went wrong.

   The faucet broke and flooded our camera. Longitudinal cut off our water and called the plumber from hozotryad (kozlyatnik).

   Came two young locksmith prisoners and gave us a new faucet. When they were finishing their work, I, giving them two packs of cigarettes from the Dorm, quietly asked:

   “And you can’t make us a tap for the shower in the toilet, as in 190 chamber, and sell the shower hose?»

   «Can. Tonight after the longitudinal shift change, call us again, tell us the tap is leaking. We’ll just grab a pipe and a shower hose. By the way, our locksmith sells a wooden shelf, it will suit you for bubbles and shampoos in the shower. For souls, work and shelf – three packs cigarettes and get back a little coffee.”the goat man answered me softly.

   When the reservation was closed, I invited my cellmates, in addition to transit, to the table and whispered the conversation with the “goat”. All women were happy about the upcoming convenience in the cell, because in the bath output only once in ten days, and to pour over the toilet bucket from the tank, not very convenient. We have developed cigarettes and coffee to pay for locksmiths to kozlyatnik.

   Before the retreat we have in the bathroom was the shower. My cellmates offered me the first to try bathing on myself, with no time limit. It was bliss, the feeling you experience on the first day at sea. I came out of the bathroom flushed and steamed, with a satisfied expression said:

   “The water is regulated well. You want it hot, you want it cool.»

   “How beautiful you are after a shower, as if you Shine! I would have eaten you!”- said transit Lera, while spoiling my mood.

   “I told you she was a dog!”the Gypsy aunt Tonya said joyfully.

   “Listen, Lera, stay away from me! And save your compliments for your wife in the zone!”I said menacingly.

   Tranzitka resentfully climbed on his bunk and covered himself with the blanket with his head.

   “The horror!”we said in unison with Polina and laughed.

   May 9 came. Dining on soup, we were given soup, boiled potatoes with a cutlet and salad “Vinegret”.

   Gypsy aunt Tonya did not let go of the young balander from the pocket of the armor for a long time, flirted with him and demanded “front-line”. Balander-“goat” played along with the old woman and promised to drink champagne in the wild. And we laughed with them the entire camera.

   For dinner we decided to arrange a festive table. Masha-Gypsy brewed hodgepodge heater (Life hacking the bag in the prisoner’s.), and we with Polina did cake (Lifehack cake in prison.).

There was a gala concert on TV, and we all sang along with the artists. When the table was set, and all the cellmates and transiti sat at the table, tranzitka Lera-cobbles mysteriously said:

   “I want to treat you all with my holiday candy!»

   She carefully out of its package got chocolates and each of us put on a plate.

   Then, she took the candy from her plate with a gesture, as if she had lifted a glass and said::

   “As the only man in our house, I want to make a toast to our grandfathers who freed us from the invaders! I give my word to the man that I will not molest any of you!»

   We laughed at the recognition of the cobbles, and each sent a piece of candy in his mouth. Inside the candy was a taste of MOONSHINE!

   To our amazement, pereglyadyvaniya, Leroy-male said:

   “Itself personally drove in prison. I am from the village where the women all men do: and clean manure, and moonshine chase. Here, in a kitchen garden the grass cultivated but didn’t manage to sell to the buyer, the district police officer covered me red-handed. Dali three years, although there in weight did not reach my area. But apparently the peasants-the district of its reported. I’m not sonance year was, and learned affectionate relations with inmates, I don’t regret. After all, men can not take care and feel sorry for a woman like a woman herself.”- said Lera-male, looking at me.

   “Lera, I only like men, so don’t look at me like that! I was not pleased! And you just gave your word to a man that you’re not gonna hit on any of us.”I said calmly.

   “Are we going to dance tonight?”- sigh asked tranzitka the cobbles.

   “Yes, girls, turn on the TV louder – let’s dance!”the Gypsy aunt Tonya announced.

   And we all began to dance fervently. Lera-the cobbles were all invited in turn to slow dance, except me – I refused. Then, the Gypsy Masha clicked the remote channels and found a concert of the 90’s. We screamed with happiness, because it was the songs of our youth and childhood.

   In that moment, when lerka-male twisted on the floor breakdancing, swung open the reservation and into the chamber came a group of guards with truncheons. Their warden Vasilisa headed them.

   Masha-Gypsy ran to the TV and turned off the sound.

   “Are you out of your fucking mind? Your TV can be heard on all floors! What kind of screeching are you doing here? Were you drinking?”- viciously cast Vasilisa, sniffing our mugs, in which was only coffee.

   “Miss boss, that we’re sorry that we made some noise! We have no alcohol. We’re just so excited about this holiday! I got the girls to dance and sing songs. If you do, punish me alone.”the Gypsy aunt Tonya turned ingratiatingly to the jailer.

   “If I hear noise from your cell again, you’ll lose your TV!”the matron said threateningly.

   “The citizen the chief, and what the chief, considered my application to leave me in your prison?”asked Vasilisa tranzitka the cobbles.

   “The boss is still on the weekend. But I don’t see the use of You in our prison yet. Do you remember what we talked about? the jailer asked with a hint.

   Lera-the cobbles in the affirmative nodded, and looked pointedly at the warden.

   The jailers came out of the cell, and we all sat down at the table-a Dorm. Everyone’s in a bad mood.

   “Aunt Tonya, who is the provocateur in prison, what can this person do in the cell?”I asked an elderly Gypsy.

   My question winced a few of the inmates: aunt Tonya, Pauline, Anna-silotruck and Dora Doronina.

   “I don’t know.”- a hoarse voice said the Gypsy aunt Tonya and glanced at Anne-silotruck.

   “In our prison provocateur called disorganization. They carried out the dirty orders of the jailers. They do not immediately manifest themselves, first rubbed into the trust of the victim, and in parallel behind the back shake the whole house against this prisoner. When there is a fight or murder of a cellmate, the disorganizer remains on the sidelines. But now in your hut, only among local I see provocateurs, among us, transit them isn’t present!”said tranzitka Mariana, who all week had lived quietly in the chamber like a mouse.

   I felt a shiver run down my spine.

   “Among you, then no? And now for perekladki was in Chaser with the overseer?”- outraged the Gypsy woman Masha.

   The pocket of the armor opened, and the longitudinal announced:

   “Women-transit, you ordered on stage! Get ready to leave in an hour!»

   Transits jumped from their seats and began to collect their belongings in bags. The other inmates sighed with relief. Transit Lera asked me to come to her. Embarrassed, she handed me a snow-white handkerchief.

   “Last night, when you were sleeping sweetly, I embroidered this handkerchief for you. Please don’t refuse to accept it.”- nervously cast Lera-male.

   I unfolded my handkerchief, and in the middle of it was embroidered a very beautiful rose, which was surrounded by barbed wire.

   “Very beautiful! But I still can’t accept it. You see, it’s against my principles! Do not be offended! Give it to your future girlfriend in the zone!”I said calmly and handed the gift back.

   Lera-the cobbles sadly took the handkerchief.

   “I will only wait for you in the zone. I will not enslave you with my feelings, I will only protect you. You know how I can fight? I’ll beat any big guy like a mammoth!”said tranzitka the cobbles.

   “Better not wait! You’d better pray for me to be free soon! I asked, laughing.

   She nodded to me and after a moment’s thought admitted in a whisper:

   “That jailer who spoke to me today promised me that I would stay here on one condition. I should have corrupted you and seduced you.»

   I laughed out loud, from surprise, tranzitka shied away from me.

   “I’m telling you the truth, she showed me your picture on the prison card and made a condition. But, you know, I want to warn you about something else. I thought she was obsessed with you.”still softly said Lera-the cobbles.

   When the transit was taken out of the cell, after a while the warden Vasilisa came to us again. Behind her, two “goatmen” were dragging a large box with packages of items for hygiene, packs of women’s pads and toilet paper.

    “For the first time this year, we got gaskets.”- said the Gypsy Masha.

   “I don’t know if You need a new broom and rags to clean, but I brought you some. Yes, by the way, in a few days your Masha-Diesel comes back!”the matron said joyfully.

   Vasilisa, smiling, looked at me like a boa constrictor on the rabbit.

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Shower over the toilet in the floor, the same as in a prison cell (photo from the Internet).

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