48. Murderers in prison.

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  Early in the morning I was taken to the prison sump to take to court. There was already one prisoner in the septic tank, who saw me and jumped to the far corner in fright. It was Jeanne-the Pink Panther. (Bloody fight with the Pink Panther.  Consequences of a fight with the pink Panther.)

 “Don’t hit me!”she said pleadingly.

   “What makes you think I’m going to hit you? I asked in disgust.

   “And why me the second time for week are being withdrawn in the septic tank? I don’t have a trial today! Last time, I told Adam everything. I didn’t lie to him, I told him the truth. And she paid the price for mutilating your hand.”the lesbian whimpered, showing me her left hand.

   Her hand was disfigured by cuts from the blade sink.

   “Are you saying that Adam is your arm cut up?”with a grain of salt, I asked.

   “No,no, I opened myself up with remorse.”- scared lied to Jeanne-lesbian.

   “What did you mean when you said you told Adam? Tell me again!”I demanded.

   “I told him the whole truth that my lawyer called me and said that one person wants to offer me a one-time income. On the SIM card immediately received ten thousand rubles. Loric and I needed to beat you up to humiliate you in front of your cellmates and break your authority. It literally told me on the phone a woman, who is she and where was not.”- quietly confessed lesbian.

   “She called you when you were already in our cell?”I said.

   “No, Lorik And I were still in our pink house. After that, I was called by the prison Governor and said that my photos with nudity hang in classmates. He was very angry and said about the transfer in your hut for the rehabilitation of us.”- added Jeanne-lesbian.

   “Did you know that woman’s voice on the phone? Maybe it seemed that someone was trying to break his voice, to speak quietly?”I asked and looked into the lesbian’s face to catch the facial lie.

   «No. I heard that voice for the first time. She spoke loudly and in a raised voice. Her tone of voice was similar to my Prosecutor’s, and she objected to my lawyer’s statements in the same commanding tone.”- surprised me their answer zhanka-Panther.

   I stared at the lesbian’s face and knew she wasn’t lying.

   “You want a cigarette? You look like you need to relieve your stress.”the lesbian said ingratiatingly and handed me a pack of Vogue cigarettes with menthol.

   “Well, let’s smoke a pipe of peace. By the way, how long have you been Smoking?”I asked Janco.

   “Yes I, as you, smoke sometimes, to relieve stress. I even order cigarettes like yours.”the lesbian said.

   Holding a cigarette in my hand, I digested what I heard about the customer with the tone of the Prosecutor’s voice. This zhanka nervously twisted in the hand for a lighter, glancing at me, then not podarennoe a cigarette in my hands.

   In this moment opened your booking and ruffled overseer-countryman attacked Janko:

   “Who brought you here? Answer me now!»

   “Our longitudinal, said that I was ordered to court. And I know for sure that I have no ships today!”a frightened voice replied gay.

   “I’ll take the prisoner to the paddy wagon and deal with you! the warden barked.

   As we walked down the long corridor, a fellow jailer said softly to me:

   “She poisoned her accomplice, right here in prison.»

   “Yes, I’ve heard about it. And her poisoned cellmate. But she assured that didn’t prove about her participation in his death. I replied.

   “Of course, not proved. Her brother works in the police Department that dealt with these murders. Designed the corpses of suicidal tendencies!”said my brother.

   “She hinted to me now that the woman with a tone of the Prosecutor ordered me to fulfill.”I said quickly, as we were approaching the prison station.

   “It is possible! You can take revenge and that Prosecutor about whom you removed and published video on the Internet.”- agreed supervisor-countryman.

   Then he stopped abruptly and asked::

   “This is a lesbian now you candy or anything like that not treated?»

   «No. Offered a cigarette to smoke.”I said, confused, digging through the bag to get that uncooked Vogue cigarette with menthol.

   “Give me! We need to check the contents of the cigarette. And be already more attentive in prison if you want to see freedom!”said the warden, opening before me “booking station and jail.”

 I felt cold again on my back, and I imagined that there might be some poison in that cigarette.

   When I was unloaded from the paddy wagon near the court, I already knew that Adam had come with me. He asked me to talk to him all the way from prison to court, but I kept quiet.

   I asked the guard to close me in a far cage of the court, in which the other prisoners could not see the man. The guardsman grinned and complied.

   “Where are you girl?”- I heard Adam’s voice when other prisoners, after me brought to the room with cages for prisoners.

   “Yes????? she, in the most the far-cage hid.”the guardsman replied and began to laugh.

   “Are you fucking kidding me? Move her to another cell! Or we you now everything raskherachim!”- angrily shouted Adam.

   “Yes, she asked to go there!”answered the guard.

   “She doesn’t really understand, and you had to explain to her who you are in that cage closed! Translate it to this, which is opposite ours!”ordered Adam.

   The guard opened the cage door and said,:

   “Go to the other, are omitted here to keep!»

   I will not describe how I jumped out of that cage like a cork from under a bottle of champagne. Standing in the corridor between the cells, under the eyes of all the prisoners, felt like a round fool.

   “My love, if you don’t want to talk to me and see me, then just turn away from me, but don’t be weird without an accordion! Adam said sadly.

   I looked at the Armenian and didn’t recognize him. Head shaved, long beard. A black t-shirt and jeans hung on him like a hanger. He was emaciated and exhausted.

   When I was locked in the cage, I did not turn away from Adam, but looked at him silently from head to toe.

   «Talk to me. Your eyes are blank and expressionless. Let’s find out all we can fight, but please just talk to me calmly! If you’re angry that I sent Diesel to wash my clothes, you understand, it doesn’t mean anything! She’s like a laundress to me, you know? Consider that she’s the housekeeper!”he said pleadingly.

   “The laundress, the housekeeper? Ridiculously. But she assured me that you call her your wife! I laughed ironically.

   “I should have persuaded her to wash my clothes! He could have blurted out his wife when he was drunk. Only I don’t remember being sober, we thought of each other as spouses. She and I have said many times that I have fallen in love with you. She tried to convince me that I’m not your equal! Anyway, if you still do not understand that for a person, this Diesel, I will tell you. She’s a liar, and there’s very few of them in prison. Adam said, grinning.

   “Is that so? It means that Diesel lied to me when he said that you had arranged bets for the fight lesbians “Pink Panther” with me? I asked in disdain.

   “Are you out of your mind? How could you believe this nonsense? Is that why you didn’t want to talk to me for weeks? I have this, babansky-Diesel, with my own hands strangle for such nonsense!…”Adam freaked out.

   For a long time he was yelling at me, his words were mixed with obscene and Armenian words.

   “Yes, I now, after what you have heard, do not want with you to communicate! I’ve missed you all these days, haven’t eaten anything. Worried about you. By the way, I learned from the lesbians, who you “ordered”, she admitted that it was a woman with a will! Adam shouted loudly.

   “Your behavior reminds me of one expression: “the Best defense tactics is an attack!»”I said calmly, looking at Adam.

   He twitched, as if from a slap in the face and not blinking, long watched in my eyes.

   «Forgive me. But you would think as a normal man might react when the woman confidently declares that he plays or bets?”there was pain and fury in his eyes.

   I nodded understandingly, and for the next few minutes Adam and I were talking silently with our eyes. I pretended to believe him because I was curious to know what role he played.

   “Are you safe in the new house? Adam asked later in a calm voice.

   “Diesel is still at the hospital, I get along with the rest of my cellmates. I answered him.

   “Guess who sent her there? Adam asked slyly.

   «Warden. Or someone whispered to him that he was worried about the health of his housekeeper? I replied laughing.

   “Oh, you canker! Adam laughed too.

   I was approached by a convoy and said that I will now lead to the hearing. As I was led in handcuffs down the courtroom corridor, I saw the faces of people who looked at me sympathetically.

   “Are you healthy?”the lawyer asked carefully when I was locked in the aquarium of the court.

   “Yes, thanks. I replied.

   At the table for the prosecution sat the solicitor, with arrogance and a sneer was staring at me.

   The judge came into the courtroom at a rapid pace. His face was contented.

   “Are you well, defendant? Will you be able to participate in the meeting for health reasons?”the judge asked carefully.

   My jaw almost dropped in surprise. Prior to this meeting, I made several trips to the patient: with sore throat, then bronchitis, then the flu, what is repeatedly told the judge that participate in the meeting with a high temperature. But before, he never asked if I could participate for health reasons.

   The judge looked at me attentively and waited for an answer. At one point, it seemed to me that his eyes expressed the joy of seeing me. I remembered yesterday’s lecture from Pauline’s cellmate: “Treat your judge like your Prince knight. Be kind to him, you’ll see him float away from your magical eyes.»

   For a few minutes, we stared into each other’s eyes. Trying not to give away my true goals, I thought: “Well, let’s play….”.

   Smiling at the judge, I said in a gentle voice:

   “Thank you for your concern, Your honor! Today I can participate in the meeting for health reasons.»

   He was confused and said awkwardly,:

   «Nicely. In the last meeting You were not taken from jail, told us that You are sick. Let’s continue the meeting.»

   Then, the judge began to read out my petitions which I sent to court from a pre-trial detention center. Each petition, he consulting with the Prosecutor, rejected.

   I was beside myself with rage and unable to restrain myself, ironically said:

   “Your honor, perhaps I am not quite healthy yet, because it seems to me that the Presiding officer today is not You, but the assistant Prosecutor!»

   The guards laughed loudly.

   The judge sat with a red face. Earlier, I described judge: young man up to forty years, a pretty brunette, a little overweight. 

   “The defendant, You want to declare something else?”the judge asked resentfully, not looking at me.

   “Why? You are still constantly rejecting all my petitions, which prove my innocence to the committed act! You I was even afraid to provide the materials in a criminal case, because I know about rigging I will say the pages in.”I said, displeased.

 “Due to the absence of the expert, the meeting is postponed for two weeks until the expert recovers.”- angrily said the judge out of the courtroom without looking in my direction.

   Solicitor gloated and smiled slyly.

   I went back to the cage very angry.

   “What do you have in court? Adam asked me.

   “The expert has been ill for several months, but he does not provide certificates to the court. Other my petitions for a call of witnesses, experts, carrying out investigative actions and other things, the judge rejects. He won’t even give me a criminal case file I’ve never seen before. He says I will read it after the final decision.”I said with displeasure.

   “Perhaps he wants to justify you, so he does not see the need to delay the case with the familiarization of documents. Refuse to call an expert, and he will immediately make a decision on the case. Acquittal. Adam inspired me.

   I looked at him incredulously.

   “And you, what about the case? Why are you here all the time in the holding cells and do not display in the meeting room?”I asked Adam.

   “Victim on the run. I haven’t come to the meeting yet.”the Armenian laughed.

   A few hours later, we were already in prison.

   “Well, did you manage to seduce the judge?”- smiling, Polina met me.

   “Field, I’m this parasite soon the Mat will cover. You have no idea how much I hate him and the Prosecutor!”I said fiercely to my cellmate.

   “Oh, it’s like being jealous of the judge! And that the solicitor’s cute?”laughed Pauline.

    “Ugly! And the judge, my every petition read, looking ingratiating and questioningly on the solicitor. And she said, “to Refuse!”, does not even justify why to refuse. Do you have any idea how they got together?”I was almost crying.

   “And can they sleep together? Or both.disease, so from anger refuse in your petitions!”laughing, joined in the conversation cellmate aunt Mary is a lawyer.

   “Yes, let’s make the petition for inquiry of references on a state of health of the Prosecutor and the judge! Healthy people can not go against the laws of the Constitution and Criminal law! Pauline offered, laughing.

   “Girls, you can not even imagine how many alcoholics in our city among the servants of Themis. Even on the news showed that they drunk drive and make accidents.”- shaking her head said aunt Masha-lawyer.

   “Indeed, check the same bus drivers when they go on a flight! So the composition of the court need to check they can before the meeting drunk or used prohibited. And when considering the case they had withdrawal or withdrawal, so they wanted to quickly finish the meeting and deny all statements of the defendant!”I supported Polina laughing.

   “My judge is definitely drunk! Face red, all dented, kind of like a Budun! The whole room is stale, that even the Secretary grimaces.”said Pauline.

   “And these people control our life and freedom!”I sighed sadly.

   In the evening, “on the road” from Adam to me came a hot grilled chicken.

   The cellmates looked at this yummy with surprise and did not dare to start a meal when I invited all at a table-a common room.

   “Now Diesel you accurately will beat!”the Gypsy aunt Tonya said.

   “Today in court, Adam claimed and assured me that Diesel lied about betting on a fight between me and lesbians. I replied.

   “But she told us about these rates the day before your fight.”said Pauline.

   “Maybe it’s from the cops learned about the rates, because it every day someone from the jailers for “conversations” running? And out of jealousy, she decided to frame Adam to break them up.”- suggested the Gypsy Masha.

   “But he too, asshole. Why Diesel brain froze on the “wife-husband”, and she had obsterical and cooked his meals.”- outraged the cellmate Anna-zolotonoshka.

   “He says he treated Diesel like a housekeeper or a laundress! I said.

   “Yes, I heard from the men-prisoners that they are some of the prisoners then laundresses, then cooks call. And the women are to blame, convict sweet words in his ears hummed, and she, like a fool and drip it!”- said the Gypsy Barbie.

   “By the way, today, while you were in court, Vasilisa came, said that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they will bring Diesel from the hospital.”said the cellmate Dora Doronina.

   This conversation took place with my cellmates over eating hot grilled chicken from the prisoner Adam.

   Continue reading in: Return looking Diesel. 

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    В камеру смертников входит надзиратель.
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    В 40 лет жизнь только начинается, — говорил следователь Догному. — Какие 40, если мне только 30? — Когда ты выйдешь из тюрьмы…

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    “В колониях запретили секции дисциплины и порядка (СДиП), состоящие из активистов..” – уже несколько лет пытаются донести из прессы. Однако, убийства и пытки в зонах присущи и по настоящий день, что сообщают из той же прессы.

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    Грязную работу по «перевоспитанию» спецконтингента-администрация старается свалить на «красноповязочников»

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    Только масштабная реформа в сизо – может прекратить пытки над невиновными заключеными, которых заставляют признавать вину.

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    Доброго времени суток! Исполнителей могут шантажировать детьми или родителями, тогда они в безысходности исполняют приказы палачей.

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    Не зря говорят, что спрятать лучше в тюрьме от заказчиков – тюремщики будут охранять человека в тюрьме, на примере Навального, чтобы на свободе никто из исполнителей не притравил.

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    для невесты в ЗАГСе «свидетели» считаются свидетелями. Для жениха — понятыми

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    Добрый день! Страх перед палачами и исполнителями в тюрьме нужно убрать на свободе и отправлять имена-фамилии извергов в телеграм “гулагу.н”, чтобы фсин и ск применял к ним меры.

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