53.Prison friendship.

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 There were no incidents in the non-Smoking cell for the first three days. The prisoner’s life was an ordinary series: at 6 am check, then Breakfast-Balanda, walk in the prison yard, cleaning the cell, lunch-Balanda, free time, evening check, dinner-Balanda and 22 hours lights out.

   The three of us went for a walk: me, Natasha-a drug addict and Larisa-a Gypsy. Lisa-the senior on “hut” was constantly dissatisfied. She was indignant that the cell began to stink of prison Balanda, also she was not satisfied that we go out early in the morning for a walk and Wake her up. Lisa daily went “to talk” with Vasilisa, none of us are not shy and not hiding, she loudly declared longitudinal:

   “Ask Vasilisa when she would take me today!»

   Every evening I sent “little ones” to Polina, in which I persuaded her to go to our non-Smoking cell. Explained to her that in the cell of ten people didn’t smoke only four, and other cellmates allegedly tried “to throw”. But I didn’t get any answer from Polina.

   I knew that Diesel has banned doroznie to give my malyava anyone in the house. But I was waiting for departure to the court, in the hope that in the sump of the prison will give a kite to Polina via some prisoner, of course, not for free. As I said before, in prison for cigarettes you can get any service.

   Two days before my departure for the court session, there were significant changes in the chamber. In the morning, Tamara was taken to the stage-a murderer who poisoned her neighbor on the loose. Before lunch, Zhenya-a recidivist was taken to the doctor, on her return she said that she would be taken to the prison hospital for examination the other day, as she was found to have a severe form of diabetes.

   I had heard from other prisoners that you can make a group in prison because of illness, but it cost a lot of money. Therefore, when Zhenya told about diabetes, I didn’t believe her, guessing that she expects mitigation of the appeal decision on the sentence on deprivation of her freedom for nine years.

   By the evening of the court brought the recidivist killer Rimma, who was dissatisfied with the judge’s decision to re-psychiatric evaluation.

   “Oh, Rimka, maybe we will be taken to the hospital together!”- happily said Zhenya-recidivist.

   “No, they want to take me to another region to a psychiatric hospital for examination.”- muttered the killer Rima.

   From this news, I was delighted that the camera will take killers bespredele. But cellmate Lisa was sad and worried. She asked the matron to see Vasilisa again. On “conversation” Lisa stayed very long, having come back, she attentively looked at me and the rest of the evening was very thoughtful.

   The next day, early in the morning, Lisa invited me to drink coffee together, which surprised me very much. She told me about her “deluge” and that she has a small child who is brought up by her mother, who lives in a nearby town. Complained that all turned away from it when it condemned, nobody does transfers, and mother only occasionally sends parcels. The conversation gradually turned to our age and it turned out that we were born in one year and day, with a difference of 15 hours.

   “Wow! You and I can think of each other as twins. Lisa exclaimed joyfully.

   I was confused and confused, as something suddenly meet human in jail, which was born in one day with you.

   “And I called you for a coffee break with a proposal that you move to the next rack with me when Zhenya leaves for the hospital.”said Lisa.

   “No, Lisa, I don’t like the location of the bunk, directly opposite the table of the common Fund. Every time I see someone eating behind a Dorm, I don’t want to. Can I move to the top bunk above you? Want to close the window to sleep and look at the part of the city.”I asked my cellmate.

   “Sure, get over there. I just thought you’d be more comfortable sleeping on the bottom rack. But, I agree with you, from the top bunk with a great view from the window. When everyone wakes up, I’ll help you move the mattress and stuff.”replied Lisa.

   That day I did not go for a walk, I spent several hours talking with Lisa. We told each other about our interests, Hobbies and tastes. We had a lot in common. We were both blonde, except I had long hair and she had a hedgehog cut.

   Cellmate aunt Ira, Gypsy Larissa and Natasha is a drug addict with astonishment raised eyebrows, looking at me as I happily spooned with Lisa.

   “I don’t believe you changed your mind about Liza so quickly. You really believe her? She’s a fraud, you think she got ten years for nothing?”- whispered Natasha,a drug addict, when Lisa went to the toilet.

   “Friends need to keep about themselves, and enemies even closer.”I answered Natasha in a whisper, and she sighed with relief. (Non-random situations, cellmates and friends in prison.)

 On this day, Lisa did not ask for a conversation with Vasilisa. In the evening the matron herself appeared in our cell.

   Lisa and I had just smeared our faces with green clay and were sitting on her rack, guessing on homemade Tarot cards. When the reservation was opened and the warden came into the cell, Vasilisa stared at our green faces in surprise.

   “Are you all right? the matron spoke to Lisa in an offended voice.

   «Yeah. That is all right.”the cellmate replied.

   The matron stomped around for a few minutes, looking askance at Lisa and me. Then, as if remembering why I came, menacingly turned to everyone in the cell:

   “Women, it has come to my attention that you have Smoking prisoners in your cell. This camera we are specially repaired, so there were non-Smoking prisoner with any inspection we will be showing this camera as an experimental sample. Therefore, I will now daily come to you and if there is a smell of tobacco, as now, I am all of you will “spread” on smokers.»

   “Yes, me, too, not suits, that from all we only the four of us not smoke, and the rest on pack in day smoke. I went to this cell with the hope that I would not breathe cigarette smoke. And here, just the opposite!”- a displeased voice said to the old prisoner’s aunt Ira.

   “So, forbid them to smoke in here!”said the jailer.

   “So bring them back to the Smoking cells! And moreover, why do you we still unsentenced, keep in a cell with recidivistic?”- the elderly prisoner was indignant.

   “First, this camera is for non-Smoking recidivists. For parohodik have another camera, but there now are equipped, and therefore turned such a mess. Secondly, from tomorrow all the smokers out of your camera and I’ll translate in smokers. the matron replied with displeasure.

   “Well, Thank God!”aunt Ira said indignantly.

   “Lisa, do you need to talk to me alone?”- with hope in voice asked Vasilisa have the prisoner.

   “No, I’ll come tomorrow. We now need to mask to flush, and the clay already pulled off entire skin.”Liza, the prisoner, refused.

   I saw a wave of jealousy run across the gaoler’s face. She turned to the recidivists Kate and Julia:

   “Now, you two take turns coming to me for a chat. The convoy will escort you.»

   The named prisoners went out with the warden. They were gone for a long time, during which time we washed off our masks, smeared creams and drank a Cup of tea.

   When cellmate Kate and Julia came back into the chamber, they were encouraged and acted cheeky.

   “We promised Vasilisa that we would quit Smoking in a week. She let us smoke out the window this week. Who is not satisfied, you can move to another camera.”- blatantly said Kate is a hardened criminal.

   Lisa looked at me in fright and called to her rack.

   “What will you wear to court tomorrow?”she asked me.

   I got out of the bag your dress and at the request of Lisa wearing it.

   “Only have to go in shoes. My son sent a parcel sandals, and they will give only a few days. I complained.

   “What size are you? Try mine on. I’m wearing 39. Lisa suggested.

   “Thanks, but yours will be big. I have 36.5.”I thanked the prisoner.

   “What kind of purse are you going with?”- could not calm down Lisa.

   “Yes, I go with a package of documents. I throw coffee. I replied.

   “No, that won’t do. I want to give you my purse. It’ll go right with your shoes.”Lisa took from his suitcase a handbag.

   “How did you manage to get a suitcase and handbags to the prison? It’s forbidden here!”- outraged Kate is a hardened criminal.

   “You have to have friends in prison! Lisa said cryptically.

   In this moment opened the pocket of the armor, and the longitudinal announced that the recidivist Eugene early in the morning are taken to the prison hospital.

   “Zhenya, I’ll go to sleep in your place. And then my leg after a fracture hurts, and I find it hard to climb the palm tree is the bunk.”- said the recidivist Katya.

   “Why don’t you ask me if this neighborhood will suit me? Lisa protested.

   “And you, what does the owner of the camera? You’re just like everyone else here! Don’t like the Wali in the hut to prohodka!”-ominously declared recidivist.

   Lisa was upset and went to bed before anyone else. Late at night we all woke up from the loud laughter of the recidivist Katya. Opening my eyes, I saw that Kate, Julia and Rima sitting at the table and eat someone’s food. All three of them behaved inappropriately, as if he were drunk. Lisa stood in the aisle and quietly told me:

   “I think they’re at Kumar. Imagine the brazen pulled products aunt Ira and devour.»

   “Drug Kumar? I asked Lisa in surprise.

   She nodded affirmatively. We were both outraged, but of course this is the night this one is “stoned drug addicts” did not say anything.

   In the morning I again not slept went to court.

   When I was taken to the prison sump before loading into the paddy wagon, I met with the prisoner Polina from cell No. 181. She too went to court, only it was territorially in other place and we had to be carried by different cars. When we met, we embraced her like sisters.

   “Why don’t you answer my little ones?”we said it with one voice and laughed.

   Quickly sharing the news, we decided to ask Vasilisa to transfer Polina to my cell.

   “You remember, that you promised perceive judge, as his closest friend and defender of?”Pauline reminded me.

   “Paul, what a schemer you are! It feels like you care about him like a brother or you’re in love with him! I said.

   “Your judge, I have not seen not once, but many of the prisoners heard what he handsome. But, through your tale about the spider, in absentia sympathetic to him. Charm him, witch!”- Polina answered slyly and winked at me.

   “Field, I do a ruthless “spider” I want my shoes to kill and not to charm. I was indignant.

   “So, our bet can be considered complete? And you admit defeat?”laughed Pauline.

   “No way! I laughed the same way.

   I was first taken to the paddywagon, and Pauline, along with other prisoners were waiting in the sump their paddy wagons.

   At the hearing, together with me came to me three unknown prisoners. Adam wasn’t among them, though he had a court hearing scheduled today, too. I was bored with these arrests, they were very young and behaved vulgarly defiantly, constantly humiliating the guards. I was so outraged by their behavior that I couldn’t resist saying,:

   “Look, I’ve been coming here for half a year. With me went a very dear and respected brethren, but none of them have allowed themselves to so humiliate the guards. You can see that this policeman is very honest, you were never humiliated and insulted, brings you boiling water and displays it in the toilet. Although I could have turned you down because of your behavior. If you’re so brave, tell me which hut you’re from, and I’ll tell Adam tonight that you’re embarrassing the prisoners in this court.»

   “Oh, do you know uncle Adam? They call me ” quickie.” Isn’t your name Luna by any chance? What article?”the most insolent prisoner asked.

   “Adam is my friend. And article my – 318.”- I answered him, ignoring the “chase”, which I was called male prisoners.

   “Hey, garbage uncle, don’t take offense at us, let’s not complain. We’re just crazy kids.”- blatantly apologized “fast”.

   “No offense! No complaints!”laughed the guard.

   At that moment other guards came to accompany me to the court. I was handcuffed and taken down the courtroom corridors to the courtroom. In the hall there were only the Prosecutor, the lawyer and the Secretary. There were no experts and no victims.

   Under “Rise, the court is coming!”in the hall “swam” the judge in the mantle. He announced the next court hearing and the turnout of the participants, addressed me with a question about the petitions. I silently and shook his head, as in the last meeting (Where the road from the prison of purgatory?). The judge looked inquiringly at the lawyer, who also shrugged his shoulders.

   “Court session is postponed for a week because of absence in court of participants of process.”the judge said in a dissatisfied voice.

   Just like last time, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the judge was glaring at me as he left the courtroom. I did not understand his behavior, and he probably did not understand mine, because until the last meeting I filled up his pile of statements and petitions.

   Immediately from the courtroom, my compatriot officer of the convoy took me to the bathroom, where she told me about the latest news from home. I shared my news from prison and also that I was transferred to another cell.

   “And what has become of our boy? Did you notice him staring at you in the hall?”- winking, asked Olga, speaking of judge.

   “He can only stare! I’d rather have granted at least one of my petitions! I replied.

   “I don’t think he knows what the word means to satisfy a woman. By the way, did you write a letter to the warden to get me on your approved list of family and friends?”asked the officer of the escort service.

   “No, Olya, I don’t want to Shine you yet! By the way, I haven’t seen our countryman in prison for a long time. I replied.

   “I’ll call him tonight to find out what the composition of the prisoners in your cell is. Maybe you can call me from prison once in a while so we know you’re okay and you’re alive.”- suggested the compatriot.

   “Olya, you know that phones are tapped and recorded. You better call my son now, tell him you saw me in one piece. I asked.

 «Nicely.”- promised the officer Olga and accompanied me to a cage in the room for prisoners.

   An hour later we were taken back to jail, in the sump none of the prisoners was not. Me in a few minutes longitudinal took the camera, on the way we met a dissatisfied and angry guard Vasilisa.

   “Hello, I can to You on adeptness ask?”I turned to the matron.

   Vasilisa confused and surprised looked at me for a few seconds, and then the excited voice agreed:

   “Of course, let’s go talk!»

   When we went to the Opera house – the gaoler glowed with happiness, but kept a mask of severity on her face.

   Suddenly, remembering scraps of stories of the old Gypsy aunt Tony about males and lesbians (Return looking Diesel.), as well as the instructions of the prisoner Polina to seduce the judge, I decided to conduct an experiment on this jailer.

   “I remember that You once warned me about unfair court decisions. (How to earn the title of senior (looking) for the hut.)

Now it’s all I’m experiencing. I had no idea my judge was such an unprincipled dork.”I said in a sad voice and looked into the eyes of the matron. 

   “Yes,Yes, I heard that Your judge hates women and gives them severe sentences. But it may be all right, because the evidence of your guilt inflated falsification.”the jailer said joyfully.

   “I don’t hope so. He’s rejecting all my motions, refusing to call witnesses. I the last meeting of the General boycotting and not speaking to him. You have no idea how painful it is to see a man gloating over my suffering and humiliation. It seems to me that if my judge was a woman, she would have acquitted me long ago. And this judge, apparently since childhood, a notorious front of the female sex, apparently sees me as her aggressor from kindergarten or school, which gave him the ass. I have already no strength from such his humiliation! I even wrote a statement not to go to court and not to see his nasty face. But this motion was denied. I think if I offended him, he would still have demanded that I be taken to court to continue to humiliate.”I opened to the matron, squeezing out a tear.

   Vasilisa stood up from the table, poured from a dispenser into a disposable Cup of cold water and handed it to me.

   “Tell me, how can I help you?”- asked the matron Vasilisa sympathetically.

   “I am so grateful to You for listening to me. I don’t even have anyone here to talk to, to cry. Thank you for being transferred to a non-Smoking cell where I met Lisa. Can you imagine, we were born on the same day, though with a difference of fifteen hours. As if a higher power had brought us here, we were like twin sisters.”I said.

   Vasilisa flinched at first from the last of my sentence, but quickly changed his expression when he realized the meaning. 

   “I am so glad that we finally talked as adult and educated women. Perhaps we can even become friends, because I have repeatedly offered you my friendship.”the matron said.

   “Then I was stupid and did not listen to Your advice, perceived You as an enemy. But now it’s so easy for me to share my troubles with You in court. And You didn’t push me away and give me a chance to talk.”I said gratefully.

   “Do you want me to send you a psychologist? We have a very good psychologist in prison.”the warden suggested.

   “Really? I would love to meet with a psychologist.”I answered happily.

   “Maybe You have any other requests, You do not hesitate to contact.- friendly tone asked Vasilisa.

   “There’s one request, but I don’t know if You think it’s cheeky. When I was in cell 181, my cellmate Polina helped me in court. She made me do sports and yoga. If You would allow her to be transferred to my cell, I would be very happy. All the more, that she is abandoning quit Smoking.”I asked the matron in an uncertain voice.

   “Yes, I won’t mind her being transferred. The more that Pauline herself a few hours ago, I was asked about it. I’ll translate in a week. Today, you two girls have got, while they have a camera in the sewer pipe will change. As repaired, it immediately transfers will.”- disappointed said the matron Vasilisa.

   “Thank You very much. I’m really glad we finally talked. So tired after today’s trial, can I go back to my cell?”I said.

   “Yes. The convoy will escort you now.”- answered Vasilisa.

   I smiled seductively and said softly:

   “Until next time!»

   Vasilisa surprised eyes widened and they looked at me like a child receiving an expensive and welcome gift.

   “You can at any time inform the longitudinal about the need to meet with me.”the jailer said in a hoarse voice.

   “I’m crazy! She’s gonna kill me when she sees my game.”I thought to myself as I followed the convoy to my cell. But in my heart I felt triumphant, never before had I had to expose and seduce lesbians.

   Due to reservation no Smoking chamber was hysterical scream cellmate Lisa:

   “Are you sane? How could you put a used gasket on the shelf with our toothbrushes, pastes, soap? You know you have HIV, or did you do it on purpose so we could get it, too?»

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