54. Sick cellmates.

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When you opened your booking longitudinal chamber No. 184, I saw the cursing of inmates Lisa-senior on camera and brand new.

   Lisa screamed:

   “Veronica, are you not friends with your head at all? You got drugs all over your brain? How could you put the used gasket on the shelf where our toothbrushes are?»

   “I don’t know, somehow on the machine it turned out.”a young and pretty girl answered, smiling stupidly.

   “You don’t yell at her, Lizok, well, thought the girl. Why are you so hysterical? Or do you want the whole prison to hear about it? Or do you want to get slapped like you did two years ago? You do remember what we did to your patles, don’t you?”another new cellmate joined the scandal.

   “Longitudinal, immediately call us at the camera Vasilisa or the warden! I’m not going to be in the same cell as the drug addicts!”- hysterically screamed Lisa, when we walked into the longitudinal chamber.

   “Now Vasilisa call.”the matron promised.

   I stood at the entrance in a daze and looked at one of the new inmates who had just threatened Lisa. I met this lesbian once in rakolovka, after a fight with her girlfriend.(Bloody fight with the Pink Panther.)

Her name was Dasha. When she recognized me, she broke into a happy smile.

   “Hi, honey, here we go again!”she greeted me.

   “You here to the camera settled that against me to intrigue and provocation?”I said threateningly.

   “I didn’t even know you were here. We have in the cell change the toilet and pipes, so we all from the camera scattered temporarily in other huts. And as, Nike and do not smoke, we are Smoking here settled. I didn’t even think I’d meet an old friend here.”- explained lesbian Dasha, on the last phrase looking at Lisa.

   “Why didn’t you ask your friend Jeanne? I asked in disgust.

   “Ugh, don’t remind me of that fool. I haven’t talked to her for a long time! Lorik, by the way, also went to another house from her. And she’s a loner now, unprotected. And now I’m in a relationship with Nika, she’s my favorite half. You don’t look at me askance, I’m not your enemy! We here at you quietly sit until we have the sewer will change and come back. We have chipsetati impossible, and that will punish us and be separated from Veronica in different huts.”- said Dasha lesbian.

   The reservation opened and the warden Vasilisa came into the cell, looking at me, she was dissatisfied and menacingly turned to the lesbian Veronica:

   What’s the matter? What’s your scandal? Why did the prisoner come from the court and stand at the entrance?»

   I really, as I went into the camera, and stood at the entrance, being in a state of shock from the heard threats towards Lisa.

   Lisa jumped up from her rack and ran to the matron, hysterically complained:

   “Veronica left her used pad on the shelf next to our toothbrushes! I know for a fact that she has HIV! This one just threatened me! We have her for there was once conflict, so output both of them from our camera! I refuse to be in the same cell with them!»

   “Citizen boss, I accidentally did it, without malicious intent! I apologized to the girls for that and promised it wouldn’t happen again. And nick not threatened Lisa, she only stood up for me from its attacks. You know I can’t stand up for myself because I don’t have long to live. Call the doctor, I felt bad Lizinogo Creek.”- willfully weak and dying voice said vicheva Dasha.

   “I’m going to tell the doctor to take you to the prison hospital, if you feel so bad, and you die.”the jailer promised.

   “And she’ll go with me?”- pleading voice turned lesbian.

   “Why? She’s not dying of her disease yet.”- answered Vasilisa.

   “Then don’t bother the doctor, I’ll get some sleep and everything will pass.”said vicheva gay and famously climbed up to the top bunk-the palm.

   “Citizen chief, I promise that there will be no conflicts on our part. Nika and I are gonna sit here like mice in a hole.”- ingratiatingly turned lesbian Dasha.

   “No! These vitch lesbians are not staying in my cell! Vasilisa, we need to talk alone!”- categorically said Lisa.

   “I don’t have time for idle talk now. And Lisa, you’re gonna have to put up with the girls for a few days. If you don’t want to be in the same cell with them, I can move you to another cell for a while. By the way, there are many empty seats in the transit chamber now. And you, if I’m not mistaken, are listed as “transit”. I can’t transfer these girls there because the chief ordered these two to settle here.”- a disgruntled voice answered the Warder.

   “But, Vasilisa, me and one of them had once had a conflict!”Lisa said in a pleading voice.

   “I remember Lisa. I don’t care what the boss ordered you to move in here, but if someone will arrange a fight in the cell and disassembly, I will issue you another criminal article. And the rest of his days in jail, you will spend in the basement punishment cells! the matron promised menacingly, looking at the two lesbians.

   “When will You have time to see me? Lisa asked ingratiatingly.

   “I’ll call you, Lisa! Ah, You, go to your seat. And don’t worry, You’re not in any danger from these two women.”- mild voice Vasilisa turned me.

   I turned and looked into the matron’s eyes. She looked at me carefully, without a drop of hypocrisy and lies. When I went to our Lisa and bunk the bunk, I turned around and saw that Victoria was still standing in the doorway of armor and sadly looked at me.

   When the reservation was closed, I accidentally caught the eye of a drug addict Katya, she stared at me with anger. Lisa sobbed into the pillow on a nearby bottom bunk for about crackhead Katie. I sat down to Lisa and began to console her.

   “You have no idea what I had to experience when I was here before the sentence. Vasilisa is the one who helped me out of those castings that I have experienced here. I don’t know how I didn’t kill myself. Our warden hates me, and apparently he’s working for someone else. Therefore, these two drug addicts here and settled.”- quietly complained to me cellmate Lisa.

   “I, too, already survived processing and perfectly you understand. But Vasilisa has promised that it will be all quiet.”I comforted my cellmate.

   “Vaska got angry at me because of something. I asked to see her several times today, but she refuses.”- shared Lisa.

   “When I went to our cell, I met her. She was very angry and angry. She must be in some kind of trouble at work. I said softly to Lisa.

   “Oh, yeah, she told me a few days ago, and I forgot. The other day she was to be appointed to the main one in our corps. Maybe something went wrong and that’s why she’s angry.”the cellmate started.

   «Perhaps. And maybe some of the problem.”I supported.

   “Phew, immediately relieved, as with thee talked. Do you know what a surprise I’m going to make for dinner? Let me show you something!”Lisa said mysteriously, wiping her tears.

   When we came to the table,the Dorm, she threw the towel off the plastic bucket. At the bottom lay a large package with contents resembling flour, and on top of three chicken eggs.

   “What is it? I asked in a whisper.

   “It’s flour and raw eggs. While you were in court, I bought this from the goat boys for five packs of cigarettes. In the evening they have to bring more sauerkraut. And we’ll make dumplings with cabbage and potatoes. Do you have any mashed potatoes left? Lisa explained happily.

   “Yes, mashed potatoes are still a lot. Wow! This is the second time I’ve seen chicken eggs in seven months in prison. The first time they gave them to us at Easter! I was amazed.

   “So, go get changed! I’ll make you some coffee. By the way, Natasha-a drug addict the next day “on stage ordered”, and now she went on a date with relatives. Tonight we’ll give her a farewell dumpling dinner.”said Lisa.

   I became very sad, I got used to Natasha’s help and care. Her courtship of me, when I was a “half-dead” – I will never forget. (Consequences of a fight with the pink Panther.).

 This evening we ate dumplings with potatoes and cabbage, dipping them in vegetable oil with fried onions. When the night “set the road”, the lease, the remaining dumplings “sabandykol”, sent some kind of prisoner.

   “He’s from my town. Sometimes he sends me snacks.”she explained to me.

   Conversation overheard addict Kate and softly asked Lisa:

   “What was in the little bag among the dumplings?»

   Lisa looked at the drug addict and said, frightened.:

   “It was flour. He won’t believe it’s real dough. Some same from bread make.»

   “Ah, Yes, well-Yes…” – she said recidivist Katka.

   The next morning we took Natasha, a drug addict, to the stage. After her departure, almost a fight broke out for the title of road Builder.

   “Now Doronina will Rimma!”announced Lisa.

   “She’s in a psychiatric hospital leaving! Let the right Julia!”- demanded a recidivist Katya.

   “Come on, we’d better be road builders!”- said lesbians Dasha and Veronica.

   “Now, woman, while I, the eldest in the chamber, so appointed Doronina Rimma, and then, after she left a bunch already!”- categorically said Lisa.

   Later, when we were having coffee together, she told me:

   “I need a person who will control the correspondence. Over there if you need anything, ask me!»

   “Maybe you’re right. I replied.

   “How I hate these junkies. On freedom lived, as parasites. Shot, slept in the garbage and in the entrances. And here warmed up, learned to swim. The state supports them and provides for everyone. Vichevs put on a diet, and they get products that a normal person in prison is not possible to get, if only to buy cigarettes. And every day they are given a liter of milk, cheese, butter, condensed milk, boiled eggs, chicken meat, soups on natural broth.”- quietly resented Lisa.

   “Don’t judge them, they’re the walking dead. Even though before his death, as normal people eat.”I advised.

   “Yes, they will outlive us all! In the prison and the zone they will be treated, fattened, they will go out and again for the old will start – to shoot up. And even the healthy will be infected with AIDS!”johnny had finished talking to Lisa.

   After lunch, the camera, we went to the warden Vasilisa.

   “How are things in your cell? she turned indifferently to Lisa.

   “So far, without incident! When will You invite me in for a chat?”the cellmate asked.

   “Later, I’m busy now. the matron replied coldly.

   She walked around the cell, peeked into the bathroom. I looked at the contents on the shelves.

   “Call the librarian? You have scant literature. the matron asked Lisa.

   “Yes, we have no one reads.”replied Lisa.

   “Call!”the four of us started talking: me, an elderly aunt Ira and two lesbians Dasha and Veronica.

   “You see, Lizok, how many readers you have. Take their example! the jailer said sarcastically.

   Lisa grimaced, and the matron sighed heavily, looked at me and asked.:

   “Now came psychologist in our corps. Have you changed your mind about talking to her?»

   “Of course not changed her mind, me now go to it?”I answered, delighted.

   “Yes, now. Come, I’ll accompany You!”the matron invited me.

   “And can we go to a psychologist?”- asked lesbian Veronica.

   “I’ll find out if she has time for you, then you will come longitudinal!”- said the matron Vasilisa.

   Under the resentful gaze of Lisa and piercing of all law breakers, love Kathy, I followed the Warder out of the camera.

   Vasilisa wait until I catch up with her and went very slowly step next to me.

   “How are You feeling?”she asked me in confusion.

   «Exciting. Long not met with psychologists, and perishing with prison at all never.”I confessed to the matron.

   «Not worry. This woman is a very professional psychologist. I myself often turn to her, though outside the prison. She helps my daughters, too. Yes, and our family troubles with her husband settles!”- said the matron.

   I stopped abruptly, as if paralyzed.

   “Are you married and Have children?”I said in surprise, staring at Vasilisa.

   At that moment I felt like a fool and a stupid idiot. I was ashamed of my behavior yesterday “in conversation” with this warden.

   “Married, of course. I already have a granddaughter. I am 45 years old, and my daughters are 25 and 28, I gave birth to them early. Did You think no one would marry someone as ugly as me?”she asked me in embarrassment.

   “Who told You that You are ugly? I never would have thought that You forty five, look much younger!”I said, confused.

   We stood in the middle of the con, I met a youthful face Vasilisa, and she was quite friendly and kept smiling at me.

   “Your shocking face is much more pleasant to contemplate in the form of compliments than any words.”she said.

   Vasilisa’s laughing eyes changed their trajectory as she looked at my lips.

   “I’m not disturbing you? a woman’s voice asked nearby.

   Vasilisa smiled happily approached us woman in uniform with shoulder straps of Lieutenant of internal service.

   “Here, Karina, I’m taking the prisoner to you for psychological relief. the matron said cheerfully.

   The Lieutenant smiled slyly at me.

   “Yes, unloading her now not hurt. Let’s go to the office, I brought the tests for You.”the psychologist said.

   Together with the psychologist we went to the office “operation”, where the ceiling was a video camera. I was not a psychologist, I tried to understand the recent behavior of her Vasilisa. She played with me like a cat with a mouse. I’ve never been in such a stupid situation before. Somewhere in the distance, I heard a psychologist’s voice.:

   “For each question, You will need to answer Yes or no. Do you understand?»

   “Yes, I see. I replied uncertainly.

   Then followed questions, to which I always said:

   “I refuse to answer this question!»

   The psychologist put down the papers and with a hypnotic look, a compelling voice told me:

   “You need to answer all my questions!»

   I folded my arms across my chest like a hypnotic lock, and said,:

   “You think I don’t understand this test for my sexual orientation? You’re asking very personal questions that you want me to voice on a video camera. I think You’re incompetent in your profession. Though perhaps I’m wrong, and it should work as prison psychologists.»

   Psychologist Leitenanta carefully and was glaring at me with inquisitive eyes. Her face became unpleasant and angry.

   “Let’s do this, You take all these tests and answer them in your cell. And then give them to me through Vasilisa.”- pretending to be friendly offered a prison psychologist Karina.

   “If all the tests are about my sexual preference, then I will not take them.”I replied categorically.

   “You know nothing about psychology! On these tests, we will find out Your Hobbies and then pick up the same cellmates for You. We want educated prisoners to be together in one social environment!”the psychologist said irritably.

   “You can immediately indicate in your results about me that I am not socially adapted to the prison environment!”I said sarcastically and rose from my chair.

   “Duty! the psychologist shouted.

   The room went Vasilisa surprised and asked:

   “Finished so soon?»

   “Yes, with this psychologist we have not found a common psychological language! Take me to my cell!”I said angrily.

   Vasilisa looked disappointedly at her friend. The psychologist shook her head. Went to the office of longitudinal Alia.

   “Take the prisoner to her cell!”the psychologist ordered.

   While we were walking to camera, cheerful longitudinal asked me:

   “What are you so angry our psichologiniu Karina?»

   “Refused to answer her stupid tests. I said irritably.

   Alia laughed and said:

   “Yes you that! This is the coolest psychologist of our city, in quotes! She assures that even oligarchs go to her to pass tests which she personally developed.»

   “She could use a psychiatrist. In addition to zambelici, it cool nothing!”I said.

   And we “longitudinal” Alia laughed heartily.

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