55. Spies in prison.

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After an unpleasant meeting with a psychologist, I witnessed the conversation of my cellmates.

   “Lizok, is it true that you are in the area of his accomplices passed? How long were you in the zone, a month?”- asked lesbian Dasha.

   “I was there for two months.”- muttered cellmate Lisa.

   “You on simple area took, also did not recognize the BS someone?”- joined the conversation lesbian Veronica.

   “Yes, I was on a simple zone. In black. What business is it of yours? Lisa asked in dissatisfaction.

   “We will be transferred from you soon, so I want to open your eyes to your cellmates. So, you turned in your accomplices?”- insisted lesbian Dasha.

   “If you remember, I took all the blame and didn’t give anyone away. But they stopped me “warm” immediately after the verdict. My mom had to sell her apartment to pay off her lawyer and the appeals judge. The defender promised that I will cut off half the sentence, and he, the bastard, got the money and bailed. Accomplices also immediately disappeared. When I arrived in the area, I instead quarantine the punishment cell was closed and worked there until confession on accomplices has not. And there I worked harder than you here with your pussy! I could not stand such torment and almost went crazy! And why should I have been bullied when they betrayed me! Lisa burst into tears.

   “How old are you, Dasha, garbage paid, so you Lizka “worked and put here on the Central”?”- with arrival the recidivist-the addict Katya asked.

   “You, Katka-bitch, tone down! Do you think we don’t know that you worked a girl on a garbage order before you went to camp on Central too? Don’t want us to tell everyone who you here from the area pulled? And why are you in such a nice house with a shower? After all, you have to be in the tranzitka as lizka! But lizka, of course, her Vaska protects. Who are you?”- violently “run over” lesbian Veronica.

   There is a hardened criminal, Katya was silent, scowling. Then she decided to stand up for her stupid girlfriend recidivist Julia:

   “We’re all here with a gun on our face. And Kate here sledak pulled. Katya’s father paid him to rest on Central from the zone. She’s in the zone for another year chalitsya.»

   “What do you mean?! Wow! How musorok agreed to pull secco from the area? Or do you, Katka, sherstova Mussorgsky?”the lesbian Veronica exclaimed.

   “For sherstyu are no edges to stay, I have these hoes broke!”aggressive jumped from the bunk, hardened criminal, Katya.

   “Try it, bitch!”- fiercely jumped to Katya lesbian Dasha, who was taller and more muscular.

   “Let your bedding to apologize for sherstyu!”- demanded a recidivist Katya.

   “You first clarify, and then can she and apologize!”- dangerously continued lesbian Dasha.

   “With this investigator we are together one huckster sometimes overlap, he also “Trainspotting”. Here and agreed to batino request for thirty pieces to pull me out of the zone.”johnny confessed, hardened criminal, Katya.

   “What’s the name of the garbage? I know all the “planted” among them!”the lesbian Veronica asked.

   The recidivist Katya hesitated and dragged time, but apparently decided that it is easier for her to call the name of the investigator than to be a shameful “wool”.

   When the recidivist said the name of the investigator, I almost fell off the rack.

   “That bastard-investigator falsified a criminal case against me!”- I was indignant loudly on all camera.

   There is a hardened criminal, Katya looked confused at me.

   “Look, the blonde, in both! As if Katya isn’t with you in the hut was!”- thoughtfully said lesbian Dasha.

   There is a hardened criminal, Katya came to the reservation and began to clatter. When the armor pocket opened, she said,:

   “Transfer me to the transit chamber! I don’t want to stay in this house!»

   “But the warden himself ordered you to be in this cell. I’m going to call Victoria.”- said longitudinal and left, closing his pocket.

   There is a hardened criminal, Katya got your pack and put your stuff. After a time, entered the cell Vasilisa and unhappy voice said to the recidivist Kate:

   “I gave your request to the chief, he will deal with translations in your cell tomorrow. Lisa, come and talk to me.»

   The matron Vasilisa never looked in my direction. Lisa was not very long when she came, then irritated and dissatisfied tone said, turning to me:

   “Why the hell are you dragging your girlfriends here to the hut behind my back? Why didn’t you tell me you asked Vasilisa to transfer Polina here? You know that half of the chamber 181 being asked to transfer to our hut?»

   “Lisa, no offense! Polina is an adult and decent woman. You’ll be friends with her!”I’m sorry.

   “I don’t care about her! I resent you not telling me! Lisa replied with displeasure.

   Lisa this evening did not talk to anyone and went to bed very early. I also decided to go to bed early, the next day I had a court hearing.

   In the morning to the paddy wagon I was accompanied by my countryman.

   “You need to transfer from the camera! She’s not under surveillance. You easily there “will fulfill”!”the warden advised me.

   “I’m so tired of jumping on cameras. Of all the cells, this is the one with the renovation and the shower. Today our house head needs to disband. I hope that there will be only non-smokers. I replied.

   “You don’t understand? What does it have to do with convenience and civil conditions? There is no video-audio control in the camera. In the event of a fight, no one will save you or there will be no evidence that you were not involved.”johnny said fellow to the warden.

   I kept silent, believing, that he could not understand my genital needs, when want have modicum particle of from customary life: clean and renovated room with shower.

   A lot of prisoners came to the court, but I was one of the women among the eight male criminals. Adam was brought to court today. Among the other prisoners of the familiar was Pushkar and tiny speedo.

   Us with Adam to this day not taken at the hearing, the Secretary brought us in a cage of the decision to transfer a court session from-for absences of participants of process.

   Adam flooded me with compliments, made me laugh with jokes and funny stories. Persuaded me to sign in prison and create a new family of prisoners.

   “And I thought that “thieves in law” can not marry.”- surprised said the youngster shustrik.

   “For me it is already possible to make an exception, I am an old man. Adam said, and winked at me.

   Then Adam began to distract other prisoners with a request to give advice on any issue.

   “Talk on Central! Let me admire my beloved woman!”the Armenian was indignant.

   I played along with Adam, and everyone from the prisoners to the guards believed in our prisoner love.

   “I wanted to ask you why women with HIV disease are kept in the same cell with us?”I asked the prisoner.

   “The master of the prison did not find a common language, early tubercular and vicevich contained in a separate hut. And this bitch breaks all our foundations! Adam grumbled in dissatisfaction.

   “Yes it is not the master calling, he-the owner!”- supported the gunner.

   “I wanted to advise you to move from the house where you are now. She’s impure! Adam told me.

   “Today, our house needs to disband. I replied.

   “All the same. You have to get out of that house!”said Adam.

   “Where should I go? Can you ask the warden to keep me in solitary on your block?”I asked Adam.

   “Marry me and we’ll live in the same house. I have enough money to support us. Adam said seriously.

   I laughed, assuming he was acting out a Comedy to others.

   “Last year the Magician had lived with his wife in our body.”- unexpectedly supported the gunner.

   “Let’s get married and live as a family. I’m promise you all that if you say that sex only will be then I to you not a finger will touch it! I swear! Adam said seriously.

   “If you promise not to lay a finger on me, I will.”I said, laughing, still thinking it was a game.

   “I swear I won’t touch it. But I then you soups to cook! Of course from my products.”it’s still serious,” Adam said.

   I looked at him, and I didn’t know if he was joking or not.

   I’m serious! I suggest we live in the same cell together. So you no scum will not work!”Adam seemed to read my mind.

   “Luna, Yes, it seriously tells you. On Central you can live as a family, but only to the chosen ones like Adam. I certainly sympathize with him, how hard it will be when a nearby bunk, this woman sleeps. But the prisoner’s oath is sacred.”- said the gunner.


“Well, I’ll think about it! I promised.

   When I was brought back to the prison, the captain on duty said,:

   “The arrivals will have to wait in the septic tanks until the Council leaves.»

   I had to wait over an hour in the stinking septic tank. When I entered the cell, the cellmates were frightened.

   “We recently retired people from the Council and the Prosecutor’s office. Checked we are all on the cards. Tomorrow all will scatter on different cameras. Head twitches were twisted when he was asked about vicevich as they are kept in prison.”Lisa told me in a whisper.

   “How long have they been in Central? I asked in surprise.

   “Yes, a little over an hour ago. Longitudinal says, that only on our floor walked. Tomorrow the whole prison will come to check on the cards. If only the cards had told the truth about the prisoners. Lisa said softly.

   After nine o’clock Lisa started again with dumplings. This time she treated only a few: me, Gypsy Larisa, aunt Ira, Mare Rimma. She ignored the other four. She also did not eat, said flour from her constipation.

   At night “on roads” she sent “bandyuk with dumplings to the prisoner unknown to me”.

   That night, for the first time in prison, I had pleasant and colorful dreams. I woke up from the fact that someone near me dissatisfied male voice growled:

   “Inmate, are You deaf?»

   When I opened my eyes, I felt a bright light, like a blade cutting into my eyes, and I had to close my eyes again.

   “Don’t yell at her, she came from court yesterday and she had high blood pressure. It entire night was poorly!”Lisa’s voice sounded nearby.

   “What’s that red rash on her face? It’s not rubella or chickenpox? Get a doctor.”I heard Vasilisa’s voice.

   “And we can have a doctor? Me and Larissa, too bad.”somewhere in the distance, aunt Ira’s cellmate’s voice was heard.

   I fell into a wonderful dream again, and the voices were gone. In my dream, a bee flew up to me and said,:

   “I’ll cure you now, only I’ll have to prick you.»

   The bee stung me very badly in my hand, and the beautiful dream began to turn into a gray fog. Someone slapped me on the cheek.

   “Hey woman, how are You feeling?”I heard a woman’s voice.

   Opening my eyes, I saw that the room lit the night lamp, and night. Near the rack stood a prison paramedic.

   “I gave You injections of “sodium Thiosulfate”, “Suprastin” and “Lasix” from an allergic reaction. Managed to remove anaphylactic shock. But You will now be diuretic a few hours, go to the bottom rack, so as not to get killed from the top.”she said.

   Lisa and cobbles Rima helped me down from the top bunk and dragged my mattress on the bunk next to Lisa. Katya had to lie down on one rack with her friend Yulia.

   After a while, my mind cleared, and I asked Lisa:

   “When did I come from court?»

   «Yesterday. You’ve been in an allergic dream all day today. Translation of our camera was not our hut in quarantine put, thought you were out of court the infection brought. They thought you had rubella or chickenpox. Only in the evening, when the new paramedic came, she saw your rash and swollen face, said that you have allergies and gave you injections in the hand. Our prison doctor, dumb as a boot. What are you allergic to? Lisa asked in confusion.

   «On much. Drugs, mostly.”- I answered and ran to the toilet, diuretic medicine made itself felt.

   This night until the morning we did not sleep three: I, aunt Ira and Gypsy Larisa. We took turns going to the bathroom for diuretics.

   “It’s the dumplings.”- whispered to me Gypsy Larissa.

   “And why then, with Rimka all right? I also asked in a whisper.

   “It seems to me that there was something psychotropic in dumplings. I was even hallucinating, and I wasn’t sleeping. Rimka was not affected, because she once boasted that several times in prison she tried “wheels”. I’ve never even had a soothing drink. the Gypsy said softly, too.

   I remembered my color dream and decided that my cellmate might be right. Especially once I saw the reaction on psychotropic drugs when I was in the cell number 190.(Jackals among the prisoners.)

 On the morning of the test in our camera went the delegation. There were major Gusev, Vasilisa’s warden, a prison paramedic, and two others.

   “So what were you three allergic to?”- angrily asked the major.

   “Something stale ate, probably.”I lied.

   “If it wasn’t for the same reaction from this elderly woman, I could assume that you all got drunk on psychotropic wheels!”the jailer said contemptuously.

   “You know better. Personally, I’ve never tried psychotropic drugs.”I replied indignantly.

   Every time I met this major, he acted like a red rag on a bull. (The sixth circle of purgatory or a mobile phone — shakedown.)

 “The paramedic, the next time this prisoner make injections in the tongue! And the Greyhound too!”the major said with displeasure and left the cell.

   Apparently, I was a red rag to the major, too. The camera lingered only Vasilisa, she looked at me with excitement and asked:

   “Do you really feel better today? You scared us all yesterday.»

   “Yes, thank you for your concern.”I was confused under the gaze of the matron.

   Vasilisa glanced at Lisa and sternly looked at her, said:

   “Tomorrow is my day off, but I will be at work to make translations in your cell.»

   Did not have time to close the reservation and in a minute opened the pocket, and the longitudinal announced the lesbian to Dasha that she “ordered the court.” Dasha began to rush on the camera and to gather in court. Her friend Veronica sat down at the table, just in front of me and smiling, said in a friendly whisper:

   “Yesterday Goose and Vasilisa, so worried about you. I even thought you and the Goose were in love. But you had such a nice fight with him today, and I realized you were just starting a romantic relationship. But you be careful, Vasilisa will not tolerate rivals!»

   I stared at the young lesbian.

   “Veronica, you have a sick imagination! Do not invent what is not and will never be!”I said indignantly.

   “Nick, don’t flirt with the blonde! I’m jealous!”- to Nick sat down her friend Dasha and hugged her shoulders.

   “Dashun, I don’t need anyone but you!”Veronica kissed Dasha on the cheek.

   “I don’t know what color your eyes are.”- Dasha looked at me intently.

   “I have every eye two-color. Green-brown. I said, embarrassed.

   “Magic eyes! Do you know that you need to develop psychic abilities?”- rapturously declared lesbian Veronica.

   “You as Pauline from 181 cameras! She claims I’m a witch, too. I replied, laughing.

   “And I’m with Pauline was in the same cell, but left them due to shibanuty Diesel. Do you know that Pauline is psychic and clairvoyant?”- exclaimed Veronica.

   “I think that Polina is a good psychologist and a swindler! I laughed.

   Laughing, I turned to the bunk, on which sat Lisa and met her hateful gaze. Lisa turned away from me, pretending to look for something in the nightstand. At that moment, I felt another negative look. Turning in that direction, she came across the evil and contemptuous look of the recidivist Katya. The other inmates did their own thing.

   Dasha went to court, Lisa decided to arrange a General cleaning in the room and demanded that the recidivist Julia helped her in this. I asked Coble Rimma to move my mattress to the upper rack, after which the recidivist Katya with a dissatisfied look moved her mattress and bed back to the next rack to Lisa.

   Climbing up to the top rack-palm tree, I instantly fell asleep. I woke up before the evening check, when the reservation was opened and a lesbian Dasha arrived from the court was brought to the camera. She looked at me in surprise, then whispered something in the ear of his girlfriend Veronica.

   Both looked at me in surprise, and I couldn’t stand it and told them:

   “Dasha, tell me, what kind of gossip did you bring from the court?»

   “It’s about you and Adam. I’m afraid of Adam, I know how he punished Zhanka, so I won’t repeat the gossip that the whole prison is buzzing about. The only thing I can say is that you were handed over by a woman-a convoy from the court.”- Dasha finished, at this moment opened your booking and the camera flew enraged warden Vasilisa.

   “Are you out of your mind? I thought You were an adequate woman! How could You have a desire to marry a recidivist and move into the same cell with him? Listen to me, I will never allow such a depraved mess to happen in prison! This is how yourself need not respect to agree to be litter prisoner? the matron yelled at me fiercely.

   “Don’t raise your voice at me! I’m not going to talk to You about something that isn’t really there! I cried, furious.

   Vasilisa, do not expect from me high pitch, stunned, wide-eyed.

   “Tomorrow we’ll talk!”she said threateningly and left the cell.

   “So it’s not gossip? Holy shit..”- happily shrieked lesbian Veronica.

   Dasha, too, was surprised, smiling at me. The other inmates looked at me dumbfounded.

   “There was a rumor that last year the magician’s Layman also lived with his wife in the same cell.”- said lesbian Dasha.

   “Well, he was Put, and this is definitely not allowed. You better tell me, what you were asked debris to hand for newly minted bride’s?”- ironically asked recidivist Julia.

   “Oh, Yes! Do you know the chief behind the convoy, Olga Petrovna? Today in the sump of the court, when an Armenian asked about you, I told how you almost died last night. After a time, I was approached by this Olga Petrovna and asked that I pass this text: “Call Olga Petrovna. It’s about your car, it broke down.”You know her?”- said the cellmate lesbian Dasha.

   I was numb and didn’t know what to say.

   “Looks like we’re in prison “mishandled Cossack” or the mole!”- threateningly announced there is a hardened criminal, Katya, exchanging glances with a terrified Lisa.

   “Watch out for the Bazaar! I don’t know what Olga Petrovna is talking about. My son drives my car. He’ll come to see me tomorrow, and I’ll find out what’s going on with my car. I think that woman you’re talking about is scheming on purpose. Maybe her investigator talked with whom Katka friendly “crystal meth”!”I said in a threatening tone.

   “You see, Julia, and I told you that she is not who she claims to be! Wolf in sheep’s clothing!”happily said the hardened criminal, Katya.

   The rest of the time until lights out, all my cellmates avoided me, looked askance, and no one spoke to me. When all were asleep, I was approached by a male Rima and said in a whisper:

   “You have arrived “bandak”.»

   I unwrapped the package, pita bread, lay the hot wings grilled.

   “Rimka, come and eat!”quietly I called cobbles-doronino Rimma.

   At this point, absolutely everyone in the cell began to move and look at the table-the common room. The whole cell smelled of delicious grill.

   “Women who want to be treated, I invite to a table! I said softly.

   For a few seconds, all the prisoners sat at the table and chewed their wings.

   “Don’t take offense at me. I’m the one who’s jealous of you all the time. And you, well done, do not get fooled by provocations. Let’s be friends, I promise I will not find fault with you anymore!”- loudly champing, the recidivist Katya declared.

   Everyone in the cell became cheerful, told funny stories in prison. And only one person dissatisfied in silence and ate chicken wing – Lisa was lost in gloomy thoughts.

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