59. A kitten in a prison torture cell.

Beginning: Turning point in court. 

The jailer Redkin came to our cell only at nine in the evening.

   “Why were these prisoners told that I was to blame for the search that You conducted today?”I asked indignantly.

   “I didn’t say that! Which one of them told You that?”he said with a threat.

   I looked at the recidivist Katka, and she is depicting on the face of stupid blazenet said:

   “I must have misunderstood you. Excuse me, shameless woman.»

   He looked at everyone in the cell and said::

   “Women, aren’t you tired of scheming? Maybe you need to translate in the transit chamber, where rats running around, and where you should contain?»

   Lisa, Katka, Julia, and violet-tranzitka the wagon and looked at the warden. Then the jailer looked at me and muttered:

   “I did not expect such a trick from You! Why did you, The warden, report today’s incident with Your friends in 181? By the way, I now temporarily settled in other cameras, and 182 repair, then immediately transfer them in the same cell.»

   “And who told You that I told it to the chief of prison? I asked in surprise.

   “It wasn’t hard for me to guess!”the jailer replied, and I did not want to persuade him.

   When Redkin closed the reservation, I went to my rack and went to bed. No sooner had I dozed off than the dog Rimma woke me up and said,:

   “Road set. You phone with “male” had flown.»

   I opened the box and pulled out a smartphone as soon as I turned it on, immediately called Adam:

   “The phone will be sent on the last road. Now, Aram’s gonna call you, and he wants to apologize for his stupid joke. Make up!»

   A few minutes later, Aram called.

   “Sister, I’m sorry for what I said, you are my favorite woman. I thought that bitch didn’t want to call you on purpose.”the Armenian prisoner said.

   “HUP, brother! Good night. I haven’t talked to my son yet. I replied.

   “Sister, wait! Will you help me appeal my conviction?”the Armenian asked.

   “Send that sentence, I’ll have a look tomorrow.”I replied, hiding my displeasure.

   “From the heart, sister!”the prisoner said and passed out.

   I called my son, spoke briefly, because it was already late at night. Saying goodbye to my son, I went down from the rack and went to the Coble Rimma.

   “I am now from one of the prisoner must come. RIMM, you Wake me up if I fall asleep. The phone will need to be the last way to send. By the way, do you need to call someone at the prison? I said.

   Dog happily smiled.

   “In the chamber 69 is sitting one of my friends, we can call him? Rimma said, embarrassed.

   I called the boiler and asked for camera 69. When the caretaker behind the hut 69 answered, which I knew because they often went to the same court, told him that the cellmate wants to talk with his cellmate. And only after his consent, gave up the cobbles Rima.

   I sat there and wondered how the cobbles Rima hesitated and flirted with the prisoner by telephone. When they said goodbye, she told me she was in love with him. I looked at her in surprise and thought I didn’t understand anything about nontraditional women.

   “On the roads came strem” from Aram then “flew” from it and “bandak sweets”. After looking at all the cellmates who were sleeping soundly, I called Adam and told him that I was sending the phone back to him because the cell was quiet. Then I fell asleep.

   This morning I woke up to a cat purring. Thinking I was having auditory hallucinations, I sat up abruptly on the rack, still with my eyes closed.

   “Careful, you’ll knock the kitten down!”- I heard myself near whisper cobbles rimmy.

   When I saw on my rack a live kitten, I’m surprise I almost fell off the bunk.

   “It in the morning with the men’s corps was sent, asked to night to hold on to, because they have a day can be a “shakedown”. Rimma said softly.

   The kitten was very beautiful, cute and playful. When everyone woke up in the chamber, with this kitten, like a child, rushed the elderly, the prisoner’s aunt Ira. She persuaded Lisa to keep this kitten in our cell. Lisa promised that at night to agree with the man’s camera.

   Before dinner, the reservation was opened, and the longitudinal announced:

   “Girls, take replenishment! And the girl-tranzitka things out, you take to the stage.»

   Tranzitka Violetta said goodbye to us and walked out of the chamber.

   And the camera went happy recidivist Zhenya, who came from the hospital.

   “I had my appeal with no change.Nothing was cut. My illness did not help, they said that even cancer patients go to camps!»

   Jack went to his bunk and threw Catimini things from the bed to the floor. The recidivist Katka displeasure, but I silently gathered my things and went to the bunk to Julia.

   Longitudinal still stood in the doorway and didn’t leave, she was waiting for someone. A few minutes later a very distressed prisoner entered the cell. It was pregnant Lyudmila. We all looked at her in surprise.

   “Did you lose the baby after all?”with sympathy asked the old prisoner aunt Ira.

   “No, the baby’s fine. The hospital did an ultrasound and said that the fetus is developing normally. There is no threat of miscarriage. The deadline was also confirmed.”- said pregnant Lyudmila.

   “Then why didn’t they take you to your moms? I asked in surprise.

   “Now some man-jailer said that the other day I will be transferred there.”- is angry with answered Luda.

   “Oh, and can you imagine what was my surprise when this pregnant in my sick chamber told how one prisoner helped her to go to the hospital?”- ironically said the recidivist Eugene, ominously glancing at me.

   I looked at pregnant Luda, but she did not look in my direction and pretended that she was not interested in the conversation in the camera.

   “Rimka, drop the cat and come to our rack. The three of us need to make some noise.”sternly barked the recidivist Eugene, and Rimco headlong ran to them with Lescol on the bunk.

   I sat on the rack of an elderly prisoner and played with a kitten. Everything inside is compressed from fear. A Gypsy Larisa came up to me and said in a whisper:

   “They’re talking about you!»

   Suddenly the cobbles Rima ran up to me and said with contempt:

   “How foolish of you!»

   After that, the male turned his mattress next to my bunk and moved her things on the empty bed.

   “Rimka, quickly walk here!”he ordered the cellmate lizka.

   “I don’t! Get out!”- rudely barked dog and frowning, looked at me with resentment.

   “Katka, Julia, come with us to the bunk! These girls now in our companies, and Rimka, I look chose itself another this!”. said the fellow inmate Lisa.

   For almost an hour, the four of them were whispering and scheming, occasionally looking in my direction. Inside me, my heart almost jumped out of my heartbeat.

   “Nothing, I already transferred to my normal girls. I pleaded with myself.

   An hour later, the warden Redkin came into the cell. The elderly prisoner barely managed to hide the kitten in the nightstand. He shook hands with everyone. Pregnant friendly to me and said that he deals with the cameras, which we have translated. After that, he looked from head to toe Lisa and casually told her:

   “Do you want to come out and talk to me?»

   She stood up in surprise and fright from the rack, said in a trembling voice:

   “Yes, I do.»

   Lisa followed the guard almost on her bent legs. She was gone for a long time, and when she came back, she was crying. She told her friends that she was tired and wanted to sleep. Jack offered her anti-anxiety pills that Lisa swallowed without water.

   As soon as Lisa fell asleep, her friends sadly settled down on their rack, looking with envy at me, aunt Ira and Gypsy Larisa, as the three of us had dinner with their appetite peredachkami. To us got hooked pregnant and is to blame, it is quiet told me:

   “Excuse me, I foolishly blabbed about our adventure. I had no idea anyone in the prison hospital could be from this cell. For those days that I spent with you, I have nobody here told me about it.»

   «Yeah. Ridiculous accident. Treat. I’m not offended at pregnant a sin to take offense.”I said, sighing heavily.

   “Maybe with the arrival of Eugene these whores will not arrange debauchery in the cell?”- quietly said an elderly prisoner aunt Ira.

   “The image of our depravity? Who?”- in a whisper of surprise asked pregnant People.

   “Trinity, except Rimka. I’m going to buy her a drink, she’s angry with hunger.”nodding his head toward the recidivistic lesbian, said the Gypsy Larissa.

   She made a sandwich and took it to Rimma, who was sitting on the top rack and still looked at me with displeasure.

   “I won’t eat her sausage!”- is angry with snort male.

   “Yes, it’s my sausage, I her husband was yesterday handed!”the Gypsy replied and put the sandwich in the hands of the Coble.


Until lights out in cell was quiet and calm. Lizka and her three friends were asleep, and we quietly watched a very interesting film. When Rimma “set the road”, I immediately flew from Adam’s smartphone. After talking to him and my son, I sent an appeal to Aram along the way. And he me in the answer sent again a large number of sweets and coffee, and also pack cigarettes. I walked over to Rima and put her on the bunk cigarettes, saying:

   “I still do not smoke, and this is for your concern that you send my mail-accept.»

   She didn’t answer, but she took the cigarettes.

   At exactly twelve o’clock in the morning the reservation was opened, and the longitudinal started two new prisoners.

   “Girls, Redkin said to these women to get the IVS you got. He’s going to disband your cell tomorrow.”- said the longitudinal and closed the reservation.

   The newcomers settled on the empty seats. Next to me on the bunk lay a grown overweight woman with blond hair. She happily introduced herself to me: “Nina is a fraud” and then fell asleep.

   I could not help feeling that I had seen this woman somewhere. But I couldn’t remember where. In prison, many people have bad memory.

   At three o’clock my cell rang Adam Aram sleepy and agitated voice said quietly:

   “I got a call from people from the will and asked you to tell you to be careful.»

   “What people?”I asked, surprised and confused.

   “I can’t name them, but they are very respected people!”- the Armenian prisoner answered with a riddle and disconnected the phone.

   Inside me grew even more lump of trouble that I felt for several days.

   “Lord, Yes, when will my suffering end?”- I burst into tears, looking out the window at a piece of the city at night.

   Continuation: Hell in a non-Smoking cell. 


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