61. Tenacious as a cat.

   Beginning: Hell in a non-Smoking cell.

From somewhere in the fog, I heard a familiar voice.:

   “Why is she on the floor?»

   “Olga Vasilyevna, why did You start your shift so early?”- he heard a frightened voice Lizka.

   I opened my eyes and saw the warden Olga Vasilyevna, she towered over me and examined me.

   “Go and call the Opera here!”- she ordered longitudinal which last night was on duty in a drunken state.

   “Can you get up by yourself? Stop smiling at me! the matron barked at me kindly.

   I was happy to see this jailer, who, in spite of her strictness and unscrupulousness, was one of my esteemed jailers. (How to celebrate New year in prison ; Bloody fight with the Pink Panther.).


“Get me out of this cell, please! I’ve been asking for this for a week!”- with a groan of pain, getting up from the floor, I asked.

   Appeared at the door the night of Oper – Bald, he disappointedly looked at me and the inmates.

   “I’ll take her to the doctor. There also will write a statement of who you painted.”- said the Bald man.

   I didn’t care who or where I was going, as long as I got out of that cell. Operas silently escorted me to the next building, where half of the floor was occupied by medical offices. There he closed me in “rakolovka” on the longitudinal and went to look for a doctor.

   From weakness, I sat on the floor in the cage. Very much hurt in the left sternum, in the kidneys, the entire lower abdomen, and the head buzzed.

   “Why did You sit on the cold floor?”- I heard next to the “rakolovkoj” the voice of the jailer Redkina.

   I looked at him with hatred.

   “God! Your face is all smashed up! Why, You, in any cell do not get along?”the jailer asked sarcastically.

   “Not getting along? Did not You last night gave these scum drugs like award to me “worked”? I saw You when You gave Liza the wheels!”I answered boldly and defiantly.

   Redkin’s face instantly changed, became menacing and dangerous. At this point he was approached by the prison doctor and operas. The three of them went into the office next to the “rakolovka” without closing the door.

   “Tenacious bitch like a cat!”- the voice of the bald Opera came from the office.

   “Don’t talk! What shall we do with her? Why don’t we put her in the hole?”he answered, Redkin.

   “And if the Justices come? They are the first cells to go.”the Bald man answered.

   “Have the murderers place. There, as the Council, and others are afraid to go, only in the eye look. Yes, hide it there! Killers alert below her reservation were not allowed. The road they are in the house. so she won’t report via a kite about the incident.”- happily announced Redkin.

   The jailer came out of the office and told me:

   “Come to the office, the doctor will examine You. But, in connection with your dangerous article, we with the operative will be present at survey.»

   I went into the office and said:

   “I will undress only in the presence of female doctors. You can write down my complaints in the card: I have internal bleeding, kidneys are beaten off, the left rib is broken and something with a head.»

   All three of them laughed loudly in my face.

   I lifted my shirt and showed the left side of my chest, which was already blue.

   “Maybe it’s just a bruise! We’ll get an x-ray this afternoon and find out. And the bleeding, you may have mistaken for regular menstruation.”- ceasing to laugh, sympathetically told the prison doctor.

   I sat on the couch with difficulty, lifted my left leg and squeezed the blood from my left Trouser leg. After that, just squeeze in the right leg. Two small puddles of blood remained on the floor. The doctor and the two jailers looked at each other thoughtfully.

   “You will now be taken to the cell so that You take a horizontal position, put pillows under your feet. I’ll give You with them hemostatic pills, drink the tablet every hour. In the evening I will see the result of x-ray and You.”the doctor said sadly.

   “Come, I’ll take You to the women’s corps.”- said Redkin dissatisfied.

   When we came down from the hospital floor, there was a small group of prisoners on the ground floor, accompanied by jailers and dog handlers with dogs. Seeing me, everyone had a sympathetic and surprised expression on their faces.

   “Brothers, tell “the Grandfather” that I won’t go to court and me want to hide in the camera with murderers!”I shouted to the prisoners.

   “Shut up! Who is the “Grandfather”?”the warden Redkin grabbed my shoulder.

   “Eh, bitch, get your hands off her!”the prisoners shouted.

   “What are you doing, taking the prisoners away!”cried Redkin on the convoy.

   “Moon, I’ve caught it!”someone from the crowd of prisoners shouted.

   I was relieved, now I knew my friends would get a message from me. Who is the “Grandfather” was known only to a few of decent prisoners of the male body.

   When we entered the women’s corps, Redkin told me:

   “Now I’m going to take You to a cell so You can pack your things for transfer to another cell. Then I’ll take you to another cell myself.»

   I stopped abruptly and looked at him incredulously.

   “I’m not going into cell 184 anymore! All my things are on me. I don’t need the rest. I can close in rakolovku, because I until you speak to the duty officer in the prison or the head of any camera will not come!”I announced.

   “Well, you sit till the evening in rakolovka!”said the jailer, and he locked me on one of the floors of the female body.

   I sat down on the dirty floor and laid my head on my knees and cried. After some time, rattled nearby truck balander. Then, the guards began to take the prisoners for a walk, the cheerful voices of the women fell silent as they passed the “rakolovka” and me in it. The keys rang and someone opened the cage door.

   “Come out, let’s go to the office, and You describe in detail what happened last night. Redkin’s voice was no longer as poisonous as it had been some time ago.

   “Personally, I’m not going to write anything!”I replied without looking up from my knees.

   “Get out of the cage, I’ll transfer You to our office until the duty does not decide in which cell you settle.”- demanded Redkin.

   “But what about the camera 182? Didn’t you promise to move me in with the women who refused to be in cell 181?”I looked with hate at her captor.

   “The prison authorities believe that You set a terrible example for other prisoners. We do not encourage prison riots and the creation of women’s groups in prison! Therefore, those women are being re-educated in more suitable cells! Redkin replied dryly.

   “Decided those prisoners “to work” as well as me? Damn you! I’m not going anywhere with You! I shouted across the floor.

   At this point, we were approached by another guard, who often escorted me to the paddy wagon when I went to court. He walked over to the crate and was horrified to see my face. Then he looked at Redkin and asked::

   “Are you going to let her go to court like that now?»

   From Redkina from the surprise eyes widened. He turned to me and asked me a stupid question.:

   “Why didn’t You warn me yesterday that You had to go to court today?»

   “You worry that today my lawyer will send to FSB the statement which I transferred to it last meeting? I asked sarcastically.

   At the same time, the captain, whom I had seen several times during the rounds of the prison with the Council, was approaching us. Approaching, he twisted his face when he looked at mine, then asked Redkin:

   “It was her male body chipsetati started?»

   “And what’s on the male body? Redkin asked in fright.

   “Let’s go into the office.”captain’s orders.

   After a time, returned only the captain behind him was the mistress Olga. She was indignant why I was not left in a hospital cell, and placed in a cage.

   “Look, there’s blood all over the floor. You want to “croak” in rakolovka?”- snapped at the captain of the guard Olga.

   “We are just deciding where to put it. At the hospital all the cells are occupied by tuberculosis! Redkin said that the chief ordered him to put it in 179.”the captain replied with displeasure.

   Both looked at me in silence and sighed heavily.

   “Your Redkin lies all the time! I do not believe that ordered the chief to put me to the frostbitten murderers! You can kill me here, but I’m not going there of my own free will. You think I don’t understand that You’re trying to get me killed by a killer? I heard operas tell Redkin this morning that I’m a bitch and as tenacious as a cat! I screamed hysterically all over the floor.

Olga Vasilyevna looked at the captain in fright.

   “Call the chief himself and all him to report! The more you have on the male body rebellion is brewing!”she said to the captain.

   He nodded and left. And Olga Vasilyevna asked me:

   “You’re on your period? Why is there so much blood on the floor?»

   «No. They kicked me in the stomach and kidneys. The abdomen and lower back are very sore.”I replied, and burst into tears again.

   “Now here I will call the doctor.”- she answered and here on the floor, on the landline phone shouted at the doctor.

   At this very time, Redkin appeared, he was furious.

   “Why hasn’t she been taken to cell 179? Now this will cause the male body to “teleconference on appeals”. You want them to have proof for a riot?”- he shouted at Olga Vasilievna.

   “She refuses to go to that cell. I’m not going to drag her there.”the matron protested.

   “Go open the camera.”- ordered Redkin, then he opened the rakolovka, grabbed me by the shoulder, causing severe pain and began to drag to the chamber of murderers 179.

   I resisted and shouted at the whole body:

   “You have no right! I’m not going to the killers ‘ cell! Aaaaaah.»

   Redkin pushed me into cell 179 and closed the reservation. I sat down near the entrance to the floor and continued to cry.

   “Did they keep you in rakolovka this morning when we went for a walk?”a woman’s voice asked me.

   I took my hands away from my eyes and saw three beautiful female killers in front of me. They were all of different ages, but all three looked at me in a frightened and tragic way.

   “You garbage beat? a tall woman with a face like an actress, Shar, asked sympathetically.

   “No, not them. But with their submission. I replied, sobbing.

   “Scum! My mother is coming to see me tomorrow. I’ll tell her to call surveillance back to my cell. Let them see what condition you were placed here. Not enough to get your beating on us.”the youngest of the killers with huge blue eyes said indignantly.

   “You shouldn’t be afraid of us, don’t think we’ll orders cops to run! We have a video camera hanging over the door, they work for us: we are without roads and without mobile phones. I’m Tanya.”the third murderer said sadly.

   «Pass. Fear us not. You’re safe here. Do you need clothes to change? My name is Natasha, but the girls tease me “Sher”, I say it is very similar.”a peace – loving tone said killer.

   “And my name is Dasha.”the girl with blue eyes said.

   In this moment opened up the booking and entered the cell Olga along with the “cosmetically” who brought my stuff from the camera 184.

   “Let’s get changed and lie down so the bleeding stops.”- said Olga.

   I took out a clean t-shirt, breeches and underwear. Dasha showed as they take in the toilet baths. After that, I with tears and groans from the pain, washed away with blood and dirt. Coming out of the bathroom, I went to the mirror and gasped.

   My face was swollen, half blue, my lip smashed, capillary tubes burst in both eyes. I was hysterical and disfigured. Sobbing, I lay down on the rack on which my bed was spread, and after a while, again fell into the darkness.

   Continuation: The composition of the chamber №179. ; Prison serpentarium. 


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