63. Prison serpentarium.

   Beginning: Tenacious as a cat.; The composition of the chamber №179.

“A wounded prisoner, rise! Let’s go to dinner, you need strength to recover!”cheerfully woke me up, one of the inmates-murderers.

   Opening my eyes, I began to examine my new home – the prisoner’s apartment. The cell was freshly renovated, the walls painted a soft blue. New linoleum on the floor. Four single bunks, a bedside table between them. On the right side of the entrance, parallel to the wall – table-common Fund with two benches. On the wall are two wall Cabinet. On the left side of the entrance, separated bathroom with sink. Above the entrance, a video camera hung from the ceiling, but the red light did not Shine on it.

   “Shar, help the new girl up!”the blue-eyed assassin ordered.

   “I can do it.”I answered, and with a groan I barely rose.

   Sitting on the bunk, I was trying to focus his eyes, before the eyes of all floated.

   «Oho. Your face is completely blue. I have an ointment “Nurofen” and “Caffeine”, you put them, faster swelling and blue resolve.”- proposed murderer “Sher” and has brought me ointment.

   “Tanya or “Sher”, you yourself anoint her face. We don’t want her seen yourself in the mirror, and then it again is hysterical.”- said the killer-blue eyes Dasha.

   “And the truth is, you have now a painful shock. It was not enough to add psychological trauma. You be patient, don’t look in the mirror for a couple of days.”- suggested Tanya-husband killer.

   “Perhaps You are right. I won’t look in the mirror.”I agreed with my cellmates.

   “Sher” mixed two ointments in an empty disposable glass and gently with a cotton swab anointed my whole face.

   “Girls, wash your hands and sit down at the table. I’m cutting the bread.”- said the killer Dasha.

   I looked in her direction and inside everything went cold: Dasha cut bread with a real knife. Still out I’ve read in online news that some years ago a gang of Dashi and herself, took in hot pursuit, when they killed one police officer the whole family, even young children are not spared.

   Of course, by my example, I understood that the investigators could fabricate a case against them. But in their gang confessed two people, although one of them died for some unknown reason. But the second witness was Dasha’s sister.

   So, for me it was very scary to see in the hands of the killers, the knife.

   “And you longitudinal freely give out a knife? I asked, trying to hide my fear in my voice.

   “Aha, look at that! No, they don’t give us a knife. We bought it from the goats! Use carefully to debris in the eye and the camera did not see.”Shar said cheerfully.

   I was surprised. “So the video camera doesn’t record sound. I thought to myself.

   Thinking about it, I went to the sink to wash my hands and saw my reflection in the mirror.

   “Ahhh…” cried my ugly reflection, and I, sobbing, buried his face in his hands.

   “God, I have to take this mirror off! Calm down, everything will heal.”- began to calm me, approached the prisoner-murderers.

   In this moment opened reservation.

   “What you got?”- angrily shouted the overseer Olga.

   “Yes, here, she’s hysterical. I saw myself in the mirror. Maybe she needs something to calm her down.”- said Dasha-murderer.

   “Show yourself!”- Olga power removed his hands from my face. – “Nightmare! I’ll get that doctor back here. He put pain pills on your nightstand while you were sleeping.»

   I turned from them and sobbed to the rack and lay down on it, turning to the wall.

   “She hasn’t eaten yet.”- Dasha complained to the matron.

   “Don’t bother her. Let him recover.”- roughly ordered the matron and left.

   After a time the doctor came and brought me two pills “Phenazepam»:

   “Sleep today, and tomorrow then we will do an x-ray of the ribs.”he said sympathetically.

   After these pills I fell asleep until the next day and no one disturbed me.

   “Awake? Let’s eat. Otherwise, you’ll never get well!”- carefully told Dasha-murderer.

   I stood up from the bunk, the pain was terrible.

   “We did not sleep all night, afraid that you’re not dead or anything with him did not.”said Tanya.

   “You screamed and moaned in pain all night. I felt so sorry for you. I cried because I imagined that my brother also died here in jail after torture.”Dasha said and burst into tears.

   “Her brother was not only beaten here, but also raped to confess to all the crimes they committed.”Shar said to me softly.

   A shiver ran down my spine, and I remembered how the investigator, even before the criminal case was opened, showed me and my lawyer, a photo of a raped naked woman. Then he told me: “You better take back your statement about the raider seizure. Or I’ll file a criminal case against You, and the prison will do to You the same as in this photo.»

   There was no appetite, but I ate buckwheat porridge and drank coffee. All day we laid on my bunk and meditated about her. In the evening, an employee of the prison office came and called me to the “pocket of armor»:

   “Yesterday You could not Wake up, and You brought a document from the court. Take it and sign for it.»

   I took up the decision and surprised looked at him. It was an old judge’s decision. It’s a resolution I had once tried to hand when I took it out to the court from the chamber 181. (The fourth circle of purgatory or unclaimed confession.)

“I will not sign for any document! You don’t even have to bring them! I won’t even go near the armor!”- I declared to the surprised employee of office.

   I went back to my rack and turned to the wall. After that, some other prison officers came running, but I covered my face with a towel and ignored everyone.

   After some time, shouts:

   “With the roads full flow!»

   And after about half an hour, returned from a meeting with relatives of Dora the killer.

   “Girls, what’s going on in the prison! Everywhere crowds people in masks-the ninja. Strangers with dogs. Our garbage frightened run. Say fsbeshniki searches carried out in prison. We were even ahead of time from a date pulled!”- shared the news in English.

   “Why should we be worried? To us again goes into the camera, scared of us killers! Only through the eye looking at us and asking if we’re okay.”Shar replied indignantly.

   “Eh, it is bad that Vasilisa leaves. She would have returned my TV, which the other day took Redkin, saying that we do not put the TV. The only one appropriate of the captors were is Vasilisa.”- sighing, said Dasha.

   I looked at the murderer, the eyes of others. Also, I noticed how the other two killers grimaced at her statement.

   “A I, tolerate Vasilisa not can! All pretended, to the tips of the nails!”she announced.

   “Just do not arrange on this occasion, again a scandal! Remain each under his opinion!”- said Tanya-killer, taking turns looking at Dasha and “Sher”.

   At this point on the floor I heard dogs barking and people’s voices.

   “Walk on cameras.”- quietly said Dasha, who pressed her ear to the armor.

   She was joined by “Sher” and Tanya.

   “We’re coming! All sit down at the table. And you keep down from the bunk!”- Dasha ordered.

   I wasn’t going to get up anyway. A few minutes later the dog barked under our armor.

   “They look into the peephole, afraid of us!”- said Dasha.

   Unexpectedly your booking rattled and the camera burst into a large group of people, along with a dog that barked at just me.

   “Who did this to You?”a man in a Prosecutor’s uniform rudely asked me.

   Tears poured from my eyes, and I turned my face to the wall.

   “We brought her yesterday from a different camera!”- said Dasha is a killer.

   “Is that true?”the man asked me sternly.

   I nodded silently.

   “I see that You are in a serious condition. I’ll come back to see You one of these days.”he announced menacingly.

   After that, the whole procession left our cell.

   “It was the supervising Prosecutor. He always arrives at the prison, when my mother at the Prosecutor’s office leaves no complaints. He called me several times on reception, in the case where carry out investigative actions. You don’t worry, tell him the truth, tell him what those scum did. He helps everyone.”Dasha said softly.

   “I don’t think he’ll help me. His colleagues against me fabricated criminal case!”I said ironically.

   An hour later we were in the camera went out of breath the prison doctor.

   “I’ve brought You some of obezpalko, hemostatic, badyaga from bruises and soothing. Tell me what other medications You need, and I’ll get them for You. Can you go get an x-ray now?”he asked sympathetically.

   I shook my head and turned to the wall. I didn’t want to walk all over the prison with a face so ugly that everyone would stare at me.

   “Well, well, as soon as you feel better, you pass through the longitudinal. I’ll come and get You myself and take you to x-rays. I’ll come by tomorrow morning and drop off the pills. the doctor said amiably.

   As soon as it closed reservation, Dasha said:

   “You see, this supervising Prosecutor he gave overclocking!»

   Immediately opened the reservation and into the chamber came a doctor.

   “I brought You a psychologist. It will help You to remove emotional wounds!”the prison doctor said joyfully.

   I looked at the psychologist who had tried to test me once. (New cellmate — vichevyi junkie.)

She looked at me with disdain and disgust.

   “Do you think I want this woman who looks at my face with disgust to open her soul? Go to hell! I shouted, just as the supervisor appeared behind them.

   Turning to the wall, I began to cry loudly and theatrically with hysterics. I heard the psychologist defend herself to the Prosecutor, assuring him that I thought she was squeamish.

   “Let’s get out of the cell!”the inspector ordered.

   I have some time posteria for visibility, drank the tablets, which were brought by the doctor. At this time, came up to me “Sher” with the ointment and anointed my whole face.

   “Sleep a little. These visitors even bore me. I can imagine how hard this must be for you.”- advised “Shar”.

   I woke up with a piercing pain.

   “You scream in your sleep. Do you have nightmares or pain? Dasha asked me.

   “It hurts. I replied.

   “We left you dinner. Get up, eat. Today, because of the inspector, even normal food was prepared. Gave potato stew with boiled bacon.”- said Tanya and taking out my plate, put it in her food.

   Dinner was really good, but I ate without appetite.

   Three killers sat down with me and told me the news in turn:

   “Bolander told that one of the deputies found it in the Cabinet box of drugs. And he said further that, when fed the house number 184, then saw them in the camera inverted. Through that garbage cell, they sold drugs to other women’s cells. Some women from that hut were taken to the camp because they were illegally here. Redkina was transferred from our body and so that instead the jailer with a male.»

   “This is all thanks to the Supervisory Prosecutor! If he hadn’t come here, he would have been! And not because of some “Mole” who allegedly hides among the prisoners, according to balander.”Dasha said.

   “Lizka from cell 184, here illegally already several months has been. Why didn’t this supervisor take her out earlier? I asked fiercely.

   “Because she was sitting quietly and not noticeable. And if it wasn’t for the fight with you, it might never have been revealed.”- dissatisfied Dasha answered me.

   “Quiet? Yes it with their filth, before that, two of the prisoners “worked” to order! They didn’t hide it and on all hut told about it! One of those victims, paralyzed, was left because she broke her spine when she fell from the upper rack! Where was such a wonderful Prosecutor then?”I asked the murderer.

   “So those women didn’t have such cool patrons like you! Bulander said that the man’s case, after the incident, the road is not intended for women. Women between their cameras some have put the road. Another bulander said that someone even in the camp reported the incident of the fight and preparing to strike. Is it true that your husband is the Man behind our prison?”- said Dasha is a killer.

   “About the Agent – not true. It’s gossip.”I said, not happy.

   “How many people have already been killed in jail, but such kipish was not in prison for the time that I’m here. Someone very powerful is behind you, so why don’t they want to get you out of jail?”- asked Dasha-murderer.

   “Might want to get, but not impossible!”I answered sadly.

   Continuation: Very important worker in prison.

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