64. An important employee in prison.

  Beginning: Prison serpentarium.

The next morning in a cell with murderers began in the same way as the previous one: 6am – check, Breakfast-gruel, morning walk. Only two people went out for a walk. Tanya was the killer and I stayed in the cell.

   At 9 am, the prison doctor came to the cell with a pretty woman who was dressed in civilian clothes.

   “Brought You some pills. And this is the psychologist who will work on You.”the doctor said with a happy smile.

   «Hello. My name is Natalia Leonidovna.”the psychologist said in a pleasant voice.

   She looked at me with sympathy and regret, which immediately attracted me.

   “We’d better talk in a private room. I’m going to ask the floor attendants not to remove anyone from the other cells while we walk to the office.”she said, and left the cell.

   I was surprised to note that I really want to talk with this psychologist.

   Ten minutes later we were with her in the office-operatice where I have been at meetings with the warden Vasilisa and other jailers.

   The psychologist put the tests in front of me and offered to answer them. There were three tests: the first for suicidal tendencies, the second for the type of my personality, the third was unknown to me. When I answered all the questions, I asked her:

   “The third test for the first time I pass, what does it show?»

   She looked at me in surprise and answered honestly:

   “Your penchant for crime.»

   “And You can check it now, I’m interested. I answered all the questions truthfully. I asked.

   “Of course, I can check all the tests with You. But it will take some time. I’ll give You some anti-stress mantras and crayons while I check the tests, you can color them.”- said the psychologist, handing me a picture and colored pencils.

   These mantras really have a calming and fascinating effect, I plunged into them with pleasure. The psychologist finished checking the tests and looked at the combination of my colors.

   «Very beautifully. Blue, green color beautifully shimmers with yellow. These three colors are Your favorite?”- asked the psychologist, conducting another test.

   «No. My favorite is only blue. And if You’re interested in a color test, this is what it looks like in my subconscious.”I answered, and picking up the black, brown, yellow, red, green, and blue pencils, I laid them out in a rainbow, starting with blue, then green, yellow, red, brown, and black.

   “I see You’ve taken a lot of tests.”the psychologist said.

   “I answered them honestly anyway.”I assured.

   “Well, according to the tests: character – sanguine, suicidal – low threshold for crime: to escape and attack – zero, but the attack on You or loved ones – will be able to kill without hesitation and another dangerous quality – You have a very high threshold of the organizer.”the psychologist said.

   “Of course I have a high organizational ability. I created the business myself, without anyone’s help. What is the danger?”I said skeptically.

   “The danger is that You can organize a riot or strike in prison. With a test result like Yours, there are only a few men in prison, they are kept in solitary confinement, separate from other prisoners, to avoid their influence on the crowd.”the psychologist said softly.

   “Maybe there are a lot of women like me in prison, they just did not answer Your tests truthfully! I was indignant.

   The psychologist looked at me amiably and seemed to expect an important statement from me.

   “Are you now disposed to talk about the incident in the previous cell? Why were those women hostile to You?”she asked in a soft voice.

   I wanted to tell the truth to this woman: “Because they were paid from the will to work for me!”but I looked out the window and said,:

   “Because I have a negative attitude towards lesbians and drug addicts!»

   “But here, almost every camera, not lesbians, crackhead!”the psychologist laughed.

   “But in addition to these, there are decent, intelligent women, we were promised to be placed in one cell. I replied.

   “The administration does not approve of such groups in prison. You’re all criminals to them. And even without my tests, they know you’re a dangerous leader in prison.”Natalya Leonidovna said.

   “But, if I’m such a threat, the leader, let the administration gives me apart from all – in one. Where they keep those dangerous male leaders. I agree to live even in a punishment cell, but only, to I was one, without lesbians, drug addicts and activists!”I said.

  The psychologist breathed a sigh of relief, like a teacher, when the student himself solved a difficult problem. She smiled at me, and I could not understand her joy.

   “A test of a suicidal tendency have low, so I’m going to put in front of the prison a question about Your single content. Especially since Your test of organization and leadership requires us to keep You separate from the other inmates!”she said sternly.

   I still didn’t know what she meant.

   “I in truth can be one? I asked in a whisper.

   The psychologist nodded, eyes pointing to the camera.

   “I was informed that the prisoners from the men’s corps demand that You be transferred to the men’s corps for detention. But I went and looked at those cameras where You can keep. They’re terrible and dead. Perhaps we can find a compromise and find You a camera in the women’s housing. Now, we need to wrap this up, I’ll give You some mantras and crayons. I’ll see you in a few days.”the psychologist said.

   She personally walked me to my cell. And once inside, I didn’t want to cry like before. I took out my dirty clothes and began to wash them.

   The killer cellmates looked at me in surprise.

   “How positively you were affected by the meeting with the psychologist!”happily said the killer is “Sher”.

   After lunch, an employee from the prison office came and brought to my name a decision on the date of appointment of the court session, which was to be held in two days. After reading it, I gave back to the employee:

   “I said yesterday that I will not sign any document! Because I’m not going to court anyway!»

   The jailer slammed her pocket shut and left.

   “It’s right that you don’t sign! They’ll definitely will not take the court until the person will not do the beating. And has not yet healed ribs and body bruises will get away. To you in court has not stated that you were beaten and mocked thee in prison! And so, the judge let the bustles and finds out what you’re sick, if you do not sign the documents!”- supported me cellmate “Shar”.

   At this moment there was a creak of bolts on the armor, entered the cell, a psychologist and longitudinal “Viktorovich”, behind them was an employee of the office.

   “Why do You refuse to sign the decree?”- asked me “Viktorovich”.

   “Why didn’t You take me out of cell 184 when I begged you and explained that I was in danger there? I asked him rudely.

   He silently left the cell, leaving only the psychologist.

   “Can you explain to me the reason for Your refusal to sign the documents?”she asked me gently.

   “Why would I sign a court order if I don’t go to it?”I answered with a question.

   “You see, if You take this position, it will be difficult for me to convince the administration to keep You in solitary confinement.”she persuaded me gently.

   “What makes you think I trust You completely? In the seven months I’ve been in prison, I’ve had many promises from Your colleagues, including the warden, but none of them have been fulfilled! How many times I was promised that I would be transferred to a non-Smoking cell, but transferred to the cell to recidivists who smoked, used drugs, some of them had HIV! And then, when I felt that I was in danger, they refused to take me out! Or you think, I don’t know that these scum paid from will that they “fulfilled”me?”- I fell into the Creek.

The psychologist looked at me with horror in her eyes.

   “Why didn’t You tell me about it during the conversation?”she asked with a heavy voice.

   I said nothing and went into the bathroom, where I burst into tears, looking at my disfigured face.

   From behind the door I heard Dasha demanded that she returned the camera to her TV.

   “This Studio was purchased by my mother specifically to prison. Before that, the warden himself allowed me to have a TV. But Redkin came and took it, saying that such expensive TVs can not be in the cameras.”- the murderer Dasha was indignant.

   “Okay, I’ll find out where the TV went. And I will demand that it be returned to You.”- the psychologist answered.

   As soon as the reservation was closed, I left the toilet.

   “What a mess! Why are they working you like this in prison? Dasha asked me.

   “So I pleaded guilty to not having done anything and disappeared for the next ten years.”I answered sadly.

   “Don’t believe them, that they want you alone translate! They’re trying to mess with your head!”- advised murderer Tanya.

   This evening and the next two days, Dasha TV is not returned.

   Two days later, in the morning, I put on my blue dress and looked in the mirror at my face and said,:

   “Even if I put five layers of Foundation, my face will be like currant.»

   “Currant, take off your holiday dress! They won’t take you to court anyway, you’ll see! Tanya said laughing.

   “I wonder what kind of disease the jailers come up with when they do not take the beaten prisoners to the courts?”- sadly asked Dasha.

   “The bruises will hold for another week or two, but the swelling on the face is already passing.”she said ,looking at my face.

   My cellmates were right, no one came to take me to court.

   “Today, when I was not brought to court, my son must take the judge’s permission to date. And they’re gonna have to take me out. I said.

   “These bastards can refuse a date.”- Dasha warned.

   “Then I will officially go on hunger strike!”I shouted menacingly through the open window, which was heard throughout the prison.

   “And rightly so!”a man’s voice from the next building shouted. 

   All day I walked around the cell sad.

   After lunch came again an employee of the office, she handed me the judge’s ruling. I looked at this resolution, and couldn’t understand why the judge sent me not the resolution. It was last year’s decision, which was considered when I was on house arrest. The decision was made by the judge, who was then a friend of my “Friend” (I can not call this man in another way, of course I want to call him as is – “Coward and Traitor”).

   “And You in the magazine have a record who sent me this resolution?”I asked the clerk.

   “It is written that this resolution was brought by the courier from court.”the clerical replied.

   I could not understand why I was brought this decree. I ran my eyes over it again, hoping to see some signs. Not knowing what to do, decided to stay until the end and refuse to accept mail from the court.

   “You will excuse me, but I will not accept this decision.”- for the first time I apologized to the clerical.

   It was the first time she hadn’t slammed her armor pocket with anger. After several minutes, the pocket is again opened, and cancelara asked me via pocket:

   “I forgot to give You another letter, it’s from the Council. In the answer two lines it is written: “the Arrived Your application through FSB is considered. The danger of detention in jail is not revealed.”Will you sign for this letter?»

   «No. For such an answer, just will not sign! I laughed hysterically.

   My fellow murderers joined in my laughter. We laughed for a long time, the women rolled on the rack and held their bellies, every time I redrawn the text of the letter: “the Danger of detention in jail is not revealed.»

   We did not hear how to unlock the reservation, noticed when the camera began to go “goat”, which made a huge LCD TV.

   “My TV! Hurray! Oh, Vasilisa, are You back? Dasha cried with joy.

   The guard Vasilisa, who was in prison uniform, came into the cell after the kid.

   The last thing I wanted was for this woman to see me like this. But Vasilisa quickly glanced at me, face expressed nothing.

   “Girls, only television during the inspections will take of the guards! And then some of the person from other cameras are outraged that you have a cool TV. Now I’ll give you all some more bags of hygiene products. Do you need to replace buckets, MOP, broom? I’ve got this in stock for now. the matron asked amiably, avoiding looking my way.

   “Of course we need everything!”- happily said in one voice Dasha and “Sher.”

   “Vasiliska when You can the conversation go? Dasha asked in a pleading voice.

   “Tomorrow call. Today Affairs on’s throats.”the matron replied.

   When the jailer closed the reservation, Dasha said:

   “Here, thanks to the Prosecutor-supervisor and Vasilisa returned! Figured out who the normal and indispensable worker in prison!»

   Continuation: Prayer will save you from prison gossip.

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