69. Vip road in jail.

 Beginning: Warned — means armed or when you break the prison intrigue.

Sometimes it seems to us that after a little luck, our life began a white stripe. But no, God thinks otherwise: not having time to enjoy the carrot once hear head over to the whistling of the whip.

   It also happened to me in this court session, when the elusive expert appeared.

   The guard closed the aquarium door behind me as we entered the courtroom. The lawyer immediately asked about my health. Responding to him, I saw what pure hatred looks to me the city attorney. But within a few seconds, her hatred gave way to the celebration and gloating. The Prosecutor had a good look at my face, which was showing off a bruise. With a malicious smile, she looked at me now with disgusted contempt.

   In the courtroom, in addition to the composition of the court and the convoy, on the bench sat a woman aged about fifty years. It was the witness – the expert who forged examinations of victims. It also, as the Prosecutor looked at me with disgust and superiority.

   “Have you recovered yet?”the Prosecutor asked me sarcastically.

   “Yes, by Your prayers. Or did You hope to never see me here? I replied in an arrogant tone.

   What the solicitor sour grimaced.

   At the moment when I was adjusting my hair to hide the right side of the face with a bruise, the judge quickly came into the courtroom. He walked so quickly to his seat that the Secretary managed to announce his appearance when he was already sitting in the chair of the “Chairman”. His look was pleased, I even thought a little that he was glad to see me. As “wolf” I am glad to see the victim – “the sheep”.

   “The defendant, You are able to participate in meeting, after the transferred cold? the judge asked politely, but the last words were spoken with irony.

   The Prosecutor grunted loudly.

   «Yeah. We can continue the meeting.”I answered the judge, avoiding looking at him so he wouldn’t notice the bruise on his face.

   “The court proceeds to the interrogation of expert S-th.”the Chairman announced.

   My lawyer, on purpose of court, very zealously began to interrogate the witness, his questions were stupid. But the expert has answered these questions very cheerfully, as if these questions she heard was not the first.

   When the lawyer finished, I was given the opportunity to ask my questions. But, the expert was ready and to my questions, she very dexterously got out in the answers. It is clear, the woman-the expert with experience in 19 years which makes false examinations, is already prepared for such courts that it didn’t recognize the swindler for falsification of documents for a long time. Of course, in one of the examinations, she wrote that one of the victims could cause bodily harm to himself, but as I did not twist it over this answer, the answers were slippery, not perceptible and well thought out in advance.

   I was upset because I couldn’t get the bastard to come clean. I felt terribly tired after this cross-examination.

   The Prosecutor looked with surprise at the judge when he asked her about providing me with copies of the criminal case materials.

   “I thought it today won’t bring to court.”- said the Prosecutor.

   Now I unconcealed hatred and anger looked at the solicitor, which of course was known about the order to eliminate me in prison.

   “But, the Secretary of court prepared for such turn and made copies of three volumes of criminal case. After the meeting, You will be handed the materials.”the judge declared.

   The Prosecutor looked at the judge in surprise, then exchanged glances with my lawyer, who shrugged her shoulders. I stared at the Prosecutor’s gaze, and when she looked at me, I mentally shot her in the face with my look of contempt and hatred. I saw her flinch at my gaze.

   “I ask to prolong a measure of restraint in custody of the defendant as at it the term of detention expires!”the Prosecutor announced in a shrill voice.

   Despite my and lawyer’s assurances that I will not hide from the court, the measure was again extended to me. This time I for the first time quietly reacted to such decision of the judge as now clearly understood: at will I will be killed or will throw to me drugs, the forbidden Islamist propaganda literature about what the district police officer once warned when I was on house arrest. Now in prison and in solitary confinement, I’m safer than I am at large.

   When, together with the guards, we returned to the court “sump” for prisoners, my countryman-officer of the convoy immediately took me to the toilet.

   “Here ekspertsha – snake, so spinning when giving evidence, as much in the pan. Did you see the evil look on the judge’s face when she answered your questions?”- said Olga, lighting a cigarette.

   “I in his side today nor never not dreamt. I was afraid he wouldn’t notice the bruise on his face. I replied.

   “For a long time judges’ sentences do not depend on their opinion or decision.”my countryman said sadly.

   “Girls, are you finished? There’s another inmate asking to use the bathroom.”the guard of the court said from behind the door.

   Olya took me to the cells, after which the convoy commander on the court gave me three volumes of criminal case.

   “For seven months there are court sessions, and I was only the first time provided the documents on which the investigator accused me under Art. 318 CH2 of the criminal code.”I explained to Adam, his questioning look at the documents.

   “Today you will put the road, I’ll send you a phone and ointment good for swelling and bruising. They’ll be gone in two days. Adam said, looking closely at my face.

   “Thank you in advance. And you again today didn’t bring in meeting. What is it this time?”I asked the prisoner.

   “Today, the lawyer didn’t come. Our judge’s clerk has just handed down a motion to adjourn. What about you in court?”asked Adam.

   “There was an expert, but I couldn’t get her to talk. She answered my questions very cleverly, as if she had been warned about them in advance. I didn’t think about the answer for a second.”- I told him with displeasure.

   A few minutes later, we were loaded into a paddy wagon and taken back to the prison. When we pulled up to the prison, the guards reported that the prison administration and the regional Prosecutor’s office, because one prisoner cut his veins when he wanted to take in the area. Because of this incident, paddy wagons were not launched on the territory of the prison.

   “Listen, warden, open the doors for us in the glasses, or we’ll suffocate in here.”- asked Adam.

   “I can transfer you to a large compartment with a grating door. There’s no one there anyway. But it’s dirty.”escort the paddy wagon.

   “Okay, translate. And the girl open the door to not sintered.”Adam asked for me.

   In a few minutes, I sat with the door open, and from the neighboring compartment through the grille Adam handed me the Apple.

   “Adam’s Apple? You want to bewitch me? I asked, laughing.

   “Come closer to the bars. I want to get a closer look at your face, do you have a fracture on your cheekbone?”said Adam.

   “Only the rib is broken.” 

   I came out of the glass and squatted in front of the bars because the booth had a low ceiling. Adam took my hand, held it to his lips through the bars, and kissed it.

   “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you in prison.”he said pleadingly.

   I was not myself, Adam long admitted that not playing in our relationship. But I could not return his love, he knew it and understood it.

   “It’s not your fault. It’s prison. Nothing depends on us here. Here we are not subject to ourselves.”I answered him, taking my hand.

   “I’m forty-two years old. Half of my life I spent in prisons and zones, always lived in prison. But now, for the first time, I wanted to live like a simple man. To live with you as a family. I’m willing to give up a lot for you.”said Adam.

Adam scared me very much with his confession. I couldn’t pretend with him, the prisoners feel the falseness very easily.

   “Adam, I like you very much. If we can continue to be friends, I would be very grateful. I said.

   «Certainly. But for the rest of us, we have to play our feelings harder now. I don’t have to pretend, of course. But you need to get over yourself, now all podslushivaet prison must ensure that we have a prison romance of the century!”said Adam.

   The motor of the paddy wagon rumbled, and the car drove into the gate of the prison. 

   I was taken out of the car first and immediately, bypassing the septic tanks of the prison, was escorted to the stairs of the women’s building, where I was waiting for the prison longitudinal.

   “Wow, what kind of waste paper is that? “Gangsters” wrap?”- asked longitudinal “Viktorovich”.

   «Like that. The judge came down from heaven and gave me my criminal case, it’s after seven months of riding to court. I laughed.

   “Lie down, sleep after the trial. On our case, the inspectors have already walked. Let’s just check in camera make sleeping not to pull, and dinner is already Wake.”- said longitudinal “Viktorovich.”

   We went with him together in my cell. It smelled like expensive men’s Cologne.

   “What a nice masculine smell of Paco Raban, if I’m not mistaken. Did the inspectors come in here? I announced, sniffing.

   “Yes, the chief and the Colonel came here. With something this “is a Master” so perfumed.”johnny said longitudinal “Viktorovich”.

   The jailer pulled the bars on the window, knocked on the rack, bench and table with a mallet, and then left the cell. And I ran to take a shower, washing away the smell of paddywagon, septic tanks.

   A few minutes after the shower, warming the boiler coffee, trying to understand the three volumes of the criminal case. The document folders were not stitched, nor were they numbered. The table of contents was also made senseless, under each item was listed – “Resolution”, and what was this resolution and from what date is not known. All the sheets in the cases were clearly re-sorted, making it difficult to track documents. Within an hour I was foolishly shifting the sheets. It was a few hours before dinner, so I decided to lie down.

   Just as I was dozing off, I heard a man’s scream that kept calling out to me.:

   “One, nine, five. One, nine, five.»

   I climbed to the next rack, from which I could see the next building.

   Ho-Ho-REE! the ” – stretching excuses for the prisoner’s manner, I shouted in response.

   “I’m going to shoot you. Pull the thread carefully so that it does not break. It will be accompanied. And the road in the evening to pull up. You did?”- said the blond prisoner.

   I was very surprised that here so openly, in the afternoon to me shoot “road”, thus now all prison from prisoners, to jailers heard about it. Such benefits with the roads that day were “THIEVES CHAMBERS”, in which “living authorities”.

   I restrained myself from bursting into tears of joy, because now the whole prison has learned that my cell is not “red”.

   Continuation: Arrangement of “thug house».



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