72. The prisoner’s victory.

   Beginning: Arrangement of “thug house». 

 The words “longitudinal”, the inspection of the Council quickly walked through the women’s corps, and went only three cameras: my “moms” and “tweens”. That was confirmed by the words “Owner” of the prison that I was in the camera will constantly come a reviewer. I’m not bothered, well, I think, once again wipe them floors! The main thing is not to be transferred to the General cell.

   So, the package that I received in solitary confinement, I will remember forever. In addition to the radio, the fan and the kettle, my son sent me more: women’s magazines, a book “Street cat named Bob”, cosmetics, manicure – pedicure, shampoo and balms, shower gels, washcloth, new plastic utensils, fashionable breeches and t-shirt, new sandals and shoes, beautiful Slippers, fashionable sports bag, foam curlers-hair bundles, a huge amount of hygiene products, professional toothpaste, poison from cockroaches, block of cigarettes “B. with menthol” and “p”. Also in the parcel were my old textbooks on criminal procedure and arbitration.

   Products: Greenfield tea, instant and natural coffee, sugar, several types of chocolate, marshmallows, halva, kozinaki, chocolate and caramel sweets, packaged juices, apples, oranges, honey, corn flakes with honey for Breakfast, oatmeal, corn groats in cooking bags, dry mashed potatoes, milk powder, smoked and doctor sausage, caviar oil, cheeses, olives, green salad in a glass with earth, canned fish, stew, pates, fresh carrots and onions, canned green peas, lard, cottage cheese granular with cream in packages.

   In the parcel of the products nothing was missing, because the post office is stored in cold rooms, and the parcel itself only a day and lay in the mail.

   My son had already found out everything for a long time, he knew from what mail and on what day they sent parcels to the prison, so he always bought fresh products from the hypermarket on Friday morning and handed the parcel to the post office from lunch. The next day, early in the morning, this parcel was already in prison. And if there was a good change of inspectors on parcels, they distributed the same day. And if the most vile shift with the jailer Goose, they kept the parcel until Sunday evening, and sometimes until Monday.

   Some of the prisoners told me that this repulsive shift Guzihou in the winter time specifically put the parcel in the hot room and closer to the batteries, so that products more quickly deteriorated.

   I think they did it out of jealousy. Because, a few times, my packages got on this shift with a Goose. She did not give me most of the food and said that it was a ban in prison. And when I saw what paint, shampoo and hair balm I sent my son, I could not keep silent, resented his partner with me:

   “No, look at that! Is that okay? I can’t afford to buy that, and they’re sending it to her prison!»

   After that, she squeezed out of the bottles into transparent bags of shampoo and balm, although the bottles were transparent, which she did not give me. Hair dye is also squeezed into one package, with only half of the tubes. You wretch, what can I say, a disgrace to herself, and her husband, who was also in the same unpleasant type. About this family I have repeatedly told (Shakedown in the house.; The sixth circle of purgatory or a mobile phone — shakedown.).

   Until the evening, I shifted and reviewed everything that came in the parcel. At five o’clock in the evening, a pocket of armor opened and a saleswoman from the prison store, calling my name, began to hand me the products that my son had bought the day before in their store: milk in liter Tetra-packs, kefir in bottles, yogurt, ice cream in cups, tomato juice, Pepsi Cola, coffee with sugar in disposable glasses, chocolate, Tula gingerbread, milk caramel, candy crusts, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, saury and biscuits in cans, sausage ham, washing powder, rubber gloves and Snapdragon paper, rexon deodorant, garbage bags and a block of cigarettes “DT”. (The check of the prison shop I already once laid out in Loner. First week in solitary confinement.but if you did not pay attention, then look again after the article. Unfortunately, the boy only this check was accidentally preserved.)

   I was so happy with the package and the shopping from the prison store, it was like I was shopping. Now I could not believe that a few months ago, on the loose, worried that I have a disease Shopaholic and even going to seek help from a specialist.

   Having examined, admiring each jar and wrapper on the products, I placed the products on the shelves of the hanging Cabinet, cosmetics on the shelf near the rack, and washing-washing put on the shelf in the shower room. Salad “iceberg”, which was in a small pot with land, I neatly through bars has put on the windowsill.

   A few minutes later, a delegation of jailers came in for an evening check.

   “Oh, you are now with music and air conditioning!”cheerfully said longitudinal “V.” exploring a new radio and a fan.

   «Yeah. And a coffee maker and a potted plant!”I answered happily, pointing to the electric kettle and the salad in the pot.

   “But such modern kettles are prohibited in prison. You have tomorrow to take it to the warehouse, and the time of the frisk someone currently appropriated.”- said “Viktorovich.”

   “This afternoon I had a visit from the warden and was allowed to be in the chamber this tea with the condition that I will be hiding during the arrival inspection.”said I, “Viktorovich”.

   He and the other three jailers looked at me in surprise, and then “Viktorovich” said:

   “I keep forgetting that this camera is special now!»

   When the guards closed the reservation, I began to prepare bandits with sweets, coffee and cigarettes “Parliament”.

   Bolander knocked on quick and opened the pocket. I couldn’t give up the prison mess, so I gave him my plate, which he put vegetable stew and boiled sea fish. He also gave me a liter pack of milk.

   “Danya, bring me two packs of milk for Breakfast. You want the cheese to make my own.”- I asked balander and quietly from the convoy gave him a pack of cigarettes “DT”.

   «Nicely.”the balander replied softly.

   The pocket was closed, just at the moment when an arrow with a thread flew into the cell – it was the prisoners who shot the road. I ran to the window and began very carefully to pull the invisible thread to which the escort was tied. When the end of aprovada was in my hand, snatched from him the thread, he began to reel the line on the spool, gently pulling the rope road. A few minutes later, I had a road. As I was ready and signed bandyuki, I immediately on the road sent them.

   Only the second day, as was my camera that way, but I was already littered with malyava and criminals from prisoners-men, which previously met in the courts. Also, arrived malyavy and from unknown prisoners who offered the friendship and protection, I answered such malyavy amiably, reporting that I already have a close friend in prison – Adam. Arrived malyavy and with a request to help on court. Before that, I had already helped several prisoners to make appeals and petitions, so many knew that I understand criminal law.

   But not a single baby has not yet received from the women’s corps, while I was very interested in the fate of my former cellmates from 181 cells: Polina, Barbie, Masha-Gypsy, aunt Masha-lawyer and Anna-Golden hands.

   I assumed that the male corps or Adam could put a ban on my camera so I wouldn’t get messages from the female corps. So that as few female prisoners as possible know about my solitary confinement. The male prisoners might not have known that many of the longitudinal women’s corps like to gossip with the prisoners about other cells, especially for some present. 

   I’ve never felt so good in prison as I do now. My cell resembled a Dorm room, only badly renovated, with bars on the window and a narrow bed. I made the table with a new and beautiful tablecloth, which my son sent me. On the table put all products that have received the parcel and through the prison shop. Radio tuned wave with retro music. Turned on the kettle, poured into a mug of ground coffee.

   On the wall near the table had duct-taped the pictures that I gave my son the first week of my imprisonment. Sitting at the table, hugged a book with a painted red cat and looking at the photo of his son, burst into tears. A year ago, this photo of my son, I made in our favorite restaurant. Then it seemed to me that my son is not adapted to life without me, constantly controlled him and did not allow to make any independent decisions. Made him work in our family business, which he wasn’t interested in, but I didn’t care. I believed that the business I created should be the Foundation for his future life. Then I did not expect that our life will soon turn upside down: I will be in prison, and my son without money on the street.

   Now I knew that my son – a strong, independent and brave guy, alone coped with the difficulties that fell on him. He didn’t break under the pressure. He was the only one who supported and believed in me.

   Now more than anything else I wanted to prove to my son that I am also strong and will be able to win.

   On the radio, Joe Dassen was singing a song, the kettle had been off for a long time and I had to turn it on again. I swayed to the beat of the music, hugged the book and smiled at the pictures of my son.

  “Honey, you’ll see, everything will be fine!”I said the pictures.

   Very aggressively rattled the bottle from under the vitamin, bound to the road instead of bell, this meant that I had important mail carefully and need to accept it. With the boiler came flying phone.

   The whole hour we talked on the phone with his son. I thanked him for receiving the parcel and transmission through the store, then listened to his news from the will and shared their. Each time, we had little time to talk, but the phone-flight from the boiler arrived only for an hour, because it was sent to other cameras. From Adam the phone arrived very late at night.

   “Mom, I’m fine with the money, let me buy you a phone so we could time limit to communicate. Find out from Adam how much it costs and how to transfer money for it.”- offered me my son.

   “Well, I’ll find out later today from Adam. I also want to have my own phone and then we could talk every day.”- I agreed.

   During this time, my son and I already knew the prices for the phone in prison: a simple flashlight cost from three to six thousand rubles, and smartphones from twelve. When I was in the previous cameras, I was surprised that almost all drug addicts had mobile phones, although they even had no one to do the transfer. Now I know what “services” they bought the phones.

   Saying goodbye to my son, and Packed the phone-flight, as a lookout and sent him with a grateful malyava on the boiler. After that, several times sat down at the table and ate small portions of sweets, drinking coffee.

   When Adam’s smartphone arrived late at night, I gave him our conversation with my son. He listened and promised to help buy “flashlight,” also told my son thanks for the cigarettes and the sweets that I have received from the criminals. It was almost three o’clock in the morning, so I decided not to Wake the child, and tell him the next night.

   “My moon-faced beauty, you know who should give the go-ahead to have your phone? So don’t expect to have a phone very soon. As soon as it’s clear, I’ll let you know.”Adam explained to me.

   I did not understand who exactly should “give the go-ahead”, but such questions “on the air” is forbidden to ask. I knew one thing, that before with the boiler me not times offered buy a new flashlight, but I refused, because each time naively had believed, that me soon released from prison. Now, seeing what kind of game is played in court, I was afraid that I would never be released from prison.

   “Of course I understand, Adam. I’ll wait as long as it takes. Adam, I wanted to ask you about my road, can I take it off before everyone else in prison? I’m not quite recovered yet and it’s hard for me not to sleep until five in the morning, I fall from weakness.”- I asked.

   “You can shoot your way at any time. I’ll let the road-Keeper know about it now, so he’ll know about your privileged position. He himself will inform the house with which you shot. Wait till I call you back when I tell him.”replied Adam.

   And a few minutes later, I was sending a smartphone to Adam and filming the road. Spreading the bed, I heard the prison was held klickety the callback:

   “One, nine, five and five, three – there is no road!”- meant that we took the road.

   As soon as I lay down in bed, opened his pocket and it seemed the head of the longitudinal “Viktorovich”.

   “Something happened? Why did You take the road?”the jailer inquired.

   “I wanted to sleep, so I took the road. I told him.

   “Are you sure? Everything all right? The man’s body was allowed to take off the road?”he insisted uneasily.

   «Yeah. I’m fine. Male body is letting me off the road!”I said, not happy.

   “Well, well,well, sleep.”he said, and closed his pocket.

   I just stretched herself luxuriously, as once opened the pocket and seemed to be another head jailer, who was in the evening check.

   “Are You all right? the head asked.

   «Yeah. I’m fine. I have just reported to Your colleague Viktorovich, so I have all the questions for him. I’m going to sleep!”I grumbled, and turned to the wall.

   Until the morning six-hour check I could not sleep, several times opened the pocket of armor, but I did not turn to the door, and pretended to sleep.

   “And it’s called: took the road early to sleep.”I was grumbling. (The prison showdown in women part 1. Or my first week in prison.)

 After a morning check-up at Breakfast, balander gave me two packs of milk, in addition to which he poured me a full mug of condensed milk, instead of millet porridge put me in a plate of cottage cheese with a slide and offered butter, which I did not refuse and brought another empty plate.

   When balander repeatedly approached my cell to give a plate of butter, I heard the warden “Viktorovich” he ordered:

   “Offer her more cottage cheese!»

   I smiled: a small compliment to the warden – and he already favors you. From the proposed portion of cottage cheese, of course, did not refuse, because in prison the body is in need of calcium. 

   When I sat down to have Breakfast, then distraught, I had heaps of food, and how it really eats at my son, I know not.

   An hour later I was taken for a morning walk, where I did not want to play sports, and looked at the blue sky, which was really in the box.

   Returning to the camera, escort met the prison guard Vasilisa. Her face was angry and angry.

   “I’ll see You today.”she threw it to me and walked past.

   Going into the cell, I removed from the table milk, cottage cheese, and in their place put all the products that my son bought me in the prison store.

   A few minutes later opened the door, entered the cell and Vasilisa who took on the change of the longitudinal Ludmila, who was one of the nastiest guards. I sat on the rack and leafed through the textbook, at their appearance did not get out of bed.

   What’s this?”they both said threateningly in one voice.

   The jailer Luda looked at the electric kettle, and Vasilisa at the radio and the fan.

   “This is a kettle and this is a radio and a fan. Yesterday I sent the parcel. Head yesterday was me and allowed it all to be in the chamber, and much more. By the way, the head warned me that I kettle and other zapretku cleaned when they come checking. I replied in an arrogant tone.

   Both evil faces changed to confused and became elongated in surprise.

   “What other prohibition is that?”- asked longitudinal People.

   “And you ask him yourself. Let him explain to you what I can do in my privileged cell!”- with contempt told I longitudinal.

   After yesterday’s conversation with the chief, I was now sure that the head is not my enemy.

   Vasilisa avoided looking at me, on its sight it was possible to say that the peg struck her as her companion. Both turned their heads, looking at the new and beautiful tablecloth on the table, on which stood an expensive kettle, beautiful plastic utensils, products, fashion women’s magazines. There was an iceberg salad on the windowsill between the frame and the grate in the pot. Vasilisa went to the window and stared at the grate, to which was tied the thread is invisible from the road.

   “Say, You man’s body was allowed to remove them at any time? You, what with his revolution in prison life is climbing?”the chief jailer said ironically.

   “I don’t really know how to climb. I prefer to run, I like speed.”I answered her in the same ironic tone.

   Vasilisa looked sharply at me, but suddenly her expression became even more surprised, and she’s not looking up, studied the textbook in my hands.

   “Where did You get this book?”she asked in surprise.

   “Yesterday the parcel came, as well as arbitration proceedings. When my son came to see me a few days ago, I asked him to send them to me. I need them for my criminal investigation.”I answered calmly.

   She handed the book to the matron. Vasilisa was reading the textbook, and with every minute her face became confused and even seemed scared.

   “Any law student will envy such a book. Here everything is very detailed on criminal proceedings.”she said softly, nervously flipping through her book.

   “Yes, St. Petersburg professors competently teach and make their textbooks! It would not hurt the judges and others from the system of this city to pass exams from such professors. At once the most part of mediocrity would be eliminated and there would be less fabricated criminal cases. I told her.

   “That’s right! And the prisons would be half empty. And that put all in a row, without understanding!”- suddenly declared longitudinal People.

   I Vasilisa looked at her, because both did not expect such a speech from this cruel bitch trimsize. Luda was about thirty years old, from other longitudinal I knew that she had no children, no husband.

   “Do you need anything? Maybe the librarian to invite?”- Vasilisa fawning asked me.

   «No. I don’t need anything. I replied.

   “When you get out of prison, will you give me this teapot?”- asked I have longitudinal.

   “No, I will present it in change “Viktorovich”.”- I answered the beggar-longitudinal People.

   Both jailers came out of my cell with disgruntled faces and drooping shoulders.

   And I felt like a winner, like a trampled two poisonous snakes!

   Continuation: Purchase a ban. 

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