73. How to purchase a ban.

   Beginning: Victorious resistance to the hated jailer. 

 The second week in solitary confinement flew rapidly, as they say, did not have time to blink an eye. My schedule changed only for the study of the criminal case, which was illiterate compiled by the investigator, and it seemed to me that any lawyer could see after the first reading that the falsification is obvious.

   Of course, the materials did not contain my statements about the raider seizure of my organization with the participation of the court staff. There were only false statements of victims which they gave to the investigator in twenty days after my statement on illegal actions of authorities. 

   Studying materials of criminal case, I was surprised, how many unnecessary resolutions are taken out by investigators. For example: investigator V. has accepted the case is handed over to the Prosecutor’s office – received from the Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case transferred to the Prosecutor’s office received from the Prosecutor’s office gave to the head of the Department – received from the chief again sent to the Prosecutor. Such useless rulings occupied one third of the three volumes of the case. The remaining two thirds were taken up by the victims, given twice a month apart, but each interrogation report was repeated twice in each volume.

   When will the Supervisory agencies pay attention to the falsification of criminal cases?

   But back to my story. I was preparing for another trip to court. Now, I was more sure that the investigator could not hide the traces of the fabrication of the case, and everything lay on the surface. And now, I had to get it to the judge.

   From the previously received part of the record of the court session, I was convinced that the document does not contain all my replicas. Therefore, to be sure that my speech is heard by the court, I need to document it myself. Namely: to write petitions in two types on each argument and the proof. Until recently, I wrote in triplicate: one sent through the office of the court, the second left at home and wrote on it the outgoing number, and the third she presented in court. But, as I just said, the court record did not contain my remarks on some of the statements and may not have been attached to the court materials. Therefore, there was no point in making petitions in court, it was more correct to send them through prison, then they will not get lost.

   Yesterday I sent only two statements, there will still be a huge number, need notebooks and pen. Last night on the roads from the boiler I flew a General notebook, so that the work-scribbling is expected serious.

   I was preparing to go to court this morning. The beatings on my body have completely healed, at least there are no traces of bruises left. Therefore, “bright mikap” on the face was already useless. I did not like brightly painted, gave preference to discreet daytime make-up. However, the dress still decided to wear the same as last visit: blue with a plunging neckline. I thought this dress was good luck. Despite the hot August, with him took the spring and autumn jacket. In the septic tanks of the prison it was always very cold, they resembled cold cellars.

   I was accompanied by a fellow-warden, whom I had not seen for two weeks.

   “Come out every week in the bath, so I can send you messages from friends. You do realize you’re constantly in control right now? You might have a peep in your cell, so be careful.”he said softly as we went down the stairs.

   “Do you know anything about the Bear? Who’s this? He’s from the Council? I asked in a whisper.

   “Bear? Never heard of him. Medvedev and anyone with a name inspired by the Bear in the Council, no! the guide replied in surprise.

   “This person is involved in my translation alone. I overheard the jailers calling him “the Bear.” I replied.

   “And this “Bear” can’t be from thieves from the will? I’ll try to find out all about him. When you go to the bathhouse, I’ll let you know. She asks to go to the bath, think that the hot water pressure you have in the camera is weak or anything like that. Because the attendant not to allow your camera to come.”she said the last phrase countryman, before the opening of the latest reservation in a prison station.

   At the station there were already many people: a group of prison guards, a group of convoy of paddy wagons and five people from the prisoners, among whom was Adam. At my appearance, the prisoners smiled at me, and the jailers looked displeased.

   “Good morning!”- I loudly said Hello to everyone.

   “Good morning!”- in one voice all prisoners and one on duty jailer – the major answered.

   Me and the prisoners, one by one, reading our names and articles are loaded into a paddy wagon.

   When we arrived at the court, then I, as always locked in a small cage that was in front of a large convict men.

   Adam, as before, smiled and flooded me with compliments that alternated with declarations of love. I also played along with him to make the prisoners around us believe in the seriousness of our relationship.

   Today, among the convoy of my countrymen was only Pasha, who told me that Olga will soon be transferred to another facility in the neighboring Republic. I was very upset, so afraid that I would be left without control and protection. There’s not much you can tell a man. After talking to Pasha in the bathroom, I went back to the cage very sad and reluctantly talked to Adam. He thought I was upset that the trial had not taken place that day and that I had not been taken to the courtroom.

   “I hope you’re not so sad because you didn’t see the judge today. I’m jealous! Moreover, some infection was spreading rumours in the prison that you have to judge Platonic love!”Adam said menacingly, blinking at me, unnoticed by the prisoners.

   At this moment, I was struck by the silence that arose among the other prisoners, as well as among the guards. I looked in surprise at Adam, who was looking at me to include myself in this topic. I was confused and could not think of anything to him in response. Adam theatrical rolled her eyes and tone of “moor” threatened me:

   “Your silence, my love, leads me to terrible guesses! Oh, did you pray for the night, Desdemona?»

   I laughed out loud at what an actor was lost in prison.

   “Adam, I can’t believe my ears! Are you jealous of the judge? It seems that until recently you believed your neighbor, who assured us that this servant of Themis was not traditional. Now, you’re ready to strangle me for gossip in prison!”laughing, I said to the prisoner.

   I saw in the eyes of the Armenian prisoner happy and cunning sparkles.

   “No, you tell me right now that I’m more gorgeous, pumped up, more beautiful than the judge!”demanded Adam.

   I laughed at the way this authoritative prisoner was breaking a Comedy.

   “Well, actually, I haven’t seen your pumped-up muscles yet.”I teased the prisoner.

   Adam’s lightning reaction almost made my eyes pop out of my head. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt, took it off and began to pose for me like an athlete, straining his muscles. Then, he jumped up and hung on the bars, easily pulling himself up twenty times. The convoy started yelling at him to stop shaking the bars. Jumping to the floor, Adam looked at me, waiting for compliments.

   “You – handsome, no doubt! I don’t think any of the court staff can compete with you. I don’t think any of them will pull up ten times on the bars. I answered Adam enthusiastically, and he broke into a happy smile.

   I looked at the prisoner with admiration, but I thought of him with sadness, because I felt sorry for him and did not understand why he chose the life of a prisoner. More than half of his life, Adam spent in prisons and camps, went from a young boy to looking after the zone. Now his son is on the same path. I didn’t understand why they thought life in prison was romantic. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the male prisoner’s life is closed from any eyes, even from female prisoners.

   For a few minutes before departure from court to prison, Adam, going to the toilet, handed me a kite. Later, when I was taken to the toilet, I read a note: “Now in your x. my person puts a peep.”After reading, I showed the little fellow countryman. Pasha burned the paper and raised his eyebrows in surprise, to which I shrugged and said quietly:

   “And Dima today demanded that I went to the bath. I think he knows something, but he doesn’t want to scare me. Find out from him and tell me in the next session. I need to know what to prepare for.»

   When I returned to the cage, I asked Adam silently, “Why?»

   He answered loudly, but no one but me understood him.

   “Now I will always know what is happening to you. I’ll know every day what you do in solitary and who visits you. And I won’t let anyone else torture you! Adam said menacingly.

   “Well, as you say, moor! Now lover will have to hide under the bunk, when your person will come! I winked at Adam.

   “Don’t tease me, my love! And then, again, I will demand that hostess to take you to my house! I’m alone, and you’re alone in the house – together will be more fun!”- Adam told me finally then all of us began to load in a paddy wagon.

   And I, and Adam knew that with us today in the court was left “sitting duck of prisoners.” Even without warning, this man is easy to distinguish among the other prisoners. On what grounds I will not describe, this flair is developed after a long stay and work in prison. I didn’t know what it was that interested the man who had planted the six, hoping that Adam and I had played it right. And what I found in the toilet of the court with his countrymen, was not known to anyone, even the escort out of court!

   When I was taken to the cell, I again felt the aroma of male Cologne, which was last my arrival from the court. I walked around the chamber and noticed that the three folders of documents that I was handed in the last court session, very neatly stacked. I took the top sheet of paper and held it to my nose, and it smelled like Paco Raban. (The first round of prison purgatory in the cell №181.)

 I smiled at him and said:

   “That’s how you felt You today can you come over this evening rounds. Dressed up and put the camera in order.»

   “Yeah, and the nave heated bath, and the mess cleaned up. I’m waiting for a good fellow to visit!”the major smiled contentedly.

   “Yes, somehow You have me with a compliment now overturned, hinting at Baba Yaga from a fairy tale. I pretended to be sad.

   “Oh, I’m always messing with compliments. As soon as I see a beautiful woman, I won’t say a word. Well, he’s still not married. Although, I see a gorgeous lad! the major laughed loudly.

   “How many times do You pull up on the turnstile?”I asked the major.

   “Haven’t done that in a while. And You have a casting grooms passes through the turnstile? the major asked, flirting.

   “Yes, recently.”I said, laughing.

   “Right from today I will do sports. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get on Your list of grooms.”the major said with a sly smile and winked at some jailer who was standing by the armor.

   I had not seen this man before, but now I could not see him, because the guards who came lined up in such a way that they closed him from me.

   I didn’t answer the major’s joke, but I smiled at him with a satisfied smile. This man was nice and pleasant to me, next to him I had a feeling of security.

   When a group of jailers had already left the cell and the longitudinal Alley closed behind them the reservation, I caught from the door a subtle scent of Cologne, which haunted me for several hours. Approaching the door, I sniffed the Cologne smelled just about armor. This fragrance beckoned to me like the smell of freedom.

   In prison, perfume and Cologne are a taboo for prisoners. Once, I went with a prisoner to court and she smelled of perfume. I was surprised and asked her how you can buy perfume in prison. She said that a sample of French perfume, which is one milliliter, costs five thousand rubles, and the perfume itself can be ordered from the matron. That’s how much the French smell of freedom costs.

   After an hour, handing out the dinner soup. Longitudinal Alia was standing next to my booking, and balancer put me dinner in a bowl.

   “Alia, who was the man who stood at the reservation on the check? If I’m not mistaken, he smelled like nice Cologne. I asked quietly.

   “Yes, I didn’t notice who was standing at the door. And they all smelled of Cologne.”- said longitudinal.

   “And this afternoon, while I was in court, who else came to me in the cell of men, in addition to goat? When I went into the cell, it was the scent of expensive Cologne. Even the papers smell like the man touched them. I’ll give you a sniff. You know a lot about expensive fragrances, you use good perfume.”I said longitudinal.

  I filed the alia one of the sheets, which was the scent of Cologne. She sniffed the leaf and said,:

   “Yes, it’s expensive men’s Cologne. You see how tough he is. Similar to Cologne which uses only the head and his Deputy by the Way, both of them today was accompanied by someone from the Council, three of us went program women’s corps, checked the number of cameras. You went without me. So I don’t know if they went into your cell or not, it was open.”- quietly said longitudinal.

   “And in the evening check was not this man from the Council?”I said.

   “No, on check there were only the guards. But this smell of Cologne from them was not. I would smell such an expensive scent. I like it when a man uses expensive Cologne. And maybe the smell, the drafts of documents?”suggested Alia.

   «Yeah. Probably a draft.”- I supported the speculation longitudinal.

   When later, I gave way, flew Palatka-cellphones with a kite from the boiler, so I called Aram.

   “Hello, beautiful. Thank you for the addition to the appeal. Now the consideration of it is postponed, and I’ll stay even longer in jail. Maybe to appeal and be deported home.”the voice of Armenian Aram told me into the phone.

   «Please.”- I said the prisoner with a boiler.

   “I still here on what business I call you. I heard you decided to buy a flashlight phone. The other day is expected to skid brand new phones. I could leave you one.”Aram said.

   Thanks, Aram. I mean it. As will appear, let me know immediately the price and where the money list. My son will. I was glad.

   “The price is the same as it was. Five with the brain and charge for the flashlight. Three without charging. The number of the card on which to dump money, dictate as soon as the phone is in your hands, and you will make sure that it is working.”Aram said.

   “Thank you, Aram! I replied.

   “Thank you, sister. You now from me on the roads should fly sweets. I received a parcel from my relatives in Armenia. Thank you for your help in court.»

   “Thanks to your family. God bless them!»

   “Likewise, sister.”Aram said.

   After a while, flew “criminals” from Aram. They were: Swiss sweets, Armenian cigarettes and coffee, fruit.

   I called on the “flight” son and told about the prices on the phone. My son convinced me that it is better to take immediately with charging.

   At nine in the evening, Adam’s smartphone arrived on the roads. A very sleepy voice, Adam said to me:

   “Tomorrow you will be brought to prison phone. Write down the number of the Bank card, let your son tomorrow it will enroll five thousand rubles. If you want, I’ll give your son the card number this afternoon so he won’t make a mistake. The phone will have a new flashlight. Put it the trash, so you know he’s not in the ass, and not in the perednitsa arrive at the jail? Everything for you, my love! Today, my man did not get to do what I wrote to you this afternoon. You have the body check was. In your next check out will be attach skrytka. But don’t worry, my men are watching over you all the time!»

   “And you already know that I have approved a resolution to have your cell phone? Do not get so that the son day will pay for the phone, and in the evening I will otstayut?”I demanded guarantees from Adam.

   “Yes, you were given the go-ahead to have your phone. During your time in prison, you never let us down with the phone. You’ve never made a compromising call. Forbidden words know, on what immediately reacts FSB?”said Adam.

   “The whole country knows them. I promise that on the phone I will communicate only with my son, you and the boiler.”I assured Adam.

   “No, talk to whoever you want. Just don’t call the victims and the inspection organizations. The more conversations you have with different people, the better.”replied Adam.

   “Better for whom?”the question remained unspoken.

   “Adam, what if I have a hidden video camera that I don’t know anything about? I’m not gonna get a phone call? I was nervous.

   “If you had a hidden camera, you wouldn’t have a road! You sat in a murder cell under a video camera, you know you can’t have a road. Calm down and don’t be nervous. I guarantee you that if within a month your “flashlight will fly away”, I will personally return to your son the entire amount!”replied Adam.

   After that conversation, I called my son again and relayed the conversation with Adam. We decided that the son will be on the phone with Adam and take pictures of the process of transferring money to avoid any misunderstandings. After calling Adam back, she let him call her son and dictated his new phone number.

   So many events nervously affect sleep, so until morning I never fell asleep. I was thinking about the hidden camera the kid pointed to. For what purpose was this camera hidden there? Who exactly is watching me? Nervous, she opened a pack of cigarettes and lit a cigarette with menthol.

   “I need to ask my son to send me Valerian instead of cigarettes. And then, with the experience again, a smoker will be. I thought, looking through the bars of the window at the rosy dawn.

   I knew for sure that the beginning of the day would clarify the position with the hidden video camera.

  Continuation: Ban in the hut. 

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