The Prisoner’s Dictionary.

   This is part of the PhraseBook of the prisoner’s language, which will be supplemented!

Paddy wagon – a car in which prisoners are transported. without Windows.

Prisoner – a woman who was detained (arrested, closed, convicted) and placed in a prison or correctional camp.

Balanda – prison food, which is prepared in the prison food Department.

Balander – man, handing out prison food. He is also a prisoner, but voluntarily transferred to work in the households.a squad of prison.

Bandyuk – a bundle of food or cigarettes, any items that are sent “on the roads between the cameras.”

Booking – security door to the jail cell and other areas.

Prison station – a room in which to take or send prisoners.

To open – cut the vein.

Eye armor – increased peephole door through which watch the prisoner.

Grev, heating – transmission from relatives.

GUFSIN (Board, checking) – the main Department of execution of punishment for prisons, pre-trial detention centers, colonies.

Road prison is the forwarding between prisoners of malyava, bandyukov or stremov. Roads in the prison there are several types of air, pipe and to messengers.

Road worker – responsible prisoner for the road camera.

Inspection of a prisoner – stripped to the goal, and search.

Dubicka – the Warder in the zone.

Prisoner – prisoner, who was imprisoned, placed in jail.

Prohibition – items that are prohibited in prison.

The zone is a penal colony.

IVS – temporary detention facility.

Cell (hut) – room in prison, jail, where the prisoners are held and live.

Camera (hut) youngsters, which include the prisoners who are less than 18 years of age.

Cell (hut) mothers – cell, where contain pregnant or nursing prisoners with children.

Pocket armor or feeder – hinged door on the armor, through which prisoners receive food parcels and documents.

Kitsch – solitary confinement or a punishment cell.

Male – active lesbian (Butch), dresses and behaves like a man.

Kozlyatnik – prisoners, voluntarily switched to operate in households.the squad prison, prisons or area.

Guard – a prison official or court, which the guards (accompanies) the prisoner.

Brief – the prisoner – the recidivist who several times committed crimes and was condemned for it several times.

A rat is a woman who steals from her cellmates.

Sink – the blade of a razor.

Abhijan – indictment.

Loner – a solitary cell, which contains one prisoner.

Operatic, an office or duty room of the prison staff, prison.

Practicing – psychological or physical torture, which humiliate the prisoner.

The septic tank of the prison is a room without Windows, with a bench. Here the prisoners are waiting to be sent to the court, the zone or distribution to the cells.

Pervokhodka – prisoner, which was first placed in jail, IC.

Peredachka – obtaining with will products, things from relatives.

Flight with brains – phone with a SIM card.

Press hut — these cameras are in the detention center or in jail, and are in the indoor and in the cavity mode. Prisoners help operas, sledak “open the case”, used the most brutal methods of influence, including rape. This is a cell where prisoners (goats, bitches and others) beat out testimony from other convicts. These extremists are acting on debris — investigators, investigators, etc. Very often punish extremists after the arrival to the camp. In the same freedom just kill them. (Source:

Long corridor in the prison.

Longitudinal – duty in the prison on the floor.

Torture – causing physical or moral harm to the prisoner.

Rakolovka is a cage on the length of the prison, 2 m long and 0.5 m wide. They close the prisoners for a while, sometimes at night.

Cutting – cover of the can, used instead of a knife.

Tails – bars on the Windows.

Table-Dorm – a long table at which the prisoners eat.

Transit – prisoner, which is moved to different prisons or which follows the stage.

The jailer, the warden – an employee of a jail, prison.

Prison, jail – type confinement, which include the inmates (the jail is a detention facility).

Hata is a prison cell.

The owner of the prison – the head of the prison, jail.

Zinc on prison – roll call between road builders of chambers.

Wool, sherstova prisoner who works in the house on the orders of the jailers.

The bunk bed in the cell.

The bunk Palma- top rack.

Shakedown – searches in a prison cell.

Stage – movement of the prisoner from prison to the zone or other place.


A. W. E. — stands for the Prisoner’s Way is one, the Prisoner Urkaganskogo Unity or Prisoners, Origano One.

“Evening in the hut” — the prisoner’s greeting, completely may sound or be written in malyava: “the Hour of joy, the chifir in the sweetness, the legs move, the head of the parish, mother of good luck, a hundred aces on delivery, go thieving, death, Mussorgsky”.

“With the roads full flow” – checks arrived.

“Roads in good” – the inspectors left or a good situation in the prison and you can shoot the roads.

“Winter in the hut” – a shmon, a search in the cell.

“Warm ear” – to listen.

“Old prison, give me a rattle! Not terrible and thieves!”– by tradition, the novice prisoner shouts out the window to give him a chase. He was asked about the article, etc., then offer options. Then takes on the whole prison song.

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