75. Prison instinct.

   Beginning: Ban in the hut. 

 Now I had my own mobile phone. While I could only night for him to call his son. Adam advised the first time to send a “flashlight” in his possession, because we don’t yet know how often I have in a single cell will undergo “Shmona”.

   Now, I was looking forward to the evening when the “roads will be good” and I “fly” my phone. I was filming the road now, like the rest of the prison cells, before the morning inspection. All this time I was talking on my cell phone to my son, Adam, and the Pitmen. There were calls and with the prisoners from the men’s corps, who trusted and helped them on the “deluge”.

   I haven’t called any of the female prisoners. This decision was made on a mutual basis with Adam, who convinced me that many “chickens have no faith.”

   Another day of the trial was approaching. And at me, as they say “the horse didn’t roll in case papers”. As soon as I sat down to study documents, so, each time something interfered with me: that someone from guards will come, at the disgust to look at false indications and examinations.

   When I opened one of the folders of documents, there was a feeling that each sheet of the document is infected with some deadly disease, such as plague or anthrax. Why did I want to wear an anti-plague suit?

   It was also today, on the eve of going to court. Half the day I was unsuccessfully flipping through the paper, but in addition, what is constantly stated in court, saw nothing. Somewhere in the subconscious, my brain demanded that I gather myself and start “digging into my business”, but the documents lying on the table, like a grenade without a check, kept saying – “do not touch.” A few hours, mindlessly shuffling paper, testing gravitated fatigue and depletion.

   The moment I decided to take a shower and wash off the dirt, the lies of the victims ‘ testimony, someone knocked on the reservation and a man’s voice from behind the door said:

   “Go to the bathhouse?»

   “Yes!”I exclaimed joyfully.

   Walking around the prison, I needed the air right now. I threw a towel, shampoo and shower gel in the bag and was ready to go.

   Accompanied by the bathhouse attendant – goat and jailer, my countryman Dmitry, we went to the bath. Our way was as follows: having descended from my floor to the first floor of the women’s building, we went through the passages to the men’s building, where we went down several floors and found ourselves in the basement. Here I was more than once, along this basement corridor I was taken to the administrative building to the investigator, lawyer and the head of the prison. In this basement room there were cells for prisoners, once I heard from one of the armor terrible scream and moans of a man. Very creepy room.

   So, we passed through this basement to the armored door, which in the dim light is difficult to see. When the warden unlocked the door, we were on the street, climbing a small staircase, I was standing on the side of the men’s building near the bath complex. Here on the head was not grating, and I hope admired the blue of the summer sky.

   “Come closer to the entrance to the bath and enjoy the hot sun.”to me he is a countryman.

   “In my opinion, someone from the administrative building is watching us.”the goat-man said softly.

   “We’ll have to go to the bath. Wait, don’t take your clothes off.”Dima told me.

   When I went into the bath room, the countryman did not close the armored door, and closed only the bars on the door and fresh air entered the dressing room. The attendant turned on the water in the room, where there were several showers, and Dima came into my dressing room through the inner door and sat on a wide bench.

   “A goat does not lay? I asked quietly, sitting next to him.

   «No. You can trust him. He will now be twice a week to come to you about the laundress and bath. If I’m not here these days, he’ll be able to send me urgent messages. Also, he and from me to you would be to convey important information. There are also some guys from the households.squad, we need to figure out what code word you’ll use to figure out which one you can trust. There are two more longitudinal, through which you can give me a note – it’s Alla and Natasha. Natasha you do not know, she recently out of the decree. Still, I hope you’re safe in solitary. Dima said softly.

   “Ventilation, I have filled the hidden video camera, but it does not lock up. They didn’t make it, Adam said. And I certainly will not install. And if this is a camera from the Council, why wasn’t I banned from the road and my cell phone? I said quietly.

   Dima wondered, and we sat in silence for a few minutes.

   “Speaking of the bear! I found out who it was. So, for the eyes called the former chief, he is from another city. Recently, he served as a curator for several months from the administration of prisons and colonies throughout our region. But now it is transferred to the increase in the neighboring region. My colleagues say about him that he is a very tough and unpleasant type. When I was a chief in the area, it will not give relief, nor condemned, nor subordinates. Therefore, when he was transferred to the Council, all in that camp sighed with relief. But, he began to tighten even more nuts to them the and public Prosecutor’s checks. And have you, that for interest to him, going to tell? the jailer said softly.

   “There is nothing to tell yet, only assumptions. I think he put me in there alone. What rank is he? As superficially looks? I asked quietly.

   “I’m only a few months in prison. I’ve never seen him before. And in a rank it has to be either the Colonel, or the Lieutenant Colonel. By the way, his name is Kosolapov.”said the countryman, handing him the sign for silence.

   How I foresaw that I would laugh at the abbreviation of the name and nickname of the jailer: Kosolapov – “Bear”.

   After that, we began to chat quietly on other topics: Dima told the news from home, and I shared mine.

   The attendant looked into the dressing room and said::

   “For more than an hour swim, called the “Indian corps” was wondering what took you so long.»

   “How quickly time flew by.”- I said sadly to Dima-countryman.

   “Wet your hair and wrap a towel around it. Go to the camera.”- advised countryman.

   When I left the bath with a towel wrapped around my head, I looked in the direction of the administration building. In one of the Windows stood the silhouette of a man.

   “Keep an eye on you. I need to be careful now.”- whispered Dima-countryman.

   After that, he and the attendant escorted me to the women’s building. It was very sad to return to the prison cell. I could hardly help myself not to cry.

   “What took you so long? The prison guard called, he was angry. As it is now her shakedown in the house was not satisfied.”- whispered longitudinal Allochka, when we were already in the women’s corps.

   We all looked at each other, each of us on the face read the search for a way out of this situation.

   Having caught up with the video camera on the length, I said loudly and dissatisfied:

   “Alla, can you imagine? I had to wait half an hour for the hot water to come. I thought in the bath will have cold water to swim.»

   “Yes, now around the city such problems with water. I think that once the weather is hot, you can cool swim. I have no hot water at home for a week, the highway is changing.”- picked up the conversation longitudinal.

   Bathhouse attendant and Dima-countryman quite smiled. Within the hour, I expect a “shakedown” from on duty at the prison, but apparently my application for a video camera all staged.

   To avoid suspicion and through a hidden video camera, I had to take a shower only late at night. On the washed hair, has wound foam bundles that in court with a beautiful hairstyle to appear before the judge and Adam. The phone was sent to the prisoner and the road was removed at one o’clock in the morning, and then went to bed under the “zinc” outside the window:

   “One, nine, five and five, three – there is no road!»

   And ACO already under the other “zinc” prisoners:

   “With the roads flow! Good day everyone!»

   After the morning check, had a hearty Breakfast and began to gather, dress up for the trip to court. Opened a pocket on the armor, and who took on a shift longitudinal “Shmakov” he asked me:

   «Good morning. Everything all right?»

   For some reason he was not at the morning check. Recently, after my compliment to him, he became shy to communicate with me.

   “Good morning! Could you help me with the zipper?”I asked him with an innocent face.

   The zipper on the dress sometimes caught the fabric, but I always easily coped. Now, for some reason, I wanted to tease this wonderful jailer. When he entered the cell, I pretended to be embarrassed and told him:

   “Zipper in the back stuck, can’t get. Please help me. I can’t go to court in a half-unbuttoned dress!»

   After that, she quickly turned her back on him. I’ll be back around my waist.

   “Uh, can I look for one of the women?”I heard the confused voice of Viktorovich behind my back.

   He himself, at this time pulled the zipper on my dress. I tried not to laugh. A second later, the zipper was closed. I turned with an innocent and grateful face and said to the jailer, looking into his blushing face:

   “What a Real man you are! Always in a difficult moment will come to the aid of prisoners. It is a pity that it is impossible for You to kiss it on the cheek!»

   “V.” off the top of my camera as an arrow.

   “If I were You, I wouldn’t take any chances with this outfit next time.”the guard said in embarrassment when he was already standing in the corridor near the armor.

   “I will wear this dress only in Your shifts!”smiling, I innocently flirted with the jailer, who was older than me by a maximum of five years.

   Twenty minutes later I was taken to the prison septic tank. There were already three prisoners, one of whom, seeing me, screamed and threw herself on my neck. It was Pauline. ( about Pauline: Chapter 2 – Composition of the prisoners of the cell 181. Where the road from the prison of purgatory? , and also from 3 chapterThe first week in a non-Smoking cell or how to make friends with a warden. and Turning point in court.)

 “My little ones, which I send you, are sent back to me not opened with a note that you have removed the road.”- Polina complained to me.

   “Adam forbids me to communicate with the women’s corps. I told Paul.

   “Write down my numbers, as you will fly – call me.”my prisoner friend said and wrote her phone number on a piece of paper.

   I looked at one of the women who was with us in the septic tank and announced:

   “The field, about my armor set Gotsinsky camcorder. I’m completely out of touch, so don’t write me the numbers from your house, I won’t need them.»

   Polina quietly followed my gaze at the unknown prisoner, and then set fire to a note with the phone numbers, while indignant:

   “Yes, what kind of mockery is this? Why do they torture you so? Why isn’t Adam protecting you? How do you communicate with your son, he comes to meetings?»

   “Adam protects me and does everything in his power for me. Boiler and Adam passed with my son I need, and my son immediately through peredachki all necessary reports to me. They don’t let him near me in court either. How are you doing, mom and son? How’s the new cell treating you?”- with feigned sadness, quietly Podmogov Pauline, I said.

   “The girls in this cell are good. My mother is sick, my son is on vacation. You have no chance with him of the criminal procedure code, I forgot a single article, it is necessary to rewrite a part of it.”the prisoner asked.

   I quickly took out the book and gave it to Polina, knowing in advance that on one of the sheets she would write her phone number. Closing behind Pauline from prying eyes, I became interested in the suspected prisoner’s number in hut, article.

   “I am from the hut 181, article popular – 228. My name is Tanya. I’m supposed to go to the hospital for an ultrasound. I’m pregnant.”- said the drug addict.

   “How’s the Diesel? Tell her I said hi. Tell her I wished her a speedy release. If you don’t know who I am, tell her Adam’s wife said hi. Am I right, Polina?”I said, noticing how the “Narodniy” face sagged.

   “About Adam’s wife – right! But good for wanting a Diesel is not right!”johnny said Pauline, giving me a copy of the code of criminal procedure.

   “Paul, I don’t recognize you! Until recently, you assured me that the enemies need to wish good, then it will be easier to live. How these two months have changed you! By the way, did they tell you I was being held with murderers in cell 179?”I said.

   “What do you mean? How was it, were you scared? They say there contain the most frostbitten of female assassins?”- exclaimed “pregnant” drug addict Tanya. (on the worst camera with the murderers read in Chapter 4 from Tenacious as a cat. – Last day in the cell with the killers.)

 “I “V.” absolutely everything you told me about your travel in the prison. He didn’t tell you anything about it? I used to say hi to you every shift through him.”said Pauline.

   «No. He didn’t tell me anything. Fundamental. By the way, today when you see him, tell him that you saw me and I told you about him, his courage all ears buzz.”I said, smiling and intriguing to Pauline.

   “I’ve missed you so much!”- said in one voice we with Polina and hugged.

   “As our judge, I already lost in our with you bet?”- Polina asked quietly, smiling slyly at me.

   “Still actively working on winning the bet!”I answered, also quietly.

   “I would very much like to lose in this dispute. You must, must break and conquer the judge! Remember my instructions: he is your friend, protector, and Savior!”Paul whispered her hypnotic instruction in my ear.

   “The sentence will show, man he is a coward!”I answered sadly.

   “You need in your subconscious to play role-playing games with the judge. Imagine him as some Prince from a fairy tale, like “Sleeping beauty”!”- fun advised Field.

   «Aha. Or “Shrek and Fiona”. I would rather see Emel, what a mess on the stove!”- I laughed, and in head immediately started climbing absolutely other role game.

   “It’s all because you programmed your subconscious mind to be negative in his direction! By the way, you rewrote the ending of his tale about the spider and the butterfly? Or do you all also at the end of the tale the executioner kills the victim? You understand that in life, as in a fairy tale, everything should end with a good end: “they lived happily ever after!”I guarantee you, change the spider in the fairy tale for good, once the judge will breathe positively in your direction!”said Pauline.

   «No. I want this fairy tale to be real, like life! I’ll never change the ending!”(a fairy tale with a modified end here: A fairy tale that was born in prison.) – I was stubborn.

 “You think not about your ambitions, but about the fact that your son is now alone and there is no one to help him! In such a situation, as we with you – need to believe in any miracles and hope only on good set of circumstances! Pauline said sadly.

   And your judge?”I asked Polina.

   “Oh, my, how clay! Recently, even a strip for me! Imagine a picture: in the meeting room there is a hell – split broke, He sits with a red mug, chews intensively gum, sweat flows on his face, in the hall there is a fan from a fume. Everyone understands that only he drank. During the lawyer’s reading of the petition, he rolls back in his chair from the table to the side of the aquarium, where I sit, lifts his robe and scratches his bare knee! I swear to you, I didn’t! He had no trousers under his robe!”- laughing told Pauline.

   “I’m shocked! I said, laughing.

   “And we have in the cell, too, one woman told me that her judge under the robe was in colored shorts to the knee.”- said drug addict Tanya.

   “Here is you and dress-code judicial! In court today will be to follow closely the feet of my judges! What if he gives me a Striptease?”I kept laughing at Pauline’s story.

   The escort opened the door to the sump and calling my name, ordered to go out for loading into the paddy wagon.

   “Do it! Polina said loudly.

   I smiled and coming out of the sump, answered Polina:

   “I wish you could come to court with me and be my lawyer. Then you’d see how difficult my situation is with the judge and the Prosecutor.»

  Continuation: The surprise announcement of the judges. 

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