79. Cold torture.

   Beginning Autumn treatment of prisoners. 

  Once the GULAG has developed a scheme of torture “working” prisoners, this scheme is valid and present! (Methods of torture in prison.)

 Mass torture of cold in the autumn-winter period. What does the prison administration need it for? (I Express my opinion solely from the observations and feelings of these tortures.)

   Cold torture leads to massive epidemics of colds in prison. No, the jailers frost to diseases of the prisoners with the purpose to enrich the pharmaceutical companies, it is done with a deeper liner. During the period of illness, prisoners can not defend their rights because of the weakness of the body and spirit. During such periods, the prison office sighs with relief – reduced statements and petitions of prisoners from prison to court. At the same time begins saving resources in prison: turn off the hot water, and in the daytime – turn off the light. Deteriorating nutrition lockup. Persuading the prisoners, something because of the blackout, the prison kitchen had nothing to cook – Balanda fed twice a day: for Breakfast porridge with millet with husks and pebbles, and for dinner soup with frozen potatoes. Due disabled the day light, even your teapot or kettle does not warm kefirchika to keep warm.

   And when the prisoner is hungry, cold, and cold – he needs only one thing: to wrap himself in a blanket and fall asleep.

   So, I, like all prisoners in prison, trembled from the cold and rising temperature. It rained for the second day in a row. Due to the fact that the Windows were not glass, the water poured down a waterfall from the windowsill to the floor. I decided that until the evening will not be on the floor to collect water, suddenly, will come some kind of test, let’s see what conditions you have to “sit”.

   Longitudinal “V.” I walked on to the women’s corps, and reported that when the lights were out and water (cold is also turned off), lunch of soup will not be.

   From cold hands numb, but I again took up the handle and wrote a statement to the head of the jail with a request to insert the window of my camera glass. Giving the statement to longitudinal “Viktorovich”, I asked him to call me the prison doctor or the paramedic that they recorded my illness. Very quickly came the young guy-the paramedic. He gave me a thermometer, he did not go into the cell, and stood on the longitudinal, accompanied by a convoy.

   “Tell me, why don’t You go around the cameras and measure the air temperature and humidity in them?”- I turned to the paramedic.

   The paramedic and the escort laughed in unison.

   “If you want, I can measure the temperature of the air in your cell. I’ll get the room thermometer later.”- having laughed the paramedic suggested.

   After that, the doctor studied the thermometer, which showed that I have a temperature of 39C. Handed me a paracetamol plate and left.

    After a while the escort from the hospital came and brought a room barometer. During the temperature measurement in my cell, I was on the longitudinal under the supervision of the longitudinal “Viktorovich”.

   “Once, in each cell hung thermometers, but some prisoners with a head is not all right, they broke them and swallowed. the jailer said.

   “I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they were forced to swallow these thermometers.”I said angrily.

   Viktorovich abruptly turned to me and not looking up from my face, looked at me without blinking.

   “If You think that I approve of some methods of my colleagues, you are mistaken. Personally, I have never been a party to such torture and made sure that in my shifts, prisoners-activists also did not commit such. Not need to all row in one a bale of, among us, too, there is decent people. And you certainly should have seen it!”he said fiercely.

   I looked at the flushed jailer in surprise.

   “What was I supposed to make sure of? After I wanted your activists to kill me stuffed into the house to the wacko killers? And then you decided to move in alone, hoping I’d go crazy?”- as I furiously ran to the jailer. (more on “activists” and “the chamber of murderers” in chapters 3 and 4 Composition of non-Smoking house №184. Last day in the cell with the killers.)

 “You’re wrong! We put You in here alone to save Your life!”he said awkwardly ahead.

   “Of course! Save a life! Why are You freezing me in this glassless cell? And I got sick, I have a temperature of 39 degrees today? You want me to get sick and cold and die faster? I don’t even have a proper blanket to wrap myself in!”- unable to stand, I loudly burst into tears.

   “But why were You silent before? Why just today wrote a statement? It was necessary to declare earlier, but not to pull to such cold weather!”‘said Volodin.

   “I had already written the statements, but no reaction!”- I continued to cry on the length under the video camera GUFSIN.

   “Thirteen degrees!”- announced coming out of the cell convoy from the infirmary.

   “You see! How can you get well in this cold?”I went into the cell, still crying.

   Pulling out from under the bunk package with winter clothing, I pulled the jacket and wore it. Body immediately became warmer.

   The bolts rattled and the goats came into the cell accompanied by Viktorovich, who was carrying two black woolen blankets. Having accepted with gratitude from the jailer blankets, heard behind his back the voice of the guy-goat:

   “Yes, there is a whole lake came running to the window not to come!»

   “I can’t keep collecting water. I’m sick, I have a fever. And in tap even cold water there is no, to after cleaning wash hands!”- complaining and apologizing, I told the prisoner of the household.squad’s.

   “Where You have a bucket and a rag for the floor? I’ll collect the water myself.”the goat-man suggested.

   Rainwater collected two and a half buckets. After that, one of the jailers, welding machine, cut off at the bedroom window the tails of the piece of iron, after which, the tails opened to access the frames.

   But I don’t have time to enjoy, now no one was going to put window frames, kozlyatnik came to measure the window to find the stock shot glass.

   “At the moment are the Windows from the shell, some not-have signed what they cameras. We’ve been looking for your window frames for two days, but we can’t find them. Immediately for Your window took as ordered by the chief. So decided to find Your Windows measurements.”- reported one of the goats.

   “And yesterday, the longitudinal Lyudmila said that when the spring is removed the frame with this window, they collapsed immediately in the chamber.”- I told the guys from the households.squad’s.

   “But now for these sizes, we can from other frames remake them under Your window.”an adult goat welder said softly.

   I quickly ran to the shelf where I had cigarettes and bags of coffee, which are pre-packaged to “pay” for prison services. Taking two packs of cigarettes “Dt” and a packet of coffee with sugar, handed welder.

   “Boys, please speed up. OK?”- I asked kozlyatnik.

   “We will try to do it in a couple of days. If Vasilisa not will, then will do faster. It would be nice if, when they put the frame, then on the longitudinal duty of our girlfriend Allochka.”- the last phrase welder said in a whisper that was audible only to me.

   So I found out which house.squad “works” for my countryman-jailer Dima. I nodded my head to the welder, letting him know that I was “caught.”

   When I was left alone in the cell, I was not so desperately sad, now I knew that the head of the jail still “looks after me” and does not ignore my requests. And when the lights came on a few minutes later, it was even quieter. The radio was playing quietly lyrical music on “wave 9”, and I drank tablets from temperature, lay down on the bunk under two spiky new blankets. The thought that in a few days in the chamber will not stand the autumn cold, also warmed my sick body.

   Two days later, when I was desperately struggling with a cold, the reservation of the camera opened and under the gaze of longitudinal Lyudmila, “goat men”came into the camera. The welder was Moody, he was accompanied by the eldest of the household.squad’s.

   “There’s no way to find Your frames. Here, decided to measure the window to these sizes to look for the right.”happily said the elder goat’s Rue.

   “But in the last change, this longitudinal assured me that in the spring with the window frame fell apart when removed. So there’s no point in looking for them! Let us, today I will write a formal request to the head of the detention center, that he found out your superintendent, what happened to the frame with this window, and why so long? Two days later I go to court, I will ask the lawyer to go to the Supervisory authority, so they went with the inspection camera, which I kept. Your caretaker Zoya, probably, the calendar is not looking, and in it a few days already October, and there the 15th, the official beginning of the heating season. Do you want me to ask my lawyer to find out at what temperature the cells should turn on the heating in the prison?”- in turn, looking at “sixes Vasilisa”, I hoarsely addressed to the senior goat’s Rue and longitudinal Ludke.

   “I think that before Your departure to court, there will be frames with glasses! Ivanitch, what can you think of?”- said the senior goat, referring to the welder.

   “Ivanych” looked at me, holding back a smile and lazily replied:

   “Well, it would be possible, of course, from old and unnecessary frames, to choose the appropriate size. But it all takes time, and I, you know, Vasilisa forced on the lower floors to install the frame!»

   “I’ll talk to Vasilisa right now and persuade her to give you a day to find the right frames for this window! Especially if the boss finds out that we in this chamber are still not installed the glass for me!”sternly said a senior Galega.

   We are with a welder discreetly and cleverly were peramorphosis. I knew that Vasilisa could specifically upload the work “of a carpenter and a welder”, but would somehow “spoil me.”

   Suddenly, a convoy from the building appeared in the doorway, where investigative actions or meetings with lawyers are taking place.

   “I follow you! Your lawyer came to see You.”said the guard to me.

   “Oh, well, how timely! Apparently, the lawyer felt that it is necessary to visit me earlier and to find out how here me freeze!”- I menacingly declared, looking at longitudinal Lyudmila.

   The gaoler’s face turned pale, she kicked the goats out of the cell, and leaving me alone with the convoy and open armor in the cell, rushed away.

   “Where did she run to? I don’t have the keys to lock the cell. How long will you be getting ready?”the guardsman said, bewildered.

   «No. Just going to the bathroom. And you can go. I said.

   A few minutes later, we stood together with the convoy on the longitudinal and waited for the return of longitudinal Lyudmila with keys. She didn’t come until about ten minutes later. Came up to us out of breath and announced:

   “Vasilisa is now ordered carpenters from hozotryad that today they made other frames for your window. Today they will install them!»

   “Well, if that’s the case, I’m not going to tell my lawyer now. But if you deceive me, then in three days, in court, I will ask the lawyer to connect supervisors!”- I relented.

   Of course, I wasn’t going to tell my lawyer anything. Why throw beads in front of a man who’s holding back his dislike of me? It is also not known who he actually serves: my competitors or my enemies-the investigator with the Prosecutor.

   When the escort brought me to the room to the lawyer, that began to chatter quickly, explaining, than its absence in court session is caused.

   “Not in time for the start of the meeting. Was in the structure of the judicial system and the day was able to achieve through his attorney’s request to gave me a certificate that the two “pseudo-victims” in that moment there happened to be in Your company, and have been a staff of the court and acted outside the law. These “victims” in court declared that that day weren’t official representatives, and got to work in judicial system only in two weeks after incident. According to the Protocol of the court, they also state that the third victim and their counterpart B-ccuu did not yet know, but through a friend I managed to get the billing of calls between them that day. Which I’m prepared to say in court. Also, the meeting will be ready and help from the structure of the employment of these two false sufferers-witnesses.”the lawyer exhaled.

   “But I repeatedly petitioned in court to make billing and specification of calls between victims and investigators, both before my imaginary attack, and after. But the judge denied my motions. What makes You think he’ll agree to a billing request now? Your something, received illegally?”I asked thoughtfully.

   “But then, there was no circumstantial evidence. Now, we will have the help that the victims are illegally present in Your company and can again raise the statement about raider seizure of the company with the participation of judicial officers. Only we do not need to open the cards and report that we have a certificate from their structure. Let’s re-call the victims and their chief witness to the court for questioning, and then present this certificate to the court and these false applicants.”- the lawyer convinced me.

   “I do not understand why re-interrogate them, because in previous testimony they have already given false statements. And if there is already such evidence from the personnel Department, why not just present this certificate to the judge? And all, let them start a case of false denunciation.”I doubt it.

   “You see, in order to further appeal, these people did not say that they wanted to repent for false testimony, but no one summoned them to the court again for questioning, the court can take their side and send the case to a new trial. And then, it is not yet known what will happen to your freedom, because You can be back in custody at the time of the revision of the case.”- the lawyer said correctly, our judicial system works such miracles that if the European court would review absolutely all criminal cases, the European judges would go crazy.

   “Well, let’s follow your plan now, my only concern is that these victims will again delay the appearance in court, as before. And I’ll have to sit here for years, waiting for them to show up.”I said sadly, with a sigh.

Continuation: The last meeting with the prisoner Adam. 

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