82. A stash in the prison.

   Beginning: The great power of the spirit of prisoners! 

  Today for the first time I decided to leave the “flashlight” in my cell. Many prisoners “keep” their phones in the cell. When I reported my decision to Adam, he began to explain to me how to “torpedo”, why I almost burned with shame. The fact that he knows “hiding places for the ban”, I learned more from cellmates in the house 181. (The fourth circle of purgatory or unclaimed confession.)

 “No, Adam, that’s not an option for me. I’ll bury the flashlight!”I cut off sharply the education of Adam.

   “Only with “brains” don’t bury your phone! They’re hard to come by now. Adam advised.

   And so, it was decided: from today, my flashlight will always be with me. Having studied “hiding places of a hut”, I decided that while I will hide in a mattress. SIM card – the “brain”, as before, I wrapped in foil and stashed in a pack of cigarettes.

   Before lunch not was restless, anxious and anxious, also did not leave a feeling of trouble.

   “Trouble” showed up right after the distribution of dining Balanda. In cell itself has gone Vasilisa and captain Dobrev. Until recently, this couple was in conflict because of the post of chief of the women’s corps, now by their appearance it would be possible to say that they are bosom friends. Anyway, they came into my cell merrily, chirping among themselves.

   “This is not a search, but a planned inspection of the camera. Do not voluntarily want to give forbidden objects?”happily and cheerfully said the captain Dobrev, studying on a shelf of a pack of cigarettes.

   Vasilisa folded in half mattress and pulled out from under the bunk with my bags and clothes. There, under the bags in the floor, was one of the hiding places where I first wanted to hide the phone.

   Restraining anxiety and nervous trembling in my hands, I announced in a stern voice:

   “In addition to the restrictions allowed by the prison Governor, I have no others!»

   Vasilisa, just in this moment, lifted a piece of linoleum over the hiding place. But there she was disappointed. Then she unfolded the mattress and laid out the bags of all my things, which are carefully probed, especially in the joints.

   “All right. No restrictions.”- Vasilisa reported to Dobrev.

   “Why do You have so many cigarettes? You don’t smoke, do you?”the captain asked, examining a pack of Armenian Ararat cigarettes.

   «Collect. And when bring in court to nervous experiences, I can and smoke a cigarette. I was nervous.

   “But these cigarettes seem to me to be smuggling. Armenian and without excise stamp! Where did You get them?”strictly kept bugging the captain.

   I waited for an answer, figuring out what to say. Anxiety and fear grew.

   “I can’t even remember where they came from.”I was leaving the answer.

   “Now we will draw up an act on smuggled cigarettes, and You will quickly remember!”the captain pretended to be friendly.

   “Of course, make an act, if the chief instructed You to do it! I replied calmly.

   Dobrev thought for a moment, apparently remembered why I keep mentioning chief. Then friendly smiled “wolf grin” and announced:

   “Here, You understand us. We secretly allow You to inter-camera communication, and You set us up and flaunt contraband. If You are on the roads is send, then please hide it in the bottom of their bags. And if there was a Council now, and You have these cigarettes here on the open shelf. You’re the Reason Kosolapov wouldn’t have patted us on the head!»

   “Did Kosolapov left to increase in another region? I asked in surprise.

   On my question Dobrev and Vasilisa scared staring at me and remained silent for several minutes.

   “Only the chief will be able to answer this question to You, and it doesn’t enter my competence! And if You do not smoke, then do not put on display expensive cigarettes, put them all in the bag!”a hurt voice said Dobrev, after which together with Vasilisa went to the exit.

   “Oh, Yes! Forgot to warn. The other day we start heating in the prison, today they will come to You from the battery to drain the water. So you can not complain that You are frozen here. All the more, that this camera always was the most warm on body.”declared the captain Dobrev.

   Vasilisa a minute too late at the entrance, she stared at the window and the battery underneath. After what she asked I have:

   “Do you need rags for the floor? You’re Gonna get a little floor water today.»

   “If you give, I will not refuse.”- I answered, thinking about why Vasilisa became cunning and gloating gleam in his eyes.

   When the reservation was closed for the jailers, I was all shaken up in a fever. The reason of course was not my illness-angina, I was shaking from the fact that, Dobrev was so close to my “Simca”. Yes, it was in a pack of cigarettes “Ararat” I hid the “brains” – SIM card. With trembling hands, turning my back to the hidden camera and the eye on the armor, I pulled out a small piece of foil with a SIM card from the pack of Ararat and transferred it to another pack. Then, all cigarettes were put in the bag where the top folded clothes, collecting her from the bunk. Panties and bras, which touched Vasilisa, I immediately placed in a basin, covered with powder, poured boiling water, and at night to wash, pulling on the entire chamber rope for drying.

   After a while, came Vasilisa and gave me rags. In her appearance was read as gloating. Next came the goat – plumbers, among them was the “friend” – welder. They unscrewed the radiator and very carefully in their buckets lowered the air from the water from the pipes-heating. During their work, came to the camera of their “senior goat”, who was holding some iron roundels.

   “Put these plugs on the pipes, and take the radiator to the warehouse. It needs blowing.”- he ordered his “colleagues”.

   “You mean blow? This radiator is not blown!”- outraged “welder”.

   Other “kostnice” – welders also met his “older”.

   “Take the radiator to the warehouse. And can you explain Vasilisa that it is not blown. Her orders.”- muttered “senior”.

   The welder gave me a meaningful look. After a moment’s reflection on his gaze, I said “senior goat” and longitudinal:

   “If the radiator is not returned to the place when the heating is turned on in the prison, then I will write a statement to the head of the prison that you, led by Vasilisa, have stolen the radiator battery from the cell!»

   “What do we have to do with it? We only carry out Vasilisa’s orders!”- angry “senior goat.”

   “And then you will tell the chief whose orders you executed! Maybe Vasilisa did not charge you with anything, and you decided to hand over the radiator to the metal! I think I will even write this statement today to prevent a crime.”barely restraining himself not to laugh, I threatened doped athlete “big milk vetch”.

   You should have seen the face of that “Jock-goat” who was so frightened by my statement that his eyelid twitched in his left eye. The welder nodded his head imperceptibly in approval.

   “Wait, don’t write anything to the boss! We will now take this radiator Vasilisa, explain that it is not blown and immediately bring it back.”- imploringly asked me to the senior goat’s Rue.

   “I will write it, maybe in an hour You already find out and then it won’t be necessary to me to hand over the statement to the chief of prison. Just answer me honestly now. If there’s heating all over the prison and I don’t have another battery, you’re not going to drain the system again because of one of my cameras to connect the radiator in this cell?”- I asked.

   The elder goat-man looked at me in surprise and did not answer.

   “Of course, then no one will be allowed to re-drain the hot water from the pipes throughout the prison, in order to connect one camera to the heating!”- were responsible for the “big” welder said.

   An hour later, kozlyatnik record in camera the radiator, but different.

   “This is the battery from the camera 190, it did not warm last winter! I was indignant.

   “All questions to Vasilisa. Her orders.”johnny said the senior goat’s Rue.

   “My God, let me out as soon as possible!”I turned mentally to God.

   Before the evening soup in the ward came to Vasilisa. She was accompanied by her “six” longitudinal Lyudmila. They both smiled maliciously at me.

   “I was told that You wanted to clarify something about the radiator. So, I inform You that the chief know that we have changed the sinks from your camera with a small radiator from a large chamber 190. Your radiator was twelve sections that the area should be in a large chamber. And on the area of your camera will fit and six sections. And the fact that You state that it is not heated, so the mechanics have repaired it – blowing. So, do not freeze in winter!”- arrogant, and sarcastically said the jailer.

   “Thank You, Vasilisa, for the clarification. But I hope that this winter I will be home. And You both can only sympathize, all my life before retirement to spend the winter in prison…. Brrrr.”I sympathized with the two jailers with feigned pity.

   Vasilisa’s nostrils flared, her eyes filled with hatred, she abruptly turned and left the cell. Lyudmila looked at me blankly and incredulously, digesting my words. Then, hunched over came out of the camera.

   In the evening check of the longitudinal opening pocket, asked me:

   “Are You all right? Statements, requests there is any? Wake You up for Breakfast and a walk in the morning?»

   Some days I’m of the longitudinal’t come in to check.

   “Yes, she’ll Wake up. But I have a favor to Ask. Please tell the person in charge of the storage unit. Let “lift” to me in the camera a bag with things. I need autumn and warm boots. It’s cold to go to court in shoes. I’m going to give You some forms about where I keep my bags.”- I asked longitudinal.

   I do not know why, but together with the forms I took a pack of cigarettes “Parliament” and gave it all longitudinal Lyudmila. She squatted down in front of her armor pocket and looked at me in surprise.

   “That’s For your trouble. Buy You coffee? I pour boiling water for many of Your colleagues at night. You have a kettle in the RAM burned?”- I said friendly Lyudmila.

   “If it is not difficult, then I will not refuse coffee, drink later. And then continued so cold and draughty that the soul promerium. And my partner got sick, and I have to ride two floors alone today.”- to my surprise, one of longitudinal-the enemy entered into my Alliance.

   After some time, Lyudmila brought me only one package with things. The final stretch before the sentence is the most naive and dangerous time for the prisoner.

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