83. Dangerous prison nights.

   Beginning: Stash zapretki in the house. 

 And the Lord said, judge not, lest ye be judged; for by what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and by what measure ye measure, so shall ye be measured.

   I sat on the dock in the aquarium of the court and tried to watch the judge unnoticed. Today it was very terrible and strictly addressed to “victim” which once again interrogated. To each victim’s response, “I will not answer this question,” the judge with a note of threat ordered her to answer all the questions of my lawyer.

   In my opinion, the lawyer asked useless and stupid questions which were already asked at the first interrogation in court and were printed in the record of court session. Therefore, I listened to questions and answers in “half an ear”, now it was interesting to me to watch the judge.

   Recently, He changed the tactics of his behavior in court, now he carefully read my petitions and demanded every time an explanation from me on the application. The very same attitude of his to me, looked more like the behavior of an experienced lawyer, who wishes me to protect. (Manipulators in robes)

 My inner world was still skeptical and distrustful of Him, but my heart melted and convinced me that this Man was not pretending, and my soul demanded to trust Him.

   “The defendant, You have questions to the victim?”the judge addressed me gently.

   «No. I asked my questions during the first interrogation in court. I replied.

   “Your honor, please attach to the case file a certificate from the personnel Department of the judicial Department.”- said my lawyer, handing the judge a piece of paper.

   The lawyer’s actions have strained me. The lawyer assured me that this certificate was sent to my judge from Department, and it appears that it was at it.

   The judge ran his eyes over the certificate, and I caught a look of discontent on his face. When He looked at the lawyer with what I thought was a Sizzling look, I knew for sure that the certificate was not in favor of my evidence.

   “The defendant, You support the petition of the defender?”- the judge addressed me.

   «No. I don’t know what document my defense attorney is requesting. I beg You, Your honor, to acquaint me with this certificate! I replied nervously.

   The lawyer abruptly turned to me and said in a persuasive loud tone:

   “This is the important information that I reported to you in jail!»

   I was attracted by behavior of the Prosecutor: she nervously fidgeted on a chair and exchanged glances with the victim.

   “Your honor, I don’t know what the defender is trying to convince me about. But I insist that this document not be attached to the case file.”I announced.

    “Secretary, put the defendant’s remark in the record that she refused to attach a document from the personnel Department of the judicial Department! Return this document to counsel.”there was relief in the judge’s voice. 

   The Prosecutor looked at my lawyer in surprise.

   The escort, passing the statement to my defender, ran his eyes over the text on the document, then looked at me and shrugged. This escort was once in the first court session and after that openly sympathized with me, then he literally transferred the events in court to the prisoner Adam. (Don’t believe, don’t be afraid, don’t ask!)

 “From the victim B. and the witness L. received telephone messages that they are on a business trip today. The victim K. said that he was sick. But, from the victim H. no information entered, so the Prosecutor received a complaint about the drive of the injured Part to the court.”the judge declared.

   My jaw literally dropped.

   While the judge was conferring with himself in his office, the members of the court again surprised me. The Prosecutor and the court clerk smiled amiably at me. Why are these two smiling at me, it was not clear. Really, the solicitor, or rather, the assistant Prosecutor, in the depths of his soul, too, sympathize with me?

   “The court decided to deliver the drive to the court of the victim CH.!”- the judge read his decision.

   I smiled at the judge gratefully. After that, the judge appealed to the Secretary:

   “What about the investigator? Why isn’t he in court today?»

   The solicitor and the Secretary replied fearfully with one voice:

   “He is today on the investigation! The next meeting will be.»

   “Then today we will not consider the issue of bringing an investigator!”the judge said, smiling.

   I was overjoyed. Now I felt and knew that He was on my side, He won’t let him hurt me, He would protect me.

 “The defendant, and You only call this investigator?”the judge asked me.

   “So far, just this one. Investigator V. opened a criminal case, took statements from the victims and interrogated them, the testimony is different from the testimony of the victims in court, so while I have more questions to him than to the investigator of the VC.”I replied hesitantly.

   «Nicely. The next meeting will be held in a week.”the judge declared.

   “Show me the certificate you wanted to attach to the case!”- I demanded from the lawyer.

   “Why would I show it to You if You have already stated your position to the judge about this document?”- offended, trying to hide his anger, said the lawyer and with a dissatisfied look left the courtroom.

    The guard winked at me. Later, in the prison sump, the guard told me what was written in that document.

   Not to say that I was surprised, but now I knew exactly the position of my defender – he was on the side of my false victims!

   But I didn’t give a damn about that filthy and corrupt lawyer who wasn’t my first defense attorney. When, even a strong and experienced lawyer from the neighboring region refused me, I realized that I could only rely on my own strength and knowledge. However, as before on the loose.

   The prison turned on the heating, but, as I expected – the battery in the chamber did not give heat. Steam also came from his mouth.

   My son sent a heater to prison through a parcel. I was lucky that on the day when the parcels were handed out, my friends were on duty and therefore, without any questions, gave the whole parcel with the heater.

   To avoid any complaints, I turned on the heater only at night, after lights out, and during the day it was hidden in a bag under the rack. 

   Yesterday, when we talked with my son on the phone, he offered me to send through the parcel TV.

   “No, baby, you don’t have to send the TV here. I think I’ll be home in a month. And we, under an interesting film, will fall on the sofa and will eat pizza!”I convinced my son.

   With the unexpected offer that night, and called Adam, offering to “fit into the house TV and a fridge.”

   Thanks, Adam. But you know that only my son helps me. And he will, without a permanent job and is interrupted somehow. I have no idea what he eats! I can’t ask him to pay for prison household appliances that jailers in mood can “usmanali”. Enough with me and my radio!”I refused Adam’s offer.

   “He wouldn’t have to pay anything! We want you to create a comfortable environment in the cell!”the prisoner said resentfully.

   “Adam, I want to be free as soon as possible. And the conditions in which I find myself, stimulate me to this! I replied.

   After this conversation with Adam, the next day the psychologist Natalia Leonidovna came to me. She looked at the camera and offered:

   “Let me go out with a statement to the head of the prison to Put you in the camera TV? I can not even imagine how you can live three months without a TV in solitary confinement!»

   “Thank you! But I’d rather listen to music on the radio than watch commercials on TV.”I refused.

   “You still did not tell anybody that You look glowing? Only a woman in love looks like that!”the psychologist said softly.

   “Such caring people in jail can not be found! I laughed.

   “Be careful of this man who uses your position…” – mysteriously advised me psychologist and left the cell.

   There were two days left until the next court hearing, and strange things began to happen around me. The air around me was hot, and I was acutely aware of the “harbinger of trouble.”

   In the morning, along with a bowl of cereal, milk vetch-balancer stuck my hand kite.

   “Don’t eat!”- it was written in the note.

   I was in shock: “it has begun!”. Like porridge, and for dinner I flushed down the toilet.

   After lunch “showed up” Vasilisa. Under the pretext of “issuing hygienic packages”, closely considered me. I pretended to yawn, pretended to be absent-minded, capriciously complained to her about everything that is possible: the cold in the cell and the prolonged angina in me, which began to turn into bronchitis.

   Vasilisa, listening to my complaints, sat down on a bench at the table-the Dorm. She looked like she was lost and thoughtful.

   “Aren’t you bored alone in the cell? Do you want me to ask the boss to put you on the TV?”she asked thoughtfully.

   They have agreed that all?

   «Thank You. I’m not sick without a TV! I replied.

   “How are You doing in court?”- trying to be at ease, tensely asked the jailer.

   “Definitely, it is coming to an end! I think there are a few meetings left before the debate. I replied.

   “I hope the judge has done the decent thing and made You an acquittal.”said Vasilisa.

   The jailer surprised me with her statement. I didn’t know what to say. She looked at me sadly and left the cell.

   Dinner-Balanda went to the toilet, as well as all the food of the day. Products I had the peredachek and parcels from the son, so I was not afraid of hunger.

   At night, talking with Adam, I felt in his questions someone else’s interest in my case. The prisoner was asking questions like he was reading them from the sheet. When you talk on the phone with a person every day for nine months, you know not only his intonation, tone of voice, as well as the style-the turn of speech. Now, Adam was asking questions, words that were characteristic of a man with a legal education. To his questions I replied absently, and blurry, nicely leaving the answers, knowing that listening to us is not only the prison, but someone “left”.

   “Adam, I have something important to tell you. Today with me something strange started to happen, immediately after Breakfast of soup. Do you think my enemies can poison me through the Balanda? Through soup or something narcotic to pour?”I asked the prisoner in a feigned semi-blissful tone.

   “Everyone can! Tell me exactly what’s going on in your court so I can understand. Adam demanded, tensely and fearfully.

   I recounted the events in the last session, of course, withholding about my emotions and feelings to the judge. About him also spoke dryly and lamented the fact that he “fulfills me,” since on re-examination drive only one of the victim issued.

   “Playing with me like a cat with a mouse! I won’t be surprised that the investigator never in court will be!”I told Adam.

   “Why do you need an investigator? Refuse to call them all. Let the debate begin! And if this judge passes a guilty verdict, the appeal will justify you one hundred percent! I guarantee you!”Adam persuaded.

   “Probably, I will arrive in a meeting. If the investigator in court won’t be – it will confirm that the judge sings to the tune of my enemies! So you’re sure I could be poisoned through the Balanda? I’m going on a hunger strike in prison tomorrow, we need to find a reason. Ah, the cold in the cell! Everything, I will remove the road, me cuts down to sleep.”I said goodbye to the prisoner, yawning loudly.

   «Lie. I’ll send my little man to hang out at your house until morning.”said Adam.

   Taking the road, I “hung out” a little on the camera, the soul was very restless. I lit a cigarette, stood at the window and watched the traffic on the prison roads for a long time. Then, tucking the phone inside the mattress, under the hum of a fan heater and nostalgic music on wave 9, went to sleep.

   I woke up from some movement on the camera. Opening his eyes, he saw that the night lamp is not lit and the camera dark. Near the window from the falling beam of the spotlight from the roof of the neighboring building lit up the frightened face of the jailer Olga, who had repeatedly saved me in prison.

   “What happened? I asked her sleepily.

   “Sleep, I checked your battery. Are you okay?”she said in a whisper.

   “Yes, it’s all right. Why no light?”I also whispered back.

   “Close your eyes and sleep. This is your dream.”a voice said beside me.

   Then, the eyes of Olga became even wider in horror, as my face approached a few of someone’s black hands. I wanted to scream and call for help, but the blackness squeezed my mouth, and I was pushed into a black hole.

   Someone was shaking my shoulder. Opening my eyes, I saw a bright light which hurt his eyes.

   You’re burning! I’ll call the paramedic!”- heard the voice of the longitudinal Alia.

   In mind like beating drums, why even felt khlopushina ear membranes. Nausea rolled up in my throat. Somehow I got up the bunk to stand was difficult, all around camera swinging. Focusing on the door to the bathroom, I rushed to where I was sick for a long time.

   When the prison paramedic came, I was sitting on the bench trying to understand what was happening to me.

   Felt in the axilla stuck in the ice of the thermometer, making me all shaken.

   “Thirty-seven and three. The temperature’s not too high for her angina. And his face is swollen and red, like an Allergy. What kind of pills do you take now?”- the prison paramedic chirped nearby.

   I was sick again, and I barely had time to run to the toilet. My health was more like a hangover: my head was cracking, my stomach was bursting out.

   Ignoring the paramedic and longitudinal Allochka, I took a box with medicines and pulled out from it a plate of black coal, in turn drank ten tablets and fell back to sleep on a rack.

   Next time, I opened my eyes to the screams of the prisoners “the Road to good!”. The condition of the body was weakened and tired.

   I turned on the kettle, poured a Cup of chicken cube and poured boiling water. Once the cube has dissolved, slow SIPS drank the broth. His stomach rumbled with pleasure. After taking a shower I wanted to eat again. For an hour I ate my supplies and tried to understand what was happening to me. In my head I clearly remembered the night visitor Olga Vasilievna and someone’s hands in black rubber gloves.

   Continuation: When the prisoner is faced with a difficult choice. 



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