87. Lawyer from the system.

   Beginning: Birthday in solitary confinement.

 “Selling system” is such that if You “ordered”, then you have no rights, well, no and even make a withdrawal-refusal to “selling lawyer”! (scan documentary evidence after the article.)

   Yesterday I understood the meaning of the song: “Birthday is a sad holiday.”We spent the night with a longitudinal Alia cried for my recessed a gift – prison kitten Peach. Despite the GUFSIN video camera on the length, Allochka came to my camera every half hour. Through the open pocket of the armor we discussed the cruelty of the matron Vasilisa, who drowned in the monthly bucket of kittens.

   “I hope that I will live here until the summer, then get a law degree. I’ll quit here and get a job as an assistant in a law firm. And as soon as I gain experience on protection, I will go to lawyers. I don’t have the strength to work in this den anymore. Working here, I realized that there are a lot of innocent people in prison. And all because of dishonest lawyers and investigators.”- the longitudinal Allochka shared with me the thoughts.

   “You will make a very kind and decent lawyer.”I supported the jailer.

   When I was going to the court session in the morning, I was very upset with my appearance – red and swollen from tears eyes could please the Prosecutor, my lawyer and the judge.

   “We’ll have to make a bright and festive mikap. I will never show these scum how sick and heavy I feel after my birthday!”I decided and armed myself with makeup.

   I decided to dress up in new purchases, which my son gave me. Wool skirt and turtleneck from “Oasis” warmed my soul a little, because I imagined with what care my son went to the Mall and remembered what boutiques I like.

   I walked into the court aquarium belligerent, like a Valkyrie or Amazon. Ignoring the haughty smiles of the Prosecutor and the lawyer, I cheerfully told the convoy Stas the case of one criminal with whom I was in cell 184.

   The story in brief: the pensioner-the cashier was framed with a large shortage. She “went on the run” to another region. She worked there and lived there for almost five years. One day walking in the Park, sat down on a bench to relax, not paying attention to the fact that next door two homeless drink vodka. The patrol took three of them to investigate. Only two people had already come out. The cashier was sent to the stage at the crime scene.

   Everyone laughed in the hall, even the Prosecutor. When the happy and cheerful judge came into session, on his look it would be possible to assume that he overheard my story.

   After establishing the audience at the hearing, I announced:

   “Your honor, I have a second refusal from this defender. His actions are directed against me and my will. Having studied the written statement of the lawyer in the debate, I found that the information contained against me! Counsel agrees with the prosecution, thereby recognizing my guilt!»

   The defence counsel denied: “My client, because of her legal illiteracy, does not understand what I have stated in the debate!»

   The court denied my application, saying that I was ABUSING my right.

 I hated and despised the judge with all my heart and soul after his refusal of my next petitions.

   On my petitions for studying of proofs of illegal actions of employees of the power who intended to arrange raider capture, the judge declared:

   “The defendant, in your opinion, if representatives of the power make illegal actions, they need to cause injuries?»

   I was just shocked by this statement. That is, the judge, without having heard still my indications told about the position that my fault is already proved. And as if I didn’t beat about ice, showing video evidence that this crime wasn’t – to me in plain text gave to understand that I – am guilty and condemned long ago.

   I looked at the smirk of the judge, the Prosecutor, the judge’s Secretary, and wished them to burn in hell.

   The judge continued to look at me and smiled maliciously, waiting for me to answer his remark.

   “Your honor, please exclude my remark about the right to use article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The CCP gives me the right to testify at any time! The petition to attach to case papers of court.”- I announced a new petition and handed the sheet to the judge through the escort of Stas.

   Of course, this was denied, as well as the announcement of the Protocol of interrogation of me as a suspect.


“You violate my rights, both under the CPC and the Constitution of the Russian Federation!”- with offense I declared to the judge.

   “So, if You abuse your position! the judge laughed.

   In me flipped his circuit-breaker.

   “Your honor, please excuse me for abusing my position!”I only said in a voice hoarse with indignation. 

   My next petitions were all granted, as well as the withdrawal of the lawyer.

   “Oh, come on, what kind of goat? To tell you that you are abusing your position. Let would change places with you!”- outraged convoy Stas, when we returned from the courtroom to the sump for prisoners.

   But I was worried that I would not hurt my today’s “incontinence”. The fear more and more attracted to me when I was taken back by police van to the prison. The cell was cold and damp. I turned off the heater this morning, just in case a check came in. I was shaking whether from the cold or from fear, or even why….

   Before the statement of the roads I called Adam and said roughly:

   “Why did you give up your lawyer? They also say the judge was seduced!»

   “Sooooo…” I thought with a slack jaw. None of the guards who were in the courtroom did not adhere to this version, all praised me that I was able to achieve a withdrawal, with their words – “stupid lawyer.”

   “Who informed you about this? Prosecutor?”- in turn, I also rudely ran over Adam.

   “Don’t talk nonsense! I told you a hundred times that I know everything! Adam said in a frightened tone.

   “Darling, you said ‘A’ and now you have to say ‘B’. Or I am forced to “go to the boiler” and declare their doubts! So let’s not fight, and you’ll give me a good answer, who could have told you about what happened in court?”my tone was very threatening.

   “Aram called me from the boiler and informed me about it. I don’t know what his deal is with this lawyer. He says you’re wrong about the lawyer, says he wanted to help you. The lawyer’s worried that you’re gonna give all the inmates in the prison a bad recommendation.”- is offended and reported Adam.

   «Certainly. Is that why he told you I seduced the judge? I asked in disdain.

   Adam was talking into the phone, trying to convince me, but I put the puzzles together and realized that “work out” me in prison began with the arrival of this lawyer and because of “friendship with Adam”. At the same time “in friendship” entered Aram.

   “Adam, honestly? You, Aram, and this lawyer were hired by my enemies or competitors to eliminate me in prison?”I asked the prisoner, rudely interrupting.

   There was a long and oppressive pause. I was one hundred percent sure I was right.

   “Are you fucking… I can be offended by such a statement! Adam pretended.

   “I’m sorry if I was wrong.”I calmly answered and turned off the phone.

   I was worried that the thing sitting back to me in court, lightning spreads information that is not on my hand. I rushed around the camera, twisting footage and looking for a way out of this “ambush”.

   In the morning I had finished the statement for disqualification of a judge with a petition of apology about offending the feelings of the presiding officer.

   After a morning walk, this is a statement passed through the longitudinal Lyudmila in the prison office. Then I fell asleep. Woke up from rattling on the continued truck balander. When the window-pocket on the reservation was opened, I saw an unknown to me balander.

   “Where’s our balander?”I asked Lyudmila.

   “In solitary. And then go to the zone for violating the regime in prison!”- calmly replied the longitudinal.

   “What did he do? I was surprised.

   “I beat the senior on group.”the new balander replied with a pleasant smile.

   “Probably the older got?”I asked balander.

   Balander winked at me in a friendly way and replied:

   “I don’t know. I wasn’t present at the fight. By the way, these two packs of milk. You’ve been put on a diet.»

   “Who bet?”- I asked.

   “Nutritionist, apparently.”he laughed and winked at me again.

   I smiled athletically-built to balangero thought:

   “How the fellow countryman managed to lure such handsome in our team. And yet, what a cool code word I came up with in the bath on his birthday – diet, nutritionist.»

   After two hours of the day in jail was the zinc:

   “With the roads full flow!»

   Along the length ran longitudinal Lyudmila and clapped pockets on the armor.

   “The Council arrived. All on white!”she shouted into my pocket as I took off the invisible road on my tails.

   Having done everything in white, made up, dressed up and sat on the bench to wait for the long-awaited guest – Bear. A few minutes later, the locks and bolts on the armor rattled. I was shaking with excitement and had a fever. On the threshold appeared the guard of administrative buildings, the same as was in the day of my birth.

   “Gather for investigative actions.”he announced.

   “Where?”I said in a frightened and hoarse voice.

   “Yeah, well You constantly so frightened at my appearance? The lawyer came to You, but not the one who was a few days ago, and the other man.”he grumbled.

   In the administrative building I was met by a very nice and nice man.

   Having got acquainted, he began to ask me about the case.

   “You know, You almost make me trust you. But I have a favor to Ask you, just sit tight until the debate. Prepare your speech for me in writing so that I know what You will say. This is just in case I don’t have to repeat myself in my speech. OK?”I asked the new lawyer in a kind voice.

   He glanced at my face in surprise and said,:

   “In the case materials submitted to Your administrative offences of exceeding speed of 40 km/h. It is not in Your favor.»

   I’m surprised rounded eyes, not realizing the connection.

   “You see, it’s like circumstantial evidence, where You have a lightning reaction to the defense.”the lawyer announced.

   “Listen, have You studied the case? In fact, there is a flash drive with video recordings of the incident! Look at her! And read what the victims say! Where on video I, in turn, throw out two fat men-big men, a fat woman and a long tall? Look at their size and mine! All I’m leaving, recuse yourself in court or sit and be quiet!”I was angry and furious.

   When I returned to the corps, the longitudinal People said::

   “The Council just left. Someone came into your cell, took my keys. But who came, didn’t see – ordered to be on duty at lokalok. By the way, Kosolapov was also. Bad luck you didn’t see him.»

   «Clearly.”I replied in irritation, which did not let go after the lawyer.

   There was a familiar scent of Cologne in the cell, and I smiled. On the table lay a draft disqualification of a judge. She picked it up and held it to her nose – it smelled of Cologne. Attention was drawn to the pillow, which is clearly touched, because it was not as I usually lay it during inspections.

   “The phone you were looking for? I thought, startled, remembering if I had turned off my phone when I hid it in the mattress near the pillow.

   Quickly pulled out of the mattress phone, making sure that off, hid back. There was nothing under the pillow, but inside the pillowcase was some kind of fabric. Pulling it out and unwrapping it, I gasped – a black pillowcase with big red roses.

   “Wow. The most unusual bouquet of flowers ever presented to me. I thought, and put the pillowcase on the pillow.

   A delegation of jailers came to me for the evening inspection. All, glancing at the pillowcase, mysteriously and interested looked at me. And here is longitudinal Viktorovich resentfully said:

   “When will come the test, the pillow case hide! By the way, why didn’t You say you didn’t have a mirror? I’ll get It from the warehouse.»

   After some time, Viktorovich came with a carpenter-goat and I hung a large mirror on the wall in the cell. I was just in seventh heaven – four months in solitary I looked at myself in a pocket mirror.

   At night, after twenty missed calls from Adam, I answered him.

   “I swear it’s not what you think!”the prisoner said in a pained voice.

   I didn’t hear his constant “mom I swear” line.

   “I already apologized to you yesterday.”I said indifferently.

   “It hurts me that you don’t believe me. I’ve done so much for you in prison! Adam said, offended.

   “I’m grateful for everything. I have asked you a hundred times on behalf of my son how to thank you for solitary confinement. By the way, my son collects the parcel, the Parliament of Karat you need?”I asked calmly.

   Adam’s voice was not as heavy as it had been before.

   “I don’t have any money right now. I am your small even for the blocks of cigarettes didn’t give. So if it’s not too much trouble to send him, I’ll pay him later.»

   “Adam, it’s because of you that I’m in solitary, isn’t it?”I asked, interrupting the prisoner.

   Awkward silence.

   “Well, I also asked the owner to transfer you from the General cell.”- julil Adam.

   Who else? I know what you know. Tell me honestly, and then we’ll finally make up.”I cheated.

   Again a prolonged silence.

   “I can be wrong in my guesses, so I will not speak.”the prisoner replied dryly.

   “You know, it’s important to me. I want to know who to thank. Give me a hint?”I begged.

   “I have nothing to say to you. Adam replied dryly.

   Indian curiosity, what to do. Of course, I have long realized that Adam was not involved in the translation me alone, wanted a confession from him, but alas.

   A few hours later, Adam called me again and told me in a surprised voice that he was being transferred to another prison, just like Aram from the cauldron. I breathed a sigh of relief, and aloud cast:

   “Who will protect me in this prison now?»

   “Don’t worry, your Grandfather will look after you. Adam said sadly.

   I did not say anything on that because I know that it is now not only a Grandfather watching over me.


Manipulators in robes;  Poison in the sugar from the prisoner. 

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