88. Poison in prison.

Beginning: A surprise for a lawyer

Manipulators in robes

 They tried to poison me last night.

   The night before, I got through the transmission from my son a lot of sweets, including a kilogram of lemons. As luck would have it, I ran out of sugar, and I well, just unbearably wanted sweet soaked slices of lemon in its own juice. This is when you cut a lemon into slices and put in a container, pouring each layer of sugar, and after a few hours or days you can safely eat a slice, drink lemon syrup – the best absorption of vitamin C.

   So, sugar in Central is always a deficit! So knowing that the guys are asking for makes no sense, wrote the kite-poprashaika Pauline. The kite made “abandonando” fresh Vienna bun, and halva. Call ahead to “looking with” and was asked to open my way with the female body. As I told you before, “by someone’s decision” I was allowed to “race on the roads” only with the male body.

   “Good, sister.”- promised me looking Fierce.

    I approximately felt that my kite with a gangster will pass through fifteen of the hat, before it gets to the camera Polina. At least wait at least an hour.

   After a while, in addition to thugs from Pauline with sugar, I got a pile of “malyava” other women’s chambers. I even wrote female killers from the chamber 179, which I was sokamernika after me activists from the chamber 184.

(Hell in a non-Smoking cell. – Last day in the cell with the killers. )

They reported that they “broke the camcorder in the house” and now they are expensive. Still glad the gang from aunt Masha, a lawyer, with whom he was in 181 camera, she was already waiting in the stage area. In his message of joyful ex-lawyer reported that through the wall from me, “shut down for a bribe sledovatelyu” which “slyapat case” against aunt Masha.

   “Lord, give all good to my enemies and let them join me in prison!”- I prayed at this moment to the Almighty.

   In addition to the malyava from “the prisoner’s friends – former cell mates”, came the letter from “Diesel”. She was interested in my “insanity” in her long letter, because she thought that only a psycho could be in solitary for so long without communication and TV.

   By unsubscribing to all malyava, I sent the kite and the road Builder van from H. 53 with a request to “make consumption of my way with the female body.”

   Cut into slices lemon sharp (cover from under the tin) and sprinkled them with sugar from the banduk from Pauline. To the sugar quickly dissolved, put the glass near the heater, and then a few hours talking to Sonny on the phone, thanking him for peredachku and listening to the news from the world outside.

   Heating the boiling water, poured tea and added to the mug from a glass of lemons top unsweetened slice. The taste of tea was strange, not at all as usual.

   Before I had even finished half a mug, my stomach was like a dagger. At first I threw up, and then I started having terrible diarrhea.

   “Overeated? I thought, sitting on the toilet.

   From drugs was only activated coal. I had to “go to the boiler” and ask for medicines for the stomach, intestines. All I could send the pot – I helped, but only in the morning (I will not advertise self-treatment).

   All night I “cruised around the toilet.” And also, like me, all night, in addition to the longitudinal Lyudmila, who knocked on the heels on the shoes, someone else cruised my camera and constantly looked into the peephole.

   “Why are you so green?”- asked me at the morning check longitudinal People.

   “I ate something wrong.”I replied, suffering from heaviness in the area of the liver.

   “These are your roads to good will! Someone across the street will poison you, and then we’ll have to answer for it!”johnny said longitudinal and walked out.

   Turning on the kettle, I wondered what to drink tea or coffee. I chose boiling water with lemon. The slice of lemon out of the glass with sugar when pulling, broke in two on the spoon and blurted out on the floor. Without understanding anything, I faked another slice, but it fell apart, like the others. Sliced lemons and spilling sugar, it turned out ugly mush.

   I scattered the remaining sugar on a white sheet of paper and began to study it. Among the crystal sugars was a gray powder that was clearly visible against the white A4 sheet.

   Confused sitting on the bench, I asked myself out loud:

   “What does it all mean? What do you mean?»

   The fact that I wanted to poison, it is clear and fool, but Who?

   Of course I understood that I can’t declare it anywhere.

   Walk and Breakfast of soup I was rejected. To intercede to replace Svetlana, suspiciously asked:

   “What do you think for an hour, looking at one point on the wall?»

   “My stomach hurts. I wonder if I should call a doctor or not.”I said, not happy.

   “And on the case now, the convoy from the hospital collects prisoners to see a doctor. Do you want to take a walk with them? Your girlfriend also stands out from the local area, go to the doctor.”the jailer reported.

   “Yes, of course, it is better to go to the doctor immediately.”- I agreed.

     When we walked through the corridors in case the hospital, I asked Pauline a few minutes ago I was happily greeted at the local area:

   “Field, and you yourself personally bandukwala sugar that night I sent?»

   «No. Goldilocks ganged up, why?”the prisoner’s friend replied.

   A little behind the group of prisoners, I told them about the gray powder in the sugar and my poisoning.

   “Well, no, I don’t think it was Anka who wanted to poison you. The poison could have been added to the sugar in any cell while the bandit was flying from me to you. By the way, he flew through the camera and Diesel.”Paul Said incredulously, looking at me with an open and honest look.

   “Anything is possible. I hope my liver doesn’t decompose after that sugar.”I agreed sadly.

   When we have the whole group stood in front of the doctor’s office, I heard some of the prisoners rebelled, and scolded Kosolapov.

   “Due to the fact that you see the loud sound was included, atsmona TV. You can’t imagine how we laughed at him when he personally dragged the TV to the length. He’s a little thick, put yourself on the belly of the TV and puffing barely pulled out of the camera.”- the young prisoner told, and others laughed at her story.

   “And you’re not confused? Is Kosolapov fat and short? I asked in surprise.

   «Not confuse. He’s a little shorter than you, and he’s ten times bigger and fatter. the storyteller laughed.

   I looked at the prisoner in disbelief, and Polina said::

   “Here and there, they are the same height, but the physique certainly fat ten times. He is the head of the bypass was doing and came to us for a survey of Vasilisa.”Pauline laughed, too.

   “Our camera was also questioned about Vasilis.”all the prisoners answered at once.

   “You look at me so surprised. Have you had a visit or something?”- asked Paul.

   “The lawyer just came to me. She returned to the cell when the Council went to the men’s corps. What was the survey about Vasilisa?”- I asked.

   “So she was suspended from work because someone wrote to the website of the FSIN about her cruelty to animals and prisoners. Poor Vasilisa, and all because of that balander who drowned little kittens! It therefore immediately sent to the camp.”- Pauline was indignant.

   I looked at Polina with surprise and realized that she was really sorry and sympathetic to Vasilisa. Their opinion and knowledge about the situation with the kittens, I’ve kept to myself.

   “Well, what’s up and how’s your handsome judge? Did you melt his heart?”- Polina smiled slyly at me.

   I looked at this prisoner, and for some reason I wanted to never talk to this woman again.

   When Polina went to the doctor’s office, I turned to the young prisoner, who told me about Kosolapov.

   “And with Kosolapov was a tall and handsome Colonel, he still smelled very strongly of Cologne?»

   “I don’t know, maybe. To us entered the cell only head and Kosolapov and others relying on the continued remained. Maybe he was one of them. What?”- with challenge asked the prisoner.

   “The crowd always comes to my cell, so I thought to one of them that he is Colonel Kosolapov. And it turns out that this is a completely different person.”- I justified myself to women.

   The prison doctor felt my liver and stated:

   “The liver is enlarged. Painful.»

   That I knew without his cheering. But you have to tell him thank you, why do not regret and gave me expensive pills with choleretic and hepatoprotective effect.

   On the way back to the women’s corps, Polina kept buzzing about my judge and advised me how to turn him to my side with the help of love spells. Suddenly I remembered the words of the transit in cell 181, when she said that there were several provocateurs in the cell. Then stiffened several inmates, including Pauline Anne-zolotorudnoj (The seventh circle of purgatory, or someone in the house provocateur?).

 That’s certainly the prison motto: do Not believe. Have no fear. Not ask.

   And again, this intrigue with the “Bear”, as I was all bored, absolutely everywhere these provocateurs-manipulators. I can’t wait for the verdict and go home!

   Continuation: Who enjoys debate.


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