Who will be put in jail?

During the direct line, the President instructed the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor General’s office, the Investigative Committee UNTIL NOVEMBER to provide specific proposals on how to reduce the number of “sit-ins” in jail.

   Immediately, on June 24, 2019, the FSIN held a meeting on the instructions of the President to improve the conditions of detention of suspects and accused of committing crimes. 

   Together with the presidential Council for the development of civil society and human rights, the Federal penitentiary service has prepared proposals for possible amendments to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

   Among them, it is proposed to exclude the use of detention against people who have committed crimes of small and medium gravity, as well as the consolidation at the legislative level of the rule obliging the courts to take into account the availability of free places and the workload of the pre-trial detention center when choosing a preventive measure.

   On the page of the Committee for civil rights reported that the meeting adopted 7 proposals for the President:

   1. It is necessary to introduce a rule that would imply the possibility of parole directly from the pre-trial detention center of those who have already reached the deadline when they can apply for parole; 

   2. In the case of appointment by the court of imprisonment in respect of those who were at liberty to apply in respect of them, until the sentence comes into legal force – house arrest; 

   3. In case of overcrowding, the prisoners will be kept in the detention center for up to 30 days;

   4. The head of the pre-trial detention center has the right to refuse admission of suspects and accused of committing crimes of small and medium gravity, if at the same time 1 prisoner will be less than 4 sq. m.;

   5. Prohibit the detention of persons with disabilities in groups 1 and 2;

   6. Prohibit the detention of women with children under 3 years of age, except for the Commission of particularly serious crimes;

   7. Exclude the use of detention in respect of persons accused of a crime involving up to 5 years of imprisonment.

   I hope that a decision to hold prisoners for up to 30 days in the detention center, the Council now understands that EVERY person arrested should first be evaluated for medical evidence to rule out an OPEN FORM of TUBERCULOSIS AND OTHER DISEASES, which are contraindicated to be detained! 


   The proposals are not bad, but again the question is: who should keep a prisoner under house arrest for several months or years while the pre-trial investigation is going on?

   And most importantly forgot that INVESTIGATORS DELIBERATELY INFLATE the ACCUSATORY part of the ARTICLE of the criminal code is, with regard to according to claim 7 Sentences!

   Why others are silent watchdogs of the prison and jail, isn’t that their business?

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