Rates in prison.

When the prisoners are betting on the game – the prison guards bet on the lives of prisoners.

   “Red Katran” – so called in prison rates guards.

   About how the prisoners “roll the game” has long been written on the Internet.

   And here is how “roll the game wardens”, carefully hidden. But, as if a small group of jailers did not try to hide about the “rates of guards”, it still becomes known to many prisoners in prison. 100% of this is known to activists from the press hut. These “activists” are outsiders in the rates, and it is certainly profitable for them to keep silent about this “Katran”. But among these activists there are very talkative individuals, from which it becomes known about the rates of jailers.

   Yes, and some former jailers do not mind to talk about it…

   In contrast to the rates of prisoners, wardens bet on the prisoners themselves. This: bet on the winner in a fight between the inmates, the rate for “looking for business” rate “on down,” bet on “sex with inmates” and others.

   As everyone guessed, bought the game itself and appoint players – guards “red Katran”.

   For the first time I heard about the “red Katran” from my cellmate, who was one of the “activists in the press house”. Many have already read about it in my story under the heading “purgatory”.

   About how I became a member of the “red Katran” can be read in Prison in prison. This is an excerpt from the continuation of my story, which is currently being edited. Similar articles: Sex in prison.

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