Red camera bnikov in prison.

   Essay. Red hut and the hut for bnikov.

   On the Internet, many argue that these are the same cameras in jail.

   That’s not so.

   In this article, the two key words – “red” and “sniki”, consider these words from prison slang.

   For starters, who are biniki. BS-the former employee of bodies, “system”. These are employees of the UK, interior Ministry, Prosecutor’s office, courts, FSIN and etc.

   “Red” in prison, jail-this is everything and everything that is banned and under strict control only by prison guards.

   Ignorant prisoners believe that if the former “Mus@RA” sit in the cell, then the “hut is red” and without roads. There is no, in cell “BS” – roads there is! Those roads are known to the overseer of Central and to the jailers.

   And here, “red hut” – without roads, routes and communication. “Snoopers” also shy away from such cameras.

   On the Central where I was, I “accidentally” became aware of several “red hat”. In addition to cameras with “benyami”, was one of the “red camera” for women. There were three killers who were directly related to the employees of the “system”: wife, mother and daughter. For all of Central, these three prisoners were very valuable prisoners. There was a video camera in their cell, they had no mobile connection, but they could make calls on the prison’s video phone. The cell itself was landscaped and renovated without bunk beds, it did not feel like a prison cell. Prison staff “blew the dust off them.” These murderers were under the protection of the investigation and the court! In this cell I had to stay a few days after I survived the “meat grinder” in the press hut.

   About the second “red hut” for men, I learned from a cellmate-killer from the women’s “red hut”. That cell held her husband, a murderer who had a direct connection to the investigative system. There he was kept not because of the fact that he was benecom, but because he was aware of the more terrible crimes of their colleagues and superiors. In order that he not become a witness in other cases of “werewolves in uniform” – his and kept under constant “red” control, sometimes subjecting them to torture.

   After I was transferred from the” red hut “alone, my cell was constantly “shaken by the jailers” to be declared “red”. But, the prison management was interested in another picture with my participation, so I was with the “roads” and mobile communication.

   So, do not believe those who assure that “red house” is the only camera with benyami! Jailers can declare any cell “red” in order to isolate the prisoner from the whole prison – and then the prisoner will not be able to stand up for the “watchers and authorities”!

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    Безгранично нужная информация. Не лишним будет поразмышлять.

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    Давным давно откапывал эту публикацию. Сыскал на сём сайте. Благодарю

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    а бсников в спец-хаты для отработки заводят?

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