17. The jackals are in jail.

  Beginning: Chaos on the investigation. 

 “And what is her benefit, that she slipped free of the FAI psychotropic drugs? I asked quietly.

   A week before this conversation.

   The neighbor on the bunk Natasha is a thief, watching me trying to write left hand application to the court, offered me his services as a scribe. Agreed to, that for this service I it’ll pay ten cigarettes.

   Another cellmate Natasha-a drug addict offered for a pack of cigarettes to wash my clothes and to watch in the cell instead of me.

   Since I did not smoke, I had a constant supply of cigarettes, which sent me the boiler and passed through peredachku my son.

   I was very happy with the suggestions of my cellmates. My right hand was constantly numb and separate from me, so I had to do everything with my left hand.

   So, at the moment when I dictated to the cellmate-the clerk of the text of the statement in court, the reservation opened and in the camera brought the woman with two big travel bags. She looked about sixty years old, plump, tall and unsympathetic Tatar.

   She sat down on the bench and put her hands on the Director’s Desk-the common room, she carefully began to consider each of us.

   “My name is Faina. I’m one of the famous farmers in this town. Arrested me for 159 article trying to sew me something I did not commit. In fact: I “ate” with one goat, who put his eye on my field. Fought with him for a long time, but only recently learned that it “protects” a high-ranking person from the authorities. They shut me down for two months, but in a week I have an appeal against the arrest complaint, and I will be released. I have a very cool and expensive lawyer! But for this week hope, women, we not let us to fight? Therefore, I came to you not empty-handed, but with Goodies! Who will help me to disassemble a bag of groceries?»

 At the same moment, Faina jumped Masha-Ukrainian and began to help to bring to the table are simply divine products.

   There were: grilled chicken, Servelat, smoked bacon, ham, lard with layers, horse meat, pork, cheese, Dutch and Edam, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries, tangerines, oranges, apples, pears, kiwi, bananas, lavash, French loaves and sweets for tea from Chuck-Chuck to pies. All the products were cut into pieces.

   Not every one of us could afford such products in the wild in January.

   “Let’s women sit down to eat, and then we will get acquainted.”she suggested.

   “Are you a Russified Tatar? You’ve brought so much fat with you.”I asked Faina.

   “Yeah, I Russified due to Russian husband, together we have almost twenty years. He’s fifteen years younger than me. The first husband died. No child. Here we live for the sake of the young husband, and the very soul younger!”Faina said sadly and burst into tears. 

   We all camera began to comfort her and talk about their troubles. That’s how we met.

   Later that night, Masha-Ukrainian Faina suggested that you call your husband. Faina is a very loud talking, and waving at her constantly “booed”.

   First Faina ordered tone listed husband products, which he should was next day it to hand. After her question about the lawyer and her business, there was a ten-minute silence, Faina silently listened to her husband’s report.

   Suddenly she screamed at the whole camera, hysterically sobbing:

   “Let them all die! Ahhh… Bastards!»

   With lightning speed Masha grabbed the phone from Faina’s hands and only managed to hide it, as the guards with batons ran into the cell.

 We must pay tribute to that Faina had time to realize his mistake and continuing to weep, lament:

   “People good, for that us, women such suffering? Is it possible to keep women in such conditions in our modern country? You work here and get paid thanks to my taxes, which I, as a fool regularly paid! Do we create a civilization. And get a doctor right away, I’m not feeling well, my blood pressure’s gone up because of the claustrophobia in the prison!»

   I and other cellmates sat on their bunks and stared fearfully at the guards, sobbing Faina. 

   The guards believed that Faina was hysterical because of claustrophobia and was taken to the doctor in the next building. To accompany Faina allowed Masha-Ukrainian.

   When the reservation for them all closed, I was all shaking, as Natasha-Armenian. I quickly pulled the phone out of my sneaker and gave it to her to hide. Just yesterday, an Armenian woman bought this phone from a Squirrel in the next cell.

   When he came to Faina and Mary, they got on the Car rack and long whispering. Then Faina went to bed and slept until the next evening.

   Day Natasha-Armenian has repeatedly made the remark Masha-Ukrainian, Mile-moronize and Natasha-the addict that they have no demand Faina eat products. However Masha assured that FAI now with them “bread” and allowed them to be treated to its stocks at any time.

   Before the evening check FAE brought peredachku from her husband, the inventory was the same as yesterday on the table, but it was still in large volumes.

   During the week, every day Faina brought a transfer from her husband, the food basket each time was the same.

   The fridge was completely Packed Finame products. FAI went sad and waited for the court of appeal. She never spoke to her husband on the phone again, she was angry with him.

   The reason for FAI’s discontent with her husband was unknown to us. Masha and Faina every night about something whispered, Tatar disbosom khokhlushka. After that, Faina lay down on her rack and slept almost a day until the next evening check.

   In the morning Faina was not woken up for a check. Masha said to the jailers, and that the FAI had high blood pressure and she, having drunk a tablet from pressure, fell asleep a while ago. 

   On the fifth day, when Masha was bathing in the shower, Faina sat down on my rack and asked me in a whisper:

   “What color is the Novo-Passita capsule?»

   «Not remember. Why?”I also whispered back to her.

   “The fact that I’m free saw “new Passit” capsules were white, and here brown and white. Before they gave me little help. And now I’m sleeping off them all the time, like they’re psychoactive. I once prescribed psychotropic pills, at first I slept from them, and then I had an allergic attack and I was barely pumped out in the intensive care unit.”- said in a whisper Faina.

   “Did the prison doctor give you these pills?”- I asked.

   Faina shook her head. At this moment Masha-Ukrainian came out of the shower, faye suddenly asked me:

   “And you were in the Suburban horse village of Mr. “X”?»

   “No, I was at his home phase once. How do you know I know him? I was surprised.

   “I didn’t know you knew him. I just saw your drawing of a horse and heard that you wanted to breed breeding horses in the wild. Here is and asked. I had no idea the world was so small, and you might know it.”she replied in a distressed voice.

   “I can not call him a friend, as well as a good friend. One day my friends invited me to see his circus horses. He welcomed us and fed us with his ear. And then he had a photo shoot. But I never got my picture. I said.

   “Is he the one I butt heads over their land. And apparently, already lost. A few days ago, when I was in the detention center, the bookkeeper, whom I fired, gave my “black accounts” in the imprint. My husband on the phone said that they searched the office and home, seized computers and my laptop. Six months ago, I fired that accountant because of an affair with my husband. But I was a fool to forgive him. Now I’m in a women’s prison, and my husband and his mistress live on my money. I think that because black accounting I now exactly “ten” Shine!”- shared sore FAI.

   At this moment Masha-Ukrainian Faina was called to dinner.

   The next day, Faina has to have a court hearing on the appeal, so she went to bed before everyone else, even before lights out.

   “Teletubbies” – so we called appellate court sessions. On appeal, prisoners are not taken out of prison, but are taken to special rooms equipped with computers with monitors, something resembling an ATM, only a bigger screen. Through video conferencing and meetings of the court of appeal with the prisoners of the prison.

   With the “Teletubbies” faye came in angry and in tears.

   “The arrest was extended for six months! I don’t want to talk to anyone yet!”she announced menacingly.

   Faina silently laid from the refrigerator to the table all your food and straight from packet start aggressive there. Masha-Ukrainian poured into his and her mug of fragrant coffee, silently set the Cup in front of Fay, and she inhaled cigarette carefully considered thought about something else.

   Deep into the night, Faina was arguing on the phone with her husband. Then the same obscene words “caressed” by phone and the lawyer. After talking with them she again became hysterical with sobs, but this time FAI was acting quiet, afraid to attract the guards.

   In the morning, I and a cellmate woke up to a hysterical scream. Mila screamed, and in doors toilets lay in Faina. Her body shuddered in convulsions.

   “Epileptic fit! Let’s get her out of there! Mila, call the guards and the doctor! I get spoon.”Natasha-Armenian ordered.

   In a few minutes walked into the cell “kostnice” with a stretcher and four of us carried the unconscious body of the FAI of our camera.

   Before lunch, five guards entered the cell and began to carry out “shmon”. Masha-bats found in a jar from under the tongue some brown and white capsules.

   “Where did you get these capsules?”- ominously asked the warden Olga.

   “I’m their prison the doctor prescribed to drink from nerves. I have a recipe for them, I will his psychiatrist prescribed.”replied Masha, and took out of the bag recipe.

   “Did you give these pills to the prisoner who was taken to the hospital on a stretcher today?”- continued to interrogate the matron.

   “No, I didn’t. A week ago, her doctor gave her some pills for blood pressure at night. All these days she was taking her blood pressure pills.”- as Mary said quietly.

   “The hospital called and said that she had an “overdose” from psychotropic pills. How do they do it? Right now, you’re the only one we’ve found with suspicious, unpackaged pills. Okay, let’s go to the doctor and find out what those pills are.”the warden said and led Masha out of the cell.

   “Tonight I saw khokhlushka give Faina pills.”Natasha the thief said in a whisper when the three of us sat down to dinner.

   Natasha-Armenian also nodded in the affirmative and said softly:

   “I also saw how Masha gave pills to FAE.”

    “And what is her benefit, that she slipped free of the FAI psychotropic drugs? I asked quietly.

   “Well, first of all, FAI fed them free of charge expensive products, it was for them as a cash cow, which can not be lost. Second, the FAI gradually got hooked on “wheel” and here’s a regular customer, who has the opportunity to “milk”. FAI from the first day boasted of their wealth. And like a grown woman, and her “lohanulas” gang.”- Natasha-Armenian answered me in a whisper.

   At this point I opened the “reservation” and went shining Masha:

   “The doctor was not in place. But I was lucky, we went to the meeting “Vasilisa”, and she confirmed that the doctor gives me only soothing “Novo-Passit”, which capsules brown and white.»

   “Actually, “Novo-Passit” capsules white and green tablets! I have been taking them for a long time. I can even guess what kind of capsules you have that are brown and white!”- Natasha-Armenian objected.

   In the evening of the same day, we got back in the cell held a “shakedown”, but it was done by another group of guards led by the prison guard Vasilisa.

   This time Natasha’s phone was found and now she was facing a punishment cell.

   I didn’t tell anyone that Faina had shared her doubts with me.

   Later, we learned about Faye that after the prison hospital, she was sent to a prison mental hospital.

   Continuation: Chapeau before the trial. 

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