15. Christmas in prison.

  Beginning: Shakedown in the house. 

 Christmas morning.

   The week after the first “shmon” (search) flew by instantly.

   On the second of January Masha-khokhlushka instead of a punishment cell was brought to conversation to the main warden on female prison. Returning, she reported that “punishment cell” on repair and she was given chance to be corrected, being in the camera. She also pleased us that she agreed with the supervisor “Vasilisa” to return us to the TV camera and shower hoses, which were seized during the search on the first of January.

   We were all very happy with this news. But only one cellmate in the house did not hide her hostility to this news – it’s Natasha-Gypsy.

   An hour later, the TV was working in the cell and we took turns taking a shower.

   Later, Masha-khokhlushka invited us six, except Natasha did-Roma women, “on coffee-break” and whispers conspiratorially reported about how, that there is opportunity buy a new “flashlight”, for five thousands of rubles.

   She offered to buy it for us. Seeing our doubts, Masha reported:

   “For the safety of this phone I answer itself, until the lock-up. Now I have the money to pay for the phone itself, and then you will make your sums when your relatives will be able to allocate money from their budget. Each will be in seven hundred rubles. Or do you constantly, like last night, want to pay a hundred rubles to a Gypsy woman for five minutes of conversation with her family? We are all stuck here for a long time, and we will have the opportunity to talk on your phone with your family an unlimited number of times and time!”

   We all agreed to consider her offer.

   However, later, the three of us flatly refused “such a tempting offer.”

   After midnight, when “came a new flashlight” hohlushka suggested that each of the six of us call “free” to their family with the offer of purchase of the phone. But not only me, but two and Natasha (an Armenian and a brand new thief) noticed a scratch on the screen and erased the number nine, as on that phone that “usmanali” during the search of the first of January.

   Hearing our refusal to buy a “new flashlight”, the Gypsy offered us to call from her phone for fifty rubles a month. 

   So, our “common house” has been divided into two camps. 

  Now every morning began with scandals. Every time Masha started to cook dinner for her team, there was shouting and swearing in the cell. Natasha-Gypsy carped to Masha-khokhlushka and demanded, then move the products to the edge of the table, as we all also had to cook, then demanded to collect the scattered crumbs on the table and so on, to the puddles after bathing. Cellmate of “brigades” Masha is not very supported in her scandals, but only picky about her cooking tasteless meals. Before that, Natasha-Armenian was engaged in cooking food, but now she was not in their team.

   However, things changed dramatically the night before Christmas. When I passed by Masha, I heard a fragment of a phrase that khokhlushka said to someone on the phone: “We need red or brown tablets for the holiday.”Then she was conspiring with drug addicts Cute, Leroy and Natasha. Then all four of them began to behave arrogantly in the chamber. All the attacks Natasha-Gypsy or Natasha-Armenian girl on Masha-Ukrainian, addict once began to scream, protecting Mary.

   Christmas morning began with the fact that she is an Armenian and boiled the kettle a bundle of rice, poured him a cherry juice out of the pack and invited all the inmates at the table to enjoy a Christmas pudding. So, together we started to celebrate Christmas with the whole camera.

   Before lunch, the “reservation” was opened and two “goat men” (convicts working in the prison in the households) entered the cell together with the “longitudinal”.squad), who made eight large packages with the logo of the charity.

   “These are Christmas gifts from sympathetic sponsors!”- declared the matron Alla.

   Each package had the same set: a pack of tea, a pack of caramel, a pack of cookies, toothpaste and a brush, soap, and a small piece of prayer.

   It was so touching, many of us shed tears, because not each of the prisoners relatives did peredachki. 

   For lunch there was “festive prison Balanda”: red borsch, cutlet with mashed potatoes and salad “Vinaigrette”. 

   After lunch with Mary-khokhlushka the warden came and took her away in an unknown direction. When she returned, the entire inside of “light”. Looking at our question of the persons who answered:

   “I was on the investigation with the investigator and lawyer!”

   What Natasha is a Gypsy told her:

   “Don’t lie! Until January 13, for a country weekend and no one works!”

   Khokhlushka laughed in the face of the Gypsy and said with threat:

   “The less you know – better sleep!”

   Late in the evening, Masha brought peredachku, which we were all surprised, because everyone knew that khokhlushka in this city, and the country, there is no one to do it.

   “My lawyer me made peredachku!”she said to us mysteriously.

   Earlier Masha-khokhlushka more than once said how grateful to the warden “Vasilisa”, for the fact that she was able to find her a good lawyer.

   But we were surprised not only by the transfer, but the composition of the products and their shape. First, there were products that were banned by the prison. Secondly, many of the products were not cut or opened: rolling sausage, soft packages of ketchup, mayonnaise and jam, candy were all in wrappers. 

   Masha triumphant laid out the food in the fridge and in my bag, and the four of us looked at each other confused.

   Me, Natasha the Gypsy, Natasha, an Armenian and Natasha, the thief always someone from the family did peredachki, but all products has been thoroughly mutilated: all that was cut was cut into small pieces, even candy; from batches of soups, anacomp, mashed potatoes, coffee, tea – the contents were put into transparent bags; mayonnaise, ketchup, jams – squeezed also in transparent bags; the cans were opened and transferred to plastic containers.

    After evening check, having refused a festive dinner, I went to bed.

   In the morning I was awakened by the shrill female cries of my cellmates. There was a fight between Natasha the Gypsy, and drug addicts of the gang Masha-bats.

   Suddenly the reservation was opened and several guards with batons ran into the cell. Natasha, a Gypsy and Lera, a drug addict, was taken out of the cell.

   Neighbor on shkonke Natasha-thief quietly told me about the incident:

   “Natasha is the Gypsy saw Masha, ljerka Milka and took the wheel-drugs. She became the face of his denunciation to the warden that the Ukrainian “market”. Then the fight started.”

   I was in shock, next to me sit true drug addicts and are not going to be corrected. These women were assured that the prison they got, because they planted drugs.

    At exactly six in the morning instead of the morning of the test we have in the house was another shakedown. But this time the search was selective. We were ordered to put our things on the rack, on which each of us slept and stand next to the bed.

   Masha, Mila and Natasha, a drug addict, were thoroughly searched. Then the three of them were taken somewhere. A few minutes brought them that are bruised Natasha-Gypsy and Leroux-addict, were both tear-stained.

   Under the scrutiny of prison guards Natasha and Lera silently gathered all my things. Then they were taken out of the cell with their bags, mattresses and bed.

   Returning trio – Masha, Mila and Natasha is a drug addict, without telling us anything, wvlilis on his bunk and slept the deep sleep before the evening test.

   I’m Natasha, a thief, and Natasha-Armenian all day were outraged over the behavior of inmates.

   In the evening we learned that Natasha-a Gypsy and Lera-a drug addict was transferred to different cameras.

   In a nine-seater chamber, we left the six of us.

   Continuation: Chaos on the investigation. 

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