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1. A house for prisoners.

The prisoner state – through the eyes of the prisoner from the women’s prison, the women’s prison corps. When you go to prison, you don’t give a damn about politics in the country and neighboring countries. You don’t care about war, elections, the increase of utility bills, discounts on fashionable clothes and all else that…

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2. Prison building for women.

  Beginning:  The arresting state.   CENTRAL – so prisoners call prison or pre-trial detention center.    Prison cells in the arrest slang – “Hut”.    Not only the “inmates” use “Fenya” (slang for conversation), those same words sound and from the mouth of the prison staff.    So, women in the Central contained in a…

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3. Nadezhda Krupskaya and the prison life.

Died 27 February 1939 – in its 70-year anniversary under mysterious circumstances.   At the age of 26, Nadezhda was arrested and imprisoned, where she spent many months. After that by court order she was sent into exile. Historians have studied the closed correspondence in the archives, “dug” that Hope before the revolution used party…

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