Thanks to interested persons, she was convicted under Article 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Thug article among male prisoners.

The blog started on September 21, 2018.

About the blog:

From the prisoner’s personal diary.

One person said to me: “Write about the prison-and it will let you go, stop having nightmares. If someone or something distracts you from writing-get rid of this source, otherwise you will be tormented to death by the memories of the horror you experienced in prison!”

So, thanks to this advice, the diary of a prisoner was born.

But a journalist-prisoner, after reading my blog, urged me to give an interview to the media: “The best cassation or appeal of a guilty verdict in our country is a public story about the incident in an Internet publication!” So far, there is no desire to give an interview, but an ESSAY about a women’s prison is published on the news site: sneg. tv.

Feature work “Women’s Prison and Women’s Zone” based on real events!

Names, surnames, and prison nicknames have been changed in the history – so there can be no coincidences!

In the screenshots (excerpts) from the minutes of the court session, the names were removed by me with a marker, the spelling was saved, because the s/w protocols are the originals!

Pictures, photos of prisons, pre-trial detention centers, guards and prisoners are taken from open sources on the Internet!

I hope that this story will change the views of those people who condemn the prisoners. They will understand that due to a judicial and investigative error, any women, even their mothers-sisters-daughters, can end up in prisons.


The main thing:


This blog does not call anyone to anything and does not agitate!

The blog does NOT cover deliberately false fabrications that discredit the state and social system in Russia.

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