Red camera bnikov in prison.

   Essay. Red hut and the hut for bnikov.    On the Internet, many argue that these are the same cameras in jail.    That’s not so.    In this article, the two key words – “red” and “sniki”, consider these words from prison slang.    For starters, who are biniki. BS-the former employee of…

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The administrator and author of the blog does not call anyone to anything and does not agitate!

Blog the problems of women prisoners are revealed, as well as their relatives. The difficulties they go through together, when a woman is taken into custody and put in jail, jail.    The blog does not contain information, who defames the state system and the public in Russia. 2+…

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   21.09.2019 year blog and site is 1 year old!

   The site was visited and read by more than 15 000 people (photo report Yandex.metrics-below), including readers of neighboring countries, countries (so the blog is translated into English).

   Thank you for your kind feedback and advice, as well as criticism.

   Initially, the site was planned as a draft of my book. But it just so happened that my story was read before editing by the publisher and published in paperback. Now I hope to see my story on TV.

   I sincerely wish everyone never to experience the cruel school of prison.

   Next year will be devoted to the history Of “in the zone” and”on the kitsch”.

   Enjoy the reading!

   P. S. a Report on visitors (bragging about? Yes!):

Who is behind Aue?

Activists of Fps Single – And E.    Activists posted a photo of a prison cell, where thieves racks hung t-shirts with the logo “Aue”.    It is a pity that sinovci “ashamed to tell”, who makes them to support this subculture in prison.    However, authoritative the prisoners know who are these puppeteers “awesmoe…

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Rates in prison.

When the prisoners are betting on the game – the prison guards bet on the lives of prisoners.    “Red Katran” – so called in prison rates guards.    About how the prisoners “roll the game” has long been written on the Internet.    And here is how “roll the game wardens”, carefully hidden. But,…

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Prison in prison.

Prison in prison.    From “Women of the Quichua”.    It’s the third day I’ve been with a prison nail the size of a 100.    Me and my nail keep all the jailers away from me.    With the “nail” I was sure that now NO ONE is RAPING ME IN PRISON!    Probably,…

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Who will be put in jail?

During the direct line, the President instructed the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor General’s office, the Investigative Committee UNTIL NOVEMBER to provide specific proposals on how to reduce the number of “sit-ins” in jail.    Immediately, on June 24, 2019, the FSIN held a meeting on the instructions of the President to improve the conditions of…

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