Banquet menu in jail.

   Relatives and friends of the prisoners can order hot meals from the restaurant with delivery to the remand prison via Internet. They can also buy products in the prison shop or jail stall, send a parcel, make a transfer.

   The products obtained from the prisoners themselves in their lifehack-recipes cooking Banquet dishes on the prisoner.

   Here, for example, will look like a Banquet menu in prison (if the products are purchased in the store jail, received through the transfer or parcel):

   Cold snack.

   Sausage and cheese slicing. Fresh fruit. Herring or saury (canned). Olives or olives. Limon. Sandwiches with sprats. Sandwiches with red caviar.


   Herring under fur coat. Crab salad with corn. Olivier.

   (Prescriptions for describe later, until: 11. Life hack herring under a fur coat in prison.)

   Main course.

   The Stew (Recipe: 10. Lifehack from the women’s prison. The bag in the prisoner.).

   Soup noodles (in stock).


   Fried potatoes (Recipe: 13. Lifehack from prison. Fried potatoes in prison.).

   Quick-cooking dry puree.


   Fruit slicing.

   Cake (Recipe: 12. Prison life hack. Cake in prison.).


   Juices. Lemonade. Chifir.

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