How to order food from a restaurant in a remand prison or a women’s prison?

   Now all he saw prisoners sitting at a prison table-obshchak eat lobster, shish kebab or sushi?

   Unfortunately, this is not the case!

   First, briefly about the cooperation with the restaurant itself.

   GUFSIN enters into a contract for the supply of dishes with a certain restaurant, the owner and Manager of which understand that in the case of finding prohibited items in the dishes – can be the next customer-prisoners. Cooking for the jail trust proven to cooks who cook everything under the supervision of the FPS camera!

   And cook the cooks is not very much.

   The FSIN approves the MINIMUM number of allowed dishes for delivery to the remand prison or women’s prison. “That prisoners would not fatten!”- so probably thinks that person in a Council who approves the menu from restaurant for prisoners.

   But I must say thank you to the chefs of those restaurants, their food is really at the highest level. Probably any adequate person in our country understands that there are a lot of innocent people in prisons!

   How do the prisoners themselves recognize the restaurant menu?

   Special colorful cardboard menu, which shows photos with dishes, description of ingredients and price, distributed throughout the prison cells. Dishes and prices, for ordinary prisoners, more like a student dining room, but the prisoners are very happy! You can ask your prisoners about the dishes themselves. And here what dishes from restaurants “treat” arrested from the government or “BS-nicks” – for all secret behind seven locks.

   Having on the prison personal account money, the prisoner can make daily to himself the order of dishes from this restaurant. 

   How to put money on the account of the prisoner in the next article in the same section “my advice”.

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