A stall in the jail or prison store.

   In the women’s prison, as in all pre-trial detention centers and prisons there are shops-stalls at the institution.

   But if relatives live in another city, they can’t drive a hundred miles and more to do peredachku fresh produce.

   For such situations, the FSIN has created an online store through which relatives can make an order to their prisoner.

   You must select the region in which the prisoner or prisoner. Then specify the institution. This will open the product catalog with prices. Choose the right products, clothes, items and pay online. After a while, the prisoner will get everything you ordered.

   BUT! In fact, it would be easier if relatives or friends transferred money to the account of the prisoners, who themselves can buy the necessary products and everything else from the prison store.

   How can prisoners shop in a remand prison or a women’s prison?

   In each cell of a pre-trial detention center or prison, any male, female or for minors weekly issue the list of goods with the prices which are available.

   The accounts Department of the pre-trial detention center monthly gives out to prisoners their money account and movements of money on it.

   Having a list of goods and knowing the amount of money in the account, the prisoners can every day make an order from the prison store. To do this, the representative of the prison store makes daily rounds of the cells in the prison and collects orders.

   Each prisoner has a notebook or notebook in which he writes down his order in advance and for what amount, thereby controlling both the prison shop and his expenses (debit-credit).

   How a prisoner can order dishes from a restaurant to a women’s prison, I will tell you in the next article, here in the section “my advice”.

   If you need my advice, like it.

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