A letter in jail

A letter to the jail, prison or penal colony.

Both prisoners and their relatives have the right to write letters and send telegrams to the remand prison , prison or IC without limiting their number.

All sent and received letters are censored (i.e. opened, viewed and controlled) by the administration of the pre-trial detention center, prison and colony.

Paper letters reach the prisoners only after a month.

However, recently, thanks to Internet technologies in the FSIN system, relatives can send letters to the jail, to the prison, to the IC by e-mail! Such letters, after censorship, reach the prisoner in 5 days.

To send an email, you need to go to the site:

The FSIN-Letter.

This site supports service with the majority of insulators in our country.

In addition to sending the letter itself, you can add several photos in electronic form.

It is very convenient and accessible to everyone to write such a letter, following the prompts on the site itself, which indicates where and what you need to enter (the address of the addressee, the name of the recipient, etc.).

It is possible to order an answer in electronic form.

By the way, the censor receives such a letter immediately after sending or at most for the next day.

The censor prints such a letter on paper and hands it to the addressee. If the censor notices suspicious fragments in the letter, he cuts them out and prints the letter without them.

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Screenshot of the site.

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