Psychological torture in prison.

   Who’s being tortured in prison?

    Interesting are mainly those prisoners who do not admit their guilt.

    By the way, murderers and convicts-degenerates admit their guilt without torture, voluntarily replenishing the column of activists in the press huts.

   But the businessmen and businesswomen – one of such victims. 

   The reason is banal – did not wish to unfasten monthly for a roof or to share a half of business, and even all. Therefore, on request are put in prison where will be compelled to leave business and to accept any conditions of the investigator.

   Those who consider that pressing of business, and also monthly kickbacks for a roof “to security officers” – it only in the 90s was, are deeply mistaken.

    Some people think that psychological torture is nothing. Lucky, can not even assume that they can blackmail children or parents.

   Here’s what they would do in prison if they were told by an investigator that their children would be made drug addicts or their daughter would be raped and their parents killed.

   I think that such simply justify their methods of torture in the family.

   By the way, my readers, and you read “1984” J.Oral?

   So here is, about psychological torture.

   They are divided into the following categories and techniques: 

   1.Methods of deprivation:

   One fact of arrest and incarceration like a terrible method.

   When the prisoner is no longer at hand ordinary things and objects, and there is no opportunity to buy them.

   Water, food, necessary medicines, change of clothes and underwear, toilet paper, women’s sanitary pads, soap, toothpaste and brush, matches, cigarettes, pain pills and other medicines – something that is familiar and available to everyone at large, in prison is not found.

   Prisoners are deprived of information and of the opportunity to have an idea of their legal status or their location. Frequent transfers from one place to another, frequent sleep disturbance, lack of radio, letters, Newspapers, etc.

   Prisoners are not allowed to have meetings with loved ones or to perform religious rites.

   2. Methods of coercion:

   For example, the signing of false confessions or the method of “impossible choice”, in which the victim is forced to choose from two options that both have almost the same negative consequences.

   3. Threats and humiliation:

   This method is actively used by investigators during the investigation. And also, through their activists in prison, jail.

   Searches in prison, the inspection at the time of departure to the court to strip naked.

   4. Medical technology:

   The use of psychotropic or other drugs like: sedatives, sleeping pills, psychostimulants, hallucinogens or drugs, as well as hypnosis or other methods, techniques or means.

   5. White or “clean” torture:

   Such methods are the inmates of the activists and in the press hut (cameras with frostbitten activists).

   Here the prisoner can be forbidden to eat, send applications to the courts, the Prosecutor’s office and other Supervisory authorities.

   Psychologically “press” – humiliate, threaten, bring to suicide, and at times and help to commit suicide.

   Methods of white torture can create serious psychosomatic disorders or cause the death of the victim, creating a psychoneurological imbalance, even if the original purpose was only to obtain confessions.

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