Refrigerator in jail and women’s prison.

   How to send prisoners sending fridge in prison or female prison?

   Now not every detention center or women’s prison can boast of the fact that each cell has a refrigerator.

   And probably only one “Lefortovo” and can boast of such civilizations.

   In PVR it is told that household appliances can provide for rent for prisoners. However, such a number of refrigerators for hundreds of cameras will not be on the balance of the jail….

   Therefore, if the relatives or friends of the prisoners have the financial opportunity to buy a refrigerator in jail (possibly with subsequent donation), it is better to do so:

   Make an appointment with the head of the jail and discuss all the terms of delivery of the refrigerator.

   For example: the refrigerator is purchased in a store that is geographically close to the jail or prison, there is also paid for delivery to the detention center.

   As soon as control of a pre-trial detention center will check the refrigerator, it at once will establish in the cell to prisoners.

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