3. Prisoner Krupskaya

Died 27 February 1939 – in its 70-year anniversary under mysterious circumstances.


At the age of 26, Nadezhda was arrested and imprisoned, where she spent many months. After that by court order she was sent into exile.

Historians have studied the closed correspondence in the archives, “dug” that Hope before the revolution used party nicknames: “Fish, Lamprey..”

In 1898 Nadezhda Krupskaya and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin got married by Church marriage.

Since then, Hope accompanied her husband in exile, emigration.

While in exile Krupskaya actively studied in Europe scout movement, which later perfectly fit the interests of the Bolsheviks.

After the October revolution in 1917, Nadezhda, as head of the main political Department, developed methods of work of the pioneer organization, Komsomol and the Union of working youth.

Since 1929 Krupskaya participated in the creation of the Soviet system of public education. I didn’t hesitate to criticize Makarenko’s system based on education by work.

After Lenin’s death she tried to resist Stalin’s decisions, asked for repressed comrades, but all her attempts were fruitless.

Nadezhda Krupskaya was against Lenin being in the Mausoleum and repeatedly appealed to Stalin with a request for the burial of her husband in the cemetery, “humanly”. And perhaps she would have been horrified to learn that her ashes would be placed in the Kremlin wall on red Square.

There are many legends about her death. In some sources it is reported that Nadezhda Konstantinovna arranged with scope the anniversary on which she was poisoned by the poison which is in a cake from Stalin.

In the meantime, we can only wait until 2029 when the history of the disease of Nadezhda Krupskaya will be declassified.

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3 thoughts on “3. Prisoner Krupskaya

  1. Avatar Драгомарецкий

    Раннее арестантку Крупскую высылали в ссылку, а при Сталине даже ссылка не потребовалась:

    Ей приходилось бессильно наблюдать, как Сталин планомерно уничтожает одного за другим ее старых товарищей по партии.

    У нее не только изъяли до последнего клочка весь архив Ленина, эта женщина была лишена даже могилы мужа.

    В кабинете Крупской проводились постоянные негласные обыски, ее почта досматривалась, публикации цензурировались.

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    Ваши посты очень грустно читать

  3. Avatar Клим

    Многие и не знают, что она из числа арестанток.
    Всеми забытая легендарная личность, перевернувшая систему образования и вырастившая своими скаутскими движениями огромное количество выдающихся людей.


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