6. The composition of the hut №190

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 I will describe the brief biographies of the prisoners who met me in my first cell and on the first day of my imprisonment. Their arrest. Under each story I will try to give a psychological portrait of each woman.

1. Masha (khokhlushka) arrested under Art. 159 of the criminal code – came from Ukraine to Russia on a false passport. Got a job at a travel Agency. Not having worked there for three months, as the Agency raided a check on the fight against economic crimes. On account of the company lacked something about 500 000 rubles. The Director wrote to the police a statement on khokhlushka about fraud, and since she had a temporary registration, she was immediately arrested. Within 11 months there is an investigative trial. The words Mary she’s 35, but looks 50. Not married. No child. Roommate’s gone. Parents in Ukraine. Help “peredachku” no one.

   He knows how to influence young drug addicts and kindle squabbles, fights in the cell. Expertly manipulates people. Very slippery type of people.

2.  Natasha (Gypsy) arrested under Art. 159, 158 of the criminal code. She was engaged in fraud and theft in elite boutiques where gold products are sold. Arrested when she was pregnant.

Uncompromising, scandalous woman. Age 32.

3. Natasha (Armenian) arrested under article 228 of the criminal code. On the street police officers approached at a search found in a bag a box with marijuana.

Not married, no children. On the outside were elderly parents and older sister. Worked in a very decent health care place.

A real Armenian. Decent. Restrained. Clean. Very pretty, looks youthful. The age of 50.

4. Natasha (Squirrel). – article 228 of the criminal code. During a search of the house found marijuana in a bundle. She worked in the hotel industry.

Not married. Adult son. Doesn’t get along with his daughter-in-law.

Very nice and pretty woman. Clean. Responsive. The age of 39.

5. Natasha – article 228 of the criminal code. A drug addict with a lot of experience.

She worked in a very prestigious restaurant, where the police came and arrested.

In the division she was provided with audio and video recording when “its time-tested friend-addict” I called and invited her to go to his “supplier”. Was found, there was money “to dose”, the friend was “on the lookout” near the entrance, she went to HIS “supplier”. She went out, gave him the second syringe and then in the next yard both pricked and separated.

The age of 45. Not married, son 8 years, later will issue on grandmother guardianship.

Sentenced to 10 years for drug trafficking.

Neat, neat, responsive, costaballena, not scandalous.

6. Mila (Doronina)- article 228 of the criminal code. Narkomanka.

She was arrested while under the influence of drugs. During the search in the pocket and found yet another dose of “salt”.

Not married, no children. Mom drinks, dad’s gone. My grandmother raised me. The age of 25. Will be sentenced to 5 years.

Stupid and crazy young people, but compassionate, neat, like to learn home life.

7. Lera – article 228 of the criminal code. Narkomanka.

The husband is serving a similar sentence. No child. Mom died early. My grandmother raised me. The age of 26.

Stupid young people. Neat. Clean. Tasty preparing.

8. Lucy – article 228 of the criminal code. During a search found in her car a parcel with narcotic contents.

The age of 29. Not married. No child.

Secretive. Close. Pretty. Neat.

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